@Viola?, this is

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@Viola?, this is

@Viola?, this is kind of an awkward post, but... we were chatting our AEs on that other thread and it has kind of died soo.... Do you wanna just keep going on this thread? Or back to that one? Ack, this is so awkward I almost didn't post it.


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Ahh, sorry! I haven't been on much. Um, let's see. I seem to have forgotten where we/they were in that conversation (once more, apologies). We can start up a new one here if you want, or try to resume the old one there.

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I belive the title of the thread was "My First AE!!". But if you want, we you can respond to my, er, response on here. Sorry for nagging you..

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Oh, it's fine! I'm sorry for not being around. We can do it here, right?

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Right! Do you want to start? If you want, my last reply was asking about your name.

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Okay, sure! 

My name? My name is Sea Glass, although I imagine you were previously aware of that. It does not have significant meaning, only an aesthetic that Viola?, as the one who named me, thought fitting.

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I was wishing Viola? a happy birthday and asking about the pronunciation and origins of her name, not yours. But it's ok. I wasn't being very clear. Your name is interesting, Sea Glass, as are you. I'm trying to think of how it could be symbolic, but now I feel nosy.

So. Um. Now I don't know what to say. Uh, what's your favorite book? If you don't have one, what do you want to talk about? 

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Oh, oh dear. Heavens, I'm terribly sorry. Um.

*shoves in* Don't stress too much about it. Either of you. My name's Viola? because Viola is one of several names I was considering when I first joined Kyngdom, so I put the question mark at the end to indicate that it might still change, and then it just stuck. Anyway. *slips out*

Er, thank you...

My favorite book? I'm afraid I haven't read especially many... I do quite adore Tales From Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan. It is a collection of short, illustrated stories describing various fictional events. It is not quite what one might call a picture book, however. It manages to capture the most delicate moments...

Oh dear, am I rambling? I apologize. 

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Your NAME is GOOD, Sea Glass. I was being unclear so IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT. Pokes playfully. Er. That sounded kind of aggresive. Sorry? Anyway, I can ramble for hours about books. So. Yeah. I haven't read Tales from Outer Suburbia, but it sounds interesting. I can't decide on a favorite book. I'm currently reading a series about a castle that can build itself. It's very interesting. The first one is called Tuesdays in the Castle. Do you remember any of the stories from your book? Could you er, tell one to me? It's ok if you don't remember. Uh, you could summarize one, I guess. Like I said it's ok if you don't remember or if you're not a good storyteller. (But I think you'd make a good storyteller!)

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*blushes* *sways back with the poke*

Have no worries. Your words are kind.

A story? I... I suppose... um, let's see. Many of them are not plot-driven, but there is... The expedition?

The expedition is possibly the title; I do not recall. It is about the narrator and their brother, who argue often about anything. One day they have a very long argument about a street directory and where it ends, and so they go out to find it, to reach the last page and see what is there. They walk a very long way, longer than they expected to, almost the entire day. They walk until being right or wrong doesn't really matter anymore. And when they get there, to where the directory ends, the world drops off in the middle of the suburb. The brother was right.

There are multiple illustrations, but I cannot do them justice, especially the last spread of the street's end. It is a beautiful world, that. I do not know if it takes place in the same universe as the others. 

*pops in* Sorry for the late reply, SG wanted to come sooner but I was being weird and xe was too nice to slap me in the face like Nymph would've done if she wasn't out in the woods. *pops out* 

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That sounds interesting. I'm already saerching for deeper meanings. And Viola?, I bet I can be more weird than you any day! Espesially when someone makes a musical refrence. Have you read Farenheit 451? Sorry that's random, I just thought it might have similar meaning. Like, nothing is permanent, does anything really matter? Whoa. Um, that came out... deep. But I like deep, so, er good deep? How many times have I said deep in one sentance? Agh, said it again. Heh. But now I'm trying to relate that to other things. I learned about Buddhism a few days ago, I guess it's kind of a Buddhist thought? Ugh, now I feel like I'm stereotyping. But you're a good storyteller, Sea Glass. I always end up on a tangent whenever I do something like that. :)

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Is that a challenge? :3

*elbows in* That's my thing, now! 

When did you get so many elbows?! Wait, shapeshifter. Never mind. I haven't read Fahrenheit 451, and neither has SG. Not sure who you're talking to.


Right, right. We should go.*pulls Nymph away*

*blushes* *waves* 

Thank you... Is Fahrenheit 451 about the meaning of life, then?

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I was asking SG. (I could beat you at any challenge, Nymph!) But Farenheit 451 is a distopian. Far future. But it's not your average sci-fi. It was really good, probably the most intense book I've ever read. But since we haven't found one book in common yet, we might have different tastes. 

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Don't bet on it, you'll lose!

Fascinating... *blushes* I admit, I have not read much at all. I spend most of my time by the sea. I know a bit of Shakespeare, however, and I've begun a book titled Gothic Charm School. It is not a school drama, despite what it may sound like, but it remains compelling. What are your favored genres?

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I feel like we might end up at a stalemate, Nymph.

Sea Glass, my favorite genre is fantasy. Shy Peacock is reading Shakespeare in school. It's cool that you can understand it. What do you do at the beach? I've only gone once, being a new AE. I collected shells until my pockets were full to bursting and forgot my kite. Maybe I could go to the beach with you (and bring my kite).

Hey, Celeste, could you, uh, go get you kite now?


*whispers* So, Viola?, do you remember the, er, original reason for this conversation? 

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