@Viola?, this is

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@Viola?, this is

@Viola?, this is kind of an awkward post, but... we were chatting our AEs on that other thread and it has kind of died soo.... Do you wanna just keep going on this thread? Or back to that one? Ack, this is so awkward I almost didn't post it.


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I still really like the second one, so this is sort of in the same vein. 

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Tree of Life again:

Viola? Do you enter our Cricket League art contests? You should. Theme this month (due 7/25) is A Dream Inside You.


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A bit more metaphorical this time.

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Mexi says gwkg. What are you gawking at? 

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Laylanie says xenc. Maybe Mexi was gawking at some zinc?

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Shall we continue the RP?

Mexi says tnvy, which I think means there's only a tiny chance. 

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Of course! I'm still writing my reply, I just keep getting sidetracked. I was at camp, that's why I wasn't responding. I actually quite like this little thread.

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Oh, good. *relieved* I sometimes get scared that people will stop writing with me because they forget or stop wanting to, and then the story goes trapped in its unfinished state... I suppose it's a bit hypocritical, given how much I do that myself. Does an awareness of hypocrisy make it better?

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I know this was originally meant for the two of you but this thread is so sweet that I want to join it. Can I make an AE just for this? Pleease? If not then I just want to say this: Does the X factor in the pronouns referring to Sea Glass indicate that xe does not have a gender or what is going on here? Also! Why is blue sea glass so darn hard to find??

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Viola? actually made another, more public thread, for things like this. I think the heading is "Let's play house."

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You would have to ask Shy Peacock, but I personally would rather keep it just the two of us, at least for a while.

Sea Glass does have a gender; xe is aporagender, the term meaning "separate gender", and yes, xyr pronouns are directly related to that. An absence of gender is called agender.

Blue is not the most common of colors for glass in general, and blue sea glass is therefore much rarer, making it unlikely that one would find a piece. It does make it a lot more exciting when you do, though.

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I-it is? It's not really that blue. *lets Sea Glass touch sea glass* I guess you would know though? I mean it is your name... *trails off into confused awkwardness*

You're welcome. Not being stung by bees is my plan. I had to walk up and down 158 stairs to get to the waterfront at camp, so I don't think I'd mind a tower bedroom. I probably would mind one full of bees though.

I looked up peacock swords and they are really pretty. 

When I started writing that, the first Tree of Life Picturing was the last one, although I saw the next two before I hit submit. Did I mention that I love your picturings? They're ALL SO GOOD. ALL OF THEM. *rolls around in picturings* *throws them in the air like confetti* I think I have inenvertently made myself a personal picturings thread. :)

Haha, I can't imagine Conrad singing. He would probably build some robot to sing for him, or something. Sebastian's song was so beautiful, yet sad. "I sing. I sing to the end." *wipes away a tear*

My friend loves Twelth Night, (partly because of the semi-LGBTQ+ representation), so it didn't surprise me that my friend caught it. I started to say Vee-oh-la, and they corrected me Viy-la. So, yeah. I didn't know it was your real name though. That's such a pretty and unusual name! (Sorry, I know that's a weird compliement, I get it a lot-- my real name is Daviana.) I don't think I know your usual story, what is it?

I don't think that the piece of sea glass (haha I had to keep myself from capitalizing that) that Celeste found was as blue as the ones in the jar under those crimson ones. I think it was more of a milky pale blue, closer to the onesin that other jar, under a jar of green ones, in between that big jar of white and that other jar of green.

Here's your poetry picturing, by the way.


she sits, hunched over a piece of paper

drawing. light catches her hair as it falls in curtain,

hiding her delineation. (you can only see the

eraser curving around and back, inverse to the lines she must be creating.)

but if you were to move closer, you'd see

quick strokes of the pencil forming eyes, a nose,

a person growing beneath her fingers.

but no matter how close you got, you wouldn't see

what she's really looking at, the way her eyes are turned inward

to where half-baked shards and glowing dust, and drifting, loose fibers

shift apart and together again,

in her swirling star-nursery of a mind,

where ideas are forming, creating and erasing themselves,

then waiting to flow out through her fingers. 

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*laughs awkwardly* Viola? really knows more about it than me. *fidgets with kite string*

Okay, so I don't think it's quite getting through, but SG has butterflies! Flutterbys? Like flyerfies. Anyway. Xe's probably been blushing for the past few posts. Oh, if there were any time for a kiss... *shippy* *sighs* That'd be moving too fast, though, xe isn't invested or confident or certain that Celeste likes xyr even non-romantically enough yet. Ahh, there's a split path down in romance land that leads to either distant pining with no payoff or realizing that their relationship is too important to xyr to stay in limbo forever.

That's a lot of stairs. And yes, bees are not the most attractive feature of a room. 

*laughs* I think you did, lucky! Oh, and thank you! 

XD He totally would. He would probably also make huge leaps and bounds in programming and robotics and engineering just to make it sound more realistic. *sighs* I'm happy Sebastian got to finish his song, at least. Nngh, but still so sad...

Thanks! It's not so weird, I think I've gotten it before. My usual story is that Viola? was one of the names I tried when I first joined Kyngdom, the question mark there to indicate the possibility that it might change, and it just stuck. 

Oh, so more of an aqua? That's more common, though still less so than green, white or brown.

Whoa. I wasn't expecting a picturing of me. I thought you meant yourself... *stares in awe* Star-nursery... It's so beautiful. Thank you so, so much. The rain on my roof is applauding. This is incredible...

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O-oh no, it's fine. I feel like I keep pressuring you. Am I pressuring you? I, er, think I should stop pressuring you. *is eager to change the subject* So, Sea Glass, what kinds of things do you normally like to do on the beach? 

I think Celeste has flutterbyes too. Celeste should probably make it clear that she likes him non-romantically first, though. Now, what wouldbe the best way to do that? Perhaps an offhand compliment?

It was A LOT of stairs. Climbing them resulted in the counselors chanting, "Leg day! Leg day!" over and over again.

You're very welcome! *grins shamelessly*

XD he probably would make huge advancements. Either that or he would master ventriloqism in a rediculously short amount of time, and then attempt to teach it to Piper, who would be really confused, resulting in a really funny scene. I love the way that Conrad is a genius, but Piper knows more about the real world than him, and also manages to really school him sometimes. I loved how Sebastian's song healed them all. I've been a sucker for magical/moving songs in books ever since.

Oh, I think I have heard that story before, now that you say it.

Yes, like a pale blue. I feel like it would be weird if Celeste found really rare sea glass just randomly, on account of me being unfimriliar with the rarity of the stuff. Then again, she already has found one very special Sea Glass. :)

Thank you! ^-^ I thought of those few ending lines, like the star-nursery line, and the general beginning of the poem, and built the rest of the poem around it. That's how poems usually work for me. I think of the main idea, usually one line, and then build the poem around that. Is that TMI? Sorry. Anyway, you're welcome for the poem. I think the rain on my roof is also applauding, but I don't know what. Your poem is also interesting! I get the distinct feeling that there is a story behind each line. I'd defenitely like to hear them all. 

Laylanie says grma. Who is your grandma, Laylanie? Now she says kvya. Is that your grandma's name?

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*is uncertain how to offer reassurance* *accepts the subject change* I enjoy watching the waves and thinking. It is very calm. Occasionally I find something interesting in the sand, and occasionally I will bring it home. 

Yeah, it could. Maybe also something like expressing enjoyment (ex: "this is/was fun") or talking about doing stuff again? My understanding of friendship is that people gravitate towards others whose company they enjoy, and so they spend more time with those people, getting to know them in the process, until they become friends, caring about each other and doing things together regularly. Romance tends to function in much the same way, leading to some overlap between the two. Acknowledgement of this process occuring should do the trick, if you want. ...That all sounded very distanced and odd. 

Ventriloquism? XD That would be hilarious, oh my gosh. Their differences in knowledge are amazing... they can teach each other so much. I love their interactions. *sighs happily* Sebastian was incredible... I love the image of that song softly reaching everyone and waking something beautiful. And Jasper, Jasper was so little and wonderful, I'm so glad his story had a happy ending. I was always sad about Bella, though. Hm... I wonder if J found her? It took me years to realize that J was Dr. Hellion's brother. It seems like something that would have more story to it, something that would lead into a sequel, maybe.

It happens, though! Sometimes people will find crazy rare stuff their first time out. It's not like you have to have a certain number of visits to the beach and pieces of common sea glass found to unlock the possibility; it's just luck. It's pretty fun. And yes, I think they have found something special... :3

You're welcome! I think that's how a lot of things work, actually; poems, songs, stories, art. You get one moment, just a little bit of inspiration, and then the rest grows around it, like a... I don't know what.

My poem? Oh, I don't know about that. I feel like it would have to be a little more structured and... I don't know, worked-on to be a poem. I do sort of like it, though... and if you're serious about wanting to hear all the stories, I will not hesitate to ramble on about them for ages. You have now been warned. Would you like me to tell you?

Mexi says icyu! I see you or Icy you? ...Icy, I see you? Is Icy reading this? 

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