Chatterbox: Down to Earth



Before I start, my new powers are TELEPORTATION, read my AE for reasons. 

I decided that I only want one AE, read AE HELPPPPPPP!!!!!!!! for more details: 

So, I'm making a new AE which will be my only one, slightly based off of Amber and is a twin like Donut. I'm sorry for getting rid of my AEs. I think it will make my AE experience better for me. BTW: I am not changing my AE anytime soon! I'm going to post under Techie from time to time so I can use my texting language, which is very readable, unlike my old Techie's language (new ex: where r u, old ex: wer r u). Here's the new charrie sheet:

Name: Vera

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Powers: Teleportation 

Personality: Shy, sweet, but very talkative (like me in real life). Loves little kids, especially Pavlova. 

Appearance: Very pretty. Thick, golden blonde hair to her waist; sparkly green eyes; pale, freckled skin.

Backstory/Other: She is my CB twin, so she pops up a lot. She calls me Natalie, my real name. She really likes to hang out with me. We're best friends. Since we are twins, we have the same powers.

Hobbies/Job Goals: Loves to read and write. Wants to be an English teacher for a middle school.


I hope you like Vera!

Reporter out! 


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(September 8, 2016 - 4:55 pm)