Let's play house. 

Chatterbox: Down to Earth

Let's play house. 

Let's play house. 

There are AE balls and AE chat threads, but Nymph and Sea Glass never like to go out, not where there are people (as do I). So this is a thread about what they do all day, maybe a sort of diary or log of their introverted/antisocial activities.

There might be RPing. They might talk. They might ramble on for entire posts directed at no one about whatever it is they're thinking. I don't know, but feel free to join.

Try to stay away from shipping and drama; this is about your AEs as beings with complex characters doing stuff in their spare time. Or what they do in the time that isn't spare. That might include social interactions, or it might not. Post the name of the AE of focus at the beginning of each comment, and develop. 

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We can try it now, if you want to.


Oh...okay...yeah...I think I get it. *isn't quite sure what to think or say* *bites lip nervously*


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You still here? I posted (finally).

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Yeah, I'm here. I wasn't for a while, though. What a thing to forget about. *embarrassed*

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No, you're fine. I often forget as well. *also embarrassed*

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Brian was lonely. He walked out on the plank over the lava lake and sat down, his legs dangling over the scorching abyss. Nobody liked him. Not even his CBer. He put on a facade of annoyingness, but it wasn't how he truely felt. He didn't even know how he felt. It seemed like he was the only person on the planet. No one even knew he existed. There were so many new AEs, and each one reminded him of Ellak. Ellak had given him a purpose in life. They waged war over books. But then Ellak left. Their CBer had just discarded him like an old rag. And left him with nothing. Sure, he had his CBer and his CAPTCHA, but it just wasn't the same. Ellak was more than that. He had been a brother. 


Sorry everyone for interrupting, but I've been feeling bad about Brian for a while. Ha you probably don't even know who I am. Just ignore this then. 

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Sophia’s Diary:

Today I went to the park. I was so nervous. Not only did I worry, each time someone walked by that they were following me so they could find my house, I worried they would TALK to me. What would I say? I’ve always been pegged as shy and quiet (of course, not around ... and Leo) and I dunno. It’s like now I have to be shy and quiet. There’s no other option.

Whatcha writing, Sopha?

Leo! Stop, this is private! Also, are you really still gonna call me that? 

*ignores her and snorts* ‘Dunno’? Man, you’re so British.

Um, I am British.

*sarcastically* No, really? I thought that was an Australian accent!

Hardy-harr. Now are you gonna go, or stay and write an entry? I’ve got extra paper...

Oooh, I’ll stay. 

Leo’s Entry:

Today...I bugged Sophia. Then she gave me paper. It was FUUUUUN. 

*Sohpia looks over her shoulder at Leo’s writing* Really?? That’s all you’ve done today?

*rolls his eyes* No, I guess not.

Leo’s Entry, Cont.:

Today I annoyed Sophia twice. 

*looks over his shoulder again*

Okay, I’m done. *picks up diary and pen* Bye, Leo.

Wait up, I’m coming!

You better hurry or I’ll leave without you...

I’m running! 




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Is this thing still going? Top!

CAPTCHA says wokp. Wok? Do you want to go out for Chinese food? 

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D&D was great, as usual. Pzun provided pizza and Blue was DM. We had to fight some crazy Slime Owlbear thing. It was nuts. I channeled divinity and blew em up. Cuz blowing up stuff is fun. And also cloud was down to one hitpoint. After that I went home and played Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime with Lights and Rose. Rose got mad and went to go read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel. She's been kinda on edge lately. It's a bit worrying. She needs to talk with people instead of just going off and brooding alone all the time. I'm gonna go talk to her now, actually.


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Okay, great! *stands up* I don't have any flowers we can use in here, but there are plenty outside. We'll have to put our shoes back on. *laughs* *goes to do that* We can use dandelions, clover, violets if there are enough, maybe periwinkle if we use a bit of vine, too... Later in the summer I like to use porcelain berry, it's really pretty. It's this invasive vine, chokes trees but looks good, sort of like wild grape. I haven't tried oriental bittersweet when it has berries--that's another invasive vine. Oh, sorry, am I rambling?


*shifts uncomfortably* *turns more feminine* Um... are you okay? ...This isn't too weird, is it? *leaves and crystals slowly grow from back*

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I've been listening to a lot of Marceline's songs from Adventure Time, and I thought the second verse of Slow Dance With You sort of fit Nymph right around now.

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Leeli? Are you still here?

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Yeah, I’m still here, I just disappeared off the face of the CB for a little while.

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The fireflies are beautiful this time of year.

Sea Glass~

I fear for Nymph. Devastation could lead to a more permanent retreat to her forests, or worse, devastation wrought on others. Perhaps both. I will ensure that ice cream is available.

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