Chatterbox: Down to Earth

Introducing my new AE, Tahki!

Ooh, a sister!

How exciting!

Name: Tahki Noel Starrel

Age: Tahki is basically immortal.

Backstory: Tahki is a time traveler. She has never been to the future, unless she’s coming back to the present. She’s been to pretty much every human civilization and seen almost every war. When she time travels, her image flickers for a second.

Appearance: She has copper coloured hair that is about shoulder length. She usually wears it loose or pinned up. She looks about fourteen. Her eyes are nice shade of brown, although they are the only part of her that reflect all the things she’s been through, so they look out of place on what appears to be a fourteen year old girl. She stands about 5’4” and has a light build.

Tahki usually wears a ribbed turtleneck and an old knee length skirt. She does have a lot of cool clothing from a bunch of places and centuries, but mostly doesn’t wear them. She always wears a silver circle-shaped locket, which she refuses to open around anybody else, and sometimes carries a leather satchel.

Personality: She’s complicated, and a bit crazy. Her mood shifts pretty quickly. She won’t speak about some of the places she’s been, and if you ask, she’s likely to punch you. Even so, she’s very smart and speaks a variety of languages. Tahki is an introvert, despite the fact that she’s quite bold. Once in awhile, she will start crying out of the blue.

Tahki wouldn’t mind shipping.

Weaknesses: Occasionally she gets… confused. She may yell something random in a variety of languages or ask you what year it is, and in extreme instances, her mind will be stuck in the past, and she won’t recognize anybody or her surroundings.

Speaks in: Bold Italics

Other: Don’t try to take away her satchel or her locket.

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(July 30, 2017 - 3:56 pm)

Hello, Tahki. My name is Storm and I am a shapeshifter. What is it like to see all the places of the world? I know I would love to see least some of them. Gosh! Have you seen the first Kentucky Derby? Did you see the Titanic go down? Could you go back and watch the first time anyone won the Stanley Cup? Can you go back to a time that you have alread been in? What does it feel like to time travel???

Okay, Storm. Enough questions. Lock? Key?

Hello, My name is Key. I also enjoy history, but I'm not as crazy as my brother there is. I look to be around 13 or 14 (Storm and I have a birthday soon!) and I have almost the same color hair as you do! Welcome to the CB! 

Hello, my name is Lock Kyar. I'm the oldest of us. I enjoy exploring and reading and horses and much more. Have you been to all times? Does it take time away from the present for you to time travel or does time stop for you? This is very interesting! 

Welcome to the CB, Tahki. I'm sorry my AEs didn't give you a very warm welcome...please make yourself at home! 

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(July 31, 2017 - 9:49 am)

Youu forg ottt meee! Mine name is Magg ypie !!!! Imma Slvr CAPT CHA!


Mr. Beep? Who is Mr. Beep?


What? Big yum?


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Ooh, cool! I like her name and appearance, and the whole time-travel thing!

<Why does this Æ sound slightly like me?>


Welcome, Tahki! I'm glad you're on the CB and I'd love to get to know you better!

*Stares unfocusedly* *Watermelon blaster drops to side* *Stammers**blushes* 

Jarnen! Jarrrrneeeeeen......hello...*waves hand in face* great. Hang on, Arwen. What's his romance status?

Uh, last time I checked he was free because I'm pretty darn sure Chilly is hovering in the grey zone for Æs, not really here but not really gone. And anyway, they had such a big quarrel last year....let's see, and I haven't seen Gem for months but they never had a strong relationship anyway. So, I guess he's free.

Not like we have authority over his emotions or anything. Pepper Star, d'you want to ship Jarnen and Tahki? It seems like Jarnen's quite smitten with her--I'm not surprised. I can post his charrie sheet for you if you want. 

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(July 31, 2017 - 5:48 pm)

Hello Storm, Lock Kyar, Key, Maggypie, Arwen, Seven, Serene and Jarnen. To answer one of Storm's question, yes, I can go back to the same time twice, but it's complicated. AND YES, I DID SEE THE TITANIC GO DOWN. *Cracks knuckles*

*Grabs Tahki's hand* Please don't mention the Titanic, she had friends there who didn't make it on to a lifeboat. Cilantro, maybe you should answer Lock's question.

Okay, here goes. Say you were talking to her, and she time traveled. Time doesn't stop; but she'll be come back only a second or two after she left. Also, Storm, if she went back I think she'd see herself- or maybe she wouldn't- but anyway time is COMPLICATED, so she generally tries to avoid it. Also, she wouldn't suddenly arrrive on the deck of the Titanic while it was sinking, she'd travel back a few weeks before so she could naturally move forward and nobody back then would think anything was weird.

Hey, is that a watermelon blaster? Cool!

@Leafpool, Sure! I think she already likes him a bit. She's just hiding it.

Say what now? I do not! *Blushes sightly*

Yep. She does.

(LilyCat says bunt. Button Not? Billboard Universal Nottingham Telephones?)

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Oh, wait. Bunt is a word! LilyCat said a word!!!

(Now she says owgk. Ow gunk?)


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Alright! Let's see....

Name: Jarnen

Age: Ageless. But looks around 14 or 15.

Appearance: Has curly black hair and green eyes, with those black eye-tattoo things from the Mega Anime Avatar Creator. Is hardly ever seen without his earbuds and iPod. He's medium height, and kind of lean. Not skinny, but certainly not fat, either. Jarnen always has a slightly amused expression on his face. Sometimes he wears a trench coat, to carry around his watermelon blaster and his assorted prank supplies (ex: tripwires)

Personality: Fun-loving and very polite & courteous--and he's calm in stressful situations. But then sometimes he reverts to the depressed-teenage-boy sort of thing. And, of course, there's the mini watermelon blaster. He's skilled in flattery, sneaking around, treachery, double-dealing...but then, of course, he's always polite. One minute he'll be talking with you, and then all of a sudden you'll be pelted with mini watermelons. Jarnen is...odd.

Other: Jarnen speaks with a slight British accent. 

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(August 1, 2017 - 8:58 am)

Ack! I forgot one thing! He has had a very complicated love life in the past and is basically *sob* Bolton's predecessor. I only realized a few months ago that they both had curly black hair and green eyes. It used to be that Jarnen was devoted to whichever girl he chose to have a crush on, but goodness knows my Æs keep morphing into different personalities and everything each time I make a new charrie sheet for them. 

Although, he hasn't been very active recently so of course he hasn't been around girls, so I really have no idea what he's going to do. He's very smitten with Takhi, though. 

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(August 1, 2017 - 9:02 am)