Let's play house. 

Chatterbox: Down to Earth

Let's play house. 

Let's play house. 

There are AE balls and AE chat threads, but Nymph and Sea Glass never like to go out, not where there are people (as do I). So this is a thread about what they do all day, maybe a sort of diary or log of their introverted/antisocial activities.

There might be RPing. They might talk. They might ramble on for entire posts directed at no one about whatever it is they're thinking. I don't know, but feel free to join.

Try to stay away from shipping and drama; this is about your AEs as beings with complex characters doing stuff in their spare time. Or what they do in the time that isn't spare. That might include social interactions, or it might not. Post the name of the AE of focus at the beginning of each comment, and develop. 

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A Post-it doodle of Sea Glass.

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Viola? is nervous because I got into a spat. Sea Glass has been flitting between the two of us. It's annoying. I stay in the woods as long as possible. I didn't even go home last night. I slept in Elysium. Leeli and Devin haven't come for days. My chain has lengthened. I am beginning to wonder if I should doubt that they'll come at all. 

Hugh insulted me. He called me a fake and implied that he was more powerful than me. He knows nothing. I would have cleansed my earth of his existence, if it wasn't for Viola?. The next time, he may not be so lucky.

Spring has set in, that time when the weather flickers between wintery and pleasant. A few days ago it was perfect, and I went out. I found traces of the coyotes, but they were old. It may snow again soon, but I have hope for a warmer day when Leeli and Devin get here. 

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Today I rise with the sun. I step out of the house, trying not to wake June or Max, though Max sleeps like a rock, so not much to worry about there. June stirs, “where are you goi—“ and then falls back asleep. I sigh, walking out the back door, the beach isn’t to far from here, I think moving slowly as to not drop my books. I walk down the street, and laugh quitely to my self, remembering how June had tried to look angry about not getting a house right on the beach,but failed. I step into the cold white sand, the sun hasn’t warmed it up yet, and watch the waves crash onto the sand. I smile to myself, before slumping underneath a palm tree, and place my books down on the sand next to me, then pull one of the top reading Orphan Train Girl I smile, one of my favorites. Then I start to read. 

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Sea Glass

I am speaking to Celeste. I do not know what to say to her. I fear the conversation would have ended had I not spoken the way Viola? often does and admitted my ignorance. I think I would not have done it if not for the sake of avoiding that trap. But now I must let my mind back to her response. Heavens, this moves so quickly.

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Heh. Oops!

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Sea Glass~

I have had a vision. I think. 

It came in a dream. I was sitting by the sea as I often do, with a book open beside me. I had a feeling I knew it, but I flipped through it anyway. The water was rising, the tide coming in. I began to fear that it might reach the book. I think there was someone nearby, just outside the edge of my periphery. It was difficult to move.

The last part may be due to the effect of sleep paralysis, which shuts down motor functions in order to prevent one from moving and injuring themself in sleep. I believe the rest to be a possibility, if not symbolism. I shall have to look that up. 

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Ah, here it is.


I'm back! Hail the returning queen. Go on, hail to me. Okay, that's enough.

Spring has been active. Trees are flowering, budding, putting out new growth. It's warmer than it has been in ages, and so far it's staying that way. It rained hard and long a few days ago, and I was a very happy pea clam for a while.

I roamed in different forms, mostly hawks. Took down a deer in Aquom by approaching as a fly and landing on it, then--well, you don't want to hear the details.

Elysium is misted with a new green. Arden has a lot of nests. Rabbits are starting up, too--I'll have to keep an eye on the population, and make sure the coyotes are really gone.

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Today, bright cumulus splatters decorate the sky. Tinted third eyelids are proving useful. The more showy flowering trees are progressing quickly. It's a beautiful day and I want to show Devin, but he still hasn't come. Not even a word. Did Leeli leave? She was here five days ago, and I haven't seen a thread, and Viola? hasn't said anything about it. Wojld she tell me?

*runs around* *finds Viola?* 

Hey Viola?


Leeli's still here, right?

Yeah, I think so. I haven't seen her a lot, but I also haven't seen a leaving thread from her. Not everyone posts those, of course, but last I checked she's still here.

Okay. *turns to leave*

Wait, before you go. I... They haven't said it, but I don't think they're coming. It's just been so long. I'm sorry, Nymph.


Leeli didn't know you're fluid. When she found out, well, she said she wasn't comfortable with it. We weren't sure how Devin would feel, and we wanted to just see how things went. But I don't think they're coming.

You kept it a secret?

Not anymore! I really thought they would come and you could talk and it wouldn't be a secret. But then they didn't. And I'm sorry.

Don't make excuses.

I'm sorry! I just--wait, no, that's an excuse, too. Claaws, that comes naturally...

It's not your fault if they're not coming, but you should've told me.

I know. I really should've. I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do?

Leave me alone.*sweeps away*

*bites lip*

It's okay. Isn't it? She will be all right. 

Yeah. She'll be fine, physically. I'm just worried about emotionally.

Yes... But we will be here, and she will heal with time. Don't all breakups end that way?

But this might not be a breakup. The uncertainty could cause more stress than...

In that case... Storms may rock an ocean, and the boat will rock with it. Wounds leave scars, and what was will never be again.

But isn't it beautiful in that change, and don't some people love a tragedy. *sighs* Too bad I don't. I'll be okay... We'll leave her be, but keep an eye on her later.


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So these are Nymph's woods. 

The trees are tall. But they're not just tall, they're big around, too. They must be really, really old. 

It's a pretty day. The sky is grey, but it's still bright, and everything has that fresh smell like after it rains. 

Their house is nestled between so many different forests. Or maybe they're all part of the same forest. It's hard to tell.

I hope we're not too late. I hope they don't think we didn't want to come. I kept asking Leeli if we were really gonna go. She kept saying we would. But we never did. She says she was busy. I think she really just didn't know what to say. She's awkward around other people sometimes. But it did seem like there was something she wasn't telling me.

I finally told her I was going to go whether she was or not, so she decided to come too.

I really hope we aren't too late.

Wren comes up behind me on the stone path leading up to the house. "You nervous or something?"

"Pff, naw." I brush my hair out of my eyes.

"You're picking at your fingernails," she observes.

My hands drop to my sides.

I stare at the door for a moment before I knock.

We wait. No one answers. I knock again.

Maybe we should have let them know we were coming.

I hear footsteps inside, and then the door opens.

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*sees over Viola's shoulder* He came! He came, he came, he came, he came, YOU WERE WRONG he came!!

I was going to say that! Except for the "you were wrong". That would've been "I was wrong." But oh my Claaws you came! I was starting to think you wouldn't! Oh Claaws, sorry, that's probably rude. Come in! Come in. *gestures inward like a fancy hotel greeter*

*ducks under Viola's arm* Where were you? I--we were worried. 

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No, no, you're fine! It's completely my fault! *comes in* Gah, I'm sorry we didn't come sooner. I suppose I was just busy (although that's a lame excuse), and I kept forgetting, and then when I remembered I wasn't sure how to go about it (I'm a bit awkward with first posts) and--

I finally made her just do it.

Oh, but it wasn't that we didn't want to come, and it had nothing to do with Nymph being—*glances at Devin*

Nymph being what?

*sighs* Well, you were going to find out sometime. I guess it's better sooner than later. Er—maybe Nymph should tell you herself. 


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Oh yeah. *steps slowly forward* *takes Devin's hand* Come on, let's go. *leads off to the woods*

*watches for a moment* *turns back* It's okay. I'm sorry for making you start. Would you like to come in?


This is Cyr Wood. If you go that way *points*, you'll get to the sea.

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