Underrated antagonists 

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Underrated antagonists 

Underrated antagonists 

There's a charcater in a series I like. I enjoy her as a character.

The thing is no one else does.

Why though?? People like villians, people like protagonists, but when you hav an antagonistic side character everyone hates them. [Character name redacted] has done terrible things but that's actually why I enjoy her. We don't get to see a lot of her, leaving a lot of room to explore. She's really simply begging for a character study fanfiction-- why she thought it had been a good idea to do what she tried to do, why she didn't do it sooner. 

Also, one of her physical characteristics-- the tape in X shapes over her eyes-- makes her incredibly interesting to draw. Because her eyes are obstructed and eyes carry so much of the emotional display, you really have to work with the rest of her features to draw expresssions.

Also, her self-centered nature can make her a really funny character in fanfiction.  

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I know exactly what you're talking about! When my friends read a book, they like the antagonist and the protagonist (sometimes), but they always hate the villanous side characters! It drives me insane (most of the time) 

By the way, which character are you referring to? I might know her (if I do, I probably like her too!) . . . If you don't want to tell me her name, it's fine.  

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