The earth is

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The earth is

The earth is an exciting place, filled with divine cultural and divine landscapes. You travel half around the world and you end up in the Arctic where it's freezing, but if you do that again you end up in Calliforna where it's 110 degrees. It's crazy.

The world is full of people, wondering how they really came to be and how the earth was created. With all are high tech and really good scientists; we still only have theories. How is that?

The world is fulll of good people and bad people. Your best friend might become a murderer or a villain, but maybe they will become a hero. Or they might be a good-hearted person with three kids and no job, trying to make ends meet, or maybe they'll turn out to be a billionare? Who knows.

The bad people wil prey on the weak and your weakness. So we have to stand up and fight them.We have to fight for what we believe in!

The world is full of lakes and rivers. A state may be in a drought where another state's lake is flourishing. We have to help each other, not rush into war with each other. War is bad. It kills thousands of people and some have families, that are now crying, wishing their loved one had never gone to the war. But some of us have to go, if there is a war.  Some of us may not come back and some of us may come back, changed by what we have seen, beyond repair. 

The world needs to be filled with love, not hate. We need to respect each other and stick together. We need to fight  together for what we believe in! We neeed to stick togeter!



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That was very poetic and I completely agree. I think about these issues and about chance very often. Thank you for sharing this. Are you new here?

P.S. Unsolveablez says wtny. The Whitney museum?

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