Chatterbox: Down to Earth



Honestly, I meant to post this yesterday. I clicked submit, it said it got submitted but also said the CAPTCHA is invalid. Even so, it still said it submitted so I figured it did. Sadly, it did not. Anyways, I am here to do a few things. One, apologize for having to slipped into nowhere for the past week. I was in the Seattle area with my grandma and two of my four siblings. I sort of... didn't post I was leaving at the time. AAANNNDD I sort of don't have much inspiration to post or comment anymore. I'm still here, I guess. Just... not really. Although, once a CBer, always a CBer, like Mei said in her farewell thread. Speaking of that, I'd rather not speak of that. Another reason why I can barely be on the CB.


Finally, I wrote this to ask:

Is there anything new? AE Weddings? New fellow CBers? CBers (besides Mei, since I know already) leaving? New threads? New huge events? Thanks!

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