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Political Correctness

Political Correctness

I thought we should have a disscussion about this because it'll be interesting. Do you think politcal correctness is okay to an extent? Here I present an example...

Thomas the tank engine. No laughing, but around 2006 they completely dropped the word Christmas and started a new "politically correct" approach. As in drop the word Christmas and keep all of the holiday's other aspects. Still Christmas trees. Still carols. Still presents. Still old St Nick. They just replaced the word Xmas (my arm is tired) with "winter holidays".

1) I think this is kinda demeaning, to Christians and to Jews and Muslims, because it is obviously Xmas, which makes it look like the HiT company thinks Jews and Muslims are stupid enough to not realize that it is Xmas they are talking about.

2) As a 12 year old with an affinity for Thomas, I could rant for hours and not shut up, which I'll skip thanks.

What do you think on the entire subject? And Admins can get in on the talk too!

Peace, love, and the winter holidays (NO)


submitted by Ronan
(November 6, 2016 - 5:04 pm)

I think the idealogy around being politically correct has hit an extreme. It limits our freedom of speech drastically. Originally it was intended to create an even playing field so to speak in certain topics so as not to allow any demeaning or derogatory comments. For example, calling someone retarded if they struggle mentally or physically. A true insult to someone with a true disability that needs to be respected and acknowledged.

But now politically correct branches into every area of our lives. We can hardly speak on any life topic without wondering if what we're saying is going to be called out for any list of vague and ridiculous accusations. We are no longer protecting, but restricting. It's even branching into the churches, where they are attempting to monitor and control sermons and topics spoken on. We are no longer allowed to merely voice an opinion thanks to it without being called out for bullying and trying to control people. 

Politically correct is no longer making us simply be aware of how we address topics, it's trying to control how we think.

submitted by Blonde Heroines Rule
(November 6, 2016 - 6:56 pm)