There was a

Chatterbox: Down to Earth

There was a

There was a knock on the door.

Secret turned away from her laptop as Pseudonym walked in, his expression somber."Is it-?" She asked her twin, and he nodded. Secret's skipped a beat. Yes, they had discussed this a couple weeks ago, but it was just too soon. She had thought that he would stick around for at least a month or two. "Do you want to go to Pepper Star?"

"Yeah, that would probably be best."

So they got up, and headed for Pepper Star's room, where she was typing up a storm on her typewriter. "What is it?" She asked. Secret nudged Pseudonym and squeezed his hand reassuringly. "I think I want to leave." He said sadly, but there was something in his voice that made them know he was sure. "Just for a bit or forever?" His CBer asked.


"Okay." Pepper Star said calmly, although her eyes were a little cloudy. "Secret, go get Cilantro, and Pseudonym, do you want to pack a bag?" "I've already got my stuff." He replied, seeming surer than he had been before.

Five minutes later, they were all at the train station. "We are gathered here today to witness the leaving of Pseudonym Rown Starrel, aged ageless, but looking about fifteen. He has been a good brother-and twin-, to his two sisters, Secret Clara Starrel and Cilantro Ammaretta Starrel. We will all miss him greatly."

"Pseudonym, you are a great brother." Cilantro said as they shook hands. "And you are a great annoying younger sister." He replied, giving her hand a squeeze. "Pseudonym, you are a fantastic twin and I will always miss you." Secret told him as they gave each other a hug for the last time. 

"Are you ready?" Pepper Star asked.

"Yes." He replied and suddenly a train pulled up. He boarded it, every step filled with resolution. The train started after he was seated, and he waved out the window as it pulled away.

After it had gone from view, Secret leaned against her sister and cried.


That in a nutshell: Pseudonym is leaving. He was just never quite as developed as Secret and Cilantro, which made it kind of hard to do anything with him. I'm sorry if that was too long. 

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Nooooooooooooo!!! Pseudonym how could you!!?? *Weeps* 

I'm sorry to hear this, Pseudonym. I hope it wasn't the AEs on the CB. Perhaps you will be back for V-day 2019? 

I didn't know you well, Pseudonym...but it is always sad to see AEs leave. I do hope you will come back for 2019 and I know that Key and Maggy would love to see you again. 

NOOO !!!! Howw culd youu Psdn ym?! iiii will miss youu !!!! *Cries with Key* 

I'm sorry to hear you are leaving Pseudonym. This is really a shock. I hope you will forgive Key and Maggy's...uh...histeria...They both enjoyed you very much.

*Rolls eyes* Youu aree cute Psdn ym!! *Blushes*

Yes well. I hope we will see you V-Day 2019...if will be missed! 


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