Let's play house. 

Chatterbox: Down to Earth

Let's play house. 

Let's play house. 

There are AE balls and AE chat threads, but Nymph and Sea Glass never like to go out, not where there are people (as do I). So this is a thread about what they do all day, maybe a sort of diary or log of their introverted/antisocial activities.

There might be RPing. They might talk. They might ramble on for entire posts directed at no one about whatever it is they're thinking. I don't know, but feel free to join.

Try to stay away from shipping and drama; this is about your AEs as beings with complex characters doing stuff in their spare time. Or what they do in the time that isn't spare. That might include social interactions, or it might not. Post the name of the AE of focus at the beginning of each comment, and develop. 

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Sorry, I've been busy and haven't been able to post. I'll have a friend in town this week, so I won't be on much, but I'll try to post after that.

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Ah, okay. Thanks!

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The Journal of Caleb Percival Aelin Galathiyus  

Ugh, there's literally nothing to do. I guess I'll just go down to the sea and play in the waves. I hate being the new person. Momma must of been really scared for me if she sent me here. There's some people here, but they don't talk much, and they seem to know each other really well. I do miss Destiny...

Caleb sighed and closed her journal and flopped on the bed. Her daggers went under the pillow, and the poison hidden. She pulled on swim trunks and took off her leather jacket. She walked out to the sea, and stood in the waves. She looked towards the direction of her home, and sighed.

She started to space out and reminicse about the past. She felt the waves lap at her feet, and sighed. She let the memories overtake her and took her to her dreaded past. The sea salt stung at her cheeks as she slowly waded deeper into the water, not concious of what she was doing. Her eyes did not see the waves, they were seeing something else. She stopped suddenly, barely breathing, satnding like she was worried or scared. Then, Caleb screamed. It sounded like an animal being tourtured. Her face was wet, though it was not clear if it was tears or sea water.

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Sea Glass

*hears screams* 

Oh Claaws, what do I do, what do I do, augh, what?! Um, okay, okay, I suppose I should go see, but what if it's something I can't help with but what if I'm too late?! *runs*

All right, there's someone in the water, screaming. I don't see anyone else. Maybe they stepped in something, oh Claaws what if it's something sharp. *stumbles* *keeps going* *calls*

Are you all right? 

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A snowglobe.
Just a snowglobe.
Really, that was the Huntmaster’s very valuable item? The CBer could buy one of those at a convenience store. 
But was there something special about this snowglobe?
The CBer shook the snowglobe, but the snow inside refused to rise up. It was almost as if it was glued to the bottom of the scene…
Oh! It was!
The snow on the bottom was formed into a word. No, two words. No, three- four... The CBer held the snowglobe close to his eye, barely managing to read the words.
fourth. submitted. second. second.
Don't ask what this post is. If you recognize the bold word, you'll know. 
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Sea Glass

I have had a dream. A-a premonition. It was dark, nighttime maybe, and there was something I had to do. I ran out--I don't know from where--and into the ink black woods. Branches spread out above me like scratchy drawings from a fountain pen. A lace of leaves obscured the moon. I ran, looking, searching the blackness for something I might not know when I found it. I had a sense of something else out there. I tripped over rocks and had trouble getting up, couldn't find my balance... but I stumbled on, and though undergrowth tore at me and I couldn't see where my feet landed, I found a break in the dark, and in it what I was looking for. I ran to it, fell to my knees and reached out--

And then I woke up.

I don't know what this means. It may be more literal than my last one. I consulted the Internet on that, which appeared to be largely symbolic, a more normal dream metaphor for a fear of losing previous knowledge. I don't recall seeing anything on searching, though. The forest may indicate something to do with Nymph, or a place I do not often go. The darkness could be literal night, or metaphorical lack of knowledge. But what of the presence in the distance, and whatever it is I'm looking for? What of my fall? I had to inspect my hands and arms upon waking in order to be sure I was not injured. But maybe soon I will be. That is a frightening thought. 

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Oh my goodness, I love this. Devin's wings are actually dragon wings, but I don't care, those look awesome.

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Hi, umm... Sorry to inturrupt, but I didn't want to make a whole new thread for this.

Can we meet at congrats? 

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Don't think I know what you're talking about, but sure? 

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Thank you, dear topper(s). 

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(I'm sorry it's taken me so long to post. Continuing our previous chain of comments...) 

Ooh, yes, I would love that!


*laughs* *expression slowly shifts into concern* *drops hand* So...um...what did Leeli mean earlier, when she said there was something you should tell me yourself? 


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Great! Should we try it now, or later?


*retracts horn* *shrinks back into a deer, gradually getting smaller*

That... Yeah. So, I'm not always a girl? Exactly? Sometimes I am. Like now! *steps forward, flowing into a tall elf woman clad in bright white robes* But I can also do this. *steps back, misting away into a dark-haired boy of twelve*

So, right now I'm a boy. Not just in a boy's body, I am a boy. But it's not all the time, it's just when I feel like one. Do you get it?

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