My CBversary!

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My CBversary!

My CBversary!

Well, technically it was the 26th but I wasn't able to post then.

...Wow. One whole year.

*whispers* Heere comes the nostalgia, folks...

I heard that! But... yes. Nostalgia it will be. But hey! That's what you get to do on CBversary posts! Annnyway. One year. It's been so, so, great. You guys are all awesome, and it's a privelege to know you. I wish I could tackle hug the entire CB! It's so wonderful to be with the other introverts, nerds, bookworms, artists, and dreamers in this little corner of the universe. I'll stop being cheesy there and go on to the shoutouts:

To Brookeira, Danie, Tux, Leeli, Kyoto, PinkPanther, J.B.E., St. Owl, Abigail, etc, etc....: You're all such amazing writers, and it's a pleasure RPing with you. ;)

To General Waffleson, Leafpool, and Rose bud & QE: Can I tell you how many times something you've said has made me crack up? Thank you for making my days so many times.

To Claaws: Remember that Warriors RP you posted waaay back when, with EclipseClan and all that, and how I was Hope S. back then? Thank you for putting up with me joining on, like, the 11th page and being kind of annoying but barely posting at all. XD 

To Rose bud: P.S. The cupcakes are most certainly poisoned.

To everyone: Y'all are awesome. Wheeeee! *blasts confetti*  


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Yayyy!! Happy CBversary, Aspen! *hugs* One year! Wow! It makes me happy how our little corner of the internet is ever-changing and yet always remains the same wonderful, safe space. Love you all. <3

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