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@Viola?, this is

@Viola?, this is kind of an awkward post, but... we were chatting our AEs on that other thread and it has kind of died soo.... Do you wanna just keep going on this thread? Or back to that one? Ack, this is so awkward I almost didn't post it.


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From September's issue of Cricket: 

Beach Glass

By Sandi Leibowitz 

Once I was

but a useless


of something



Waves polished me

and now I'm art-

the sculpter


has spoken. 

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I saw! That was lovely. 

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Viola?? You still here? I beleive it's your turn. (If you're juts procrastinating, it's cool, no worries.)

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Yes, I'm still here! I'm slowly getting around to it. It's weird, I'm spending all my free time doing really insubstantial things to get over the insanity of school, leaving everything that takes energy to the furthest corners of my days. Like, I spent what felt like an hour after class singing to a bunch of baby toads I found living in this semi-underground space that's there so all the downstairs classrooms can have windows. I counted six, although one of them may have been an adult or a frog.

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*smiles a little resignedly* *suddenly notices the awkwardness and spends several seconds not knowing where to rest xyr eyes* *sees the sky beginning to turn to sunset* Oh! Do you see the sky? *is embarrassed by xyr word choice*

The symbolism was SG or others never considering that xe might like hugs. It's okay that you didn't get it, I know that was sort of weird and I thought it best to see what would happen naturally. 

I know, I thought the same thing when I read that! Like, why are you letting yourself drown in your personal sorrows when you could prevent countless more deaths? I get that she had to mourn and stuff, but it wasn't entirely great for the story. Hmm, it's been a while, though. Maybe I should read those again. After Jane Eyre, and The Book Smugglers of Timbuktu, and all those books I got for research on magic, and whatever else is sitting in that pile...

Oh! Well, that's good. I'm curious about this anticlimax now, though. You don't have to tell me if it's too personal, but it sounds interesting. Despite the fact that anticlimactic is the opposite of dramatic. 

Yes, I have NaNo. I don't check it as often as other things, partly because it actually takes a while to load, but if you can get where you want to be at the same time as someone else, it's a lot faster. There's no admins, you can edit and delete your comments directly, the main forum thing for me is the CB classroom, which has about five threads and direct message threads for every other person in the classroom. You have a profile, a word count goal... You might have known this already, but NaNo is basically a website to support writing every day in the month of November with challenges and goals and a tracking system and forums. I think the classrooms are a Young Writers Program thing. I slightly prefer the Discord that Gared made however long ago; it's faster and there's a few people there who I don't talk to much in other places. Like Gared.

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*is greatful for the respite from the awkwardness* Yeah... *grins* *looks mischeviously over at Sea Glass* *softly begins to sing For Forever from Dear Evan Hansen (google the lyrics*

SO SO sorry I let this die... I feel so guilty... I was just busy, I promise!

Also! Celeste's pronouns are back to feminine--she/her. I just felt like the ae/aer didn't feel right for her. She just seemed female, I guess...? As a result, I'm altering her appearance-changy-thing so that she can only be female. Sorry to confuse you!!

Oh! That's really cute! Ahh! Now I really want to give xyr a hug. Can you give xyr a hug for me?

I know, right! Like, I know they were probably trying to be realistic or something, but it really didn't work for me. Whiny main characters always seem to annoy me. Like in the Grisha Trilogy. Alina just aggravated me sometimes. My friend gave me this whole rant about how she needed to "Get her freaking love life together!" Ooh, I need to read Jane Eyre and The Book Smugglers of Timbuktu also. What is the latter about? It sounds interesting. Also research on magic. That sounds extremely highly cool and interesting. Now I want to hear more! Why are you researching magic? What's the story?

Oh, the... anticlimax? (That's a cool word! I need to start using that word!) I mean, now 5 months later I'm not sure how much it resolved the conflict, but my friend B had a crush on A, who liked her as a friend but wasn't really interested, and B and started avoiding her and whatnot and eventually B deluded herself into thinking that A secretly hated her and complaining to me, and this went on for some time. Then I convinced A to agree to just be friends with B, and it was a lot easier and less awkward than I thought it was going to be. But this hasn't really affected B very much, she still complains to me a lot so....

Yeah. Just textbook drama, I guess.

Ooh, they both sound cool. I guess now would probably be a good time to make a NaNo, as it's the very end of October. I don't really know how NaNo or Discord work, though... I'll have to consult Google sometime. Who's Gared? Are they an old CBer?

Sorry again for not responding! 

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*has heard the song* *joins in on the chorus and scattered verses, volume and confidence slowly increasing* *finishes with a slight smile* *looks at Celeste* A-are we... friends? Just friends, I mean? Y-you don't have to answer now...

Eeeeeee, such cute!

It's okay! I got pretty busy, too. I'm glad you're back!

No confusion here, captain, sir. *salutes* Glad you've set things to rights. I myself noticed that SG felt a lot more feminine all of a sudden after I introduced xyr as aporagender, but I think xe was just afraid to be before. I still mess up xyr pronouns all the time in my head, though. X/

Yes, I absolutely will. *hugs*

I've only read Shadow and Bone, but yeah, I get that. Agh, but what upset me the most is that Alexei died! Right away! I knew it would happen as soon as he was introduced, and I also knew he was my favorite character and I'd be upset forever when it did as soon as he was introduced, and I was right about everything! Over three months later, I even still remember his name! *pauses to dramatically take a deep breath and restrain tears* The Book Smugglers of Timbuktu is about this one time where a radical religious group/terrorists take over Timbuktu and the librarians in the area decide to smuggle all their ancient manuscripts out so they don't get burned. 

I am actually procrastinating on studying magic, but I'm planning on doing it for ideas about how magic could work in Kyngdom. The basic principles are very much like those of any religion or philosophy, explaining about matter and energy and stuff, and how associations between certain energies and materials can produce certain effects. It doesn't seem perfectly sound to me, but it's still interesting, and I'm holding out hope that some of it could be real and useful. I also like the idea of saying I'm a witch.

I see.

Yes, Gared used to be a CBer. They left a while back, I think just after the Diversity War(s?). 

Forgiveness again for the lateness of the reply! 

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*enjoys harmony* *is startled by SG's question* *looks around, figeting and nervously tweaking appearance* Um, d-do you want to be? T-that is, er, I-I'd want to.

Yes, such cute!! I think they are maybe... more than friends :)

Yes, I totally know the feeling. Thanks for understanding!

Well, I'm really tempted to launch into a rant about how it gets better and the first one is by far the worst but the third one is good and that's probably mostly because Nikolai got introduced in book two and you should at least read Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom..., buuut I won't. It's funny that you remembered his name. I kind of forgot about him in favor of better and more developed characters later on. *shame* Oh, that sounds so cool about Timbuktu. I should try to find that, too. Is it new? My school library, which is my main source of books, only has new books, probably because my school is also new and was just built last year. I was in the first ever 6th grade class!

Oh, cool. I saw Kyngdom a while back, when they still put excerpts from it in the mag, but I'm kind of worried it would be too late to join now or I wouldn't be able to keep the commitment. I've heard a bit about alchemy, which sounds similar. Interesting common-sounding ideas and principals that aren't technically scientifically sound. It would also be really cool to say you're a witch.

Sigh... yeah. Sorry if I came off as whiny or that was TMI or something.

Oh. What were the Diversity Wars? Is Gared by any chance the Ella/Gared that made the mosty recent post on Inkwell, about a Solo Write? Probably not, since you just said that they left. *Phew* ^-^ 


What came to be called the diversity wars was a discussion of gender issues and what the Admins and Editors deem appropriate or inappropriate for posting on Chatterbox. The discussion has been closed for a while, but the thread is still someplace, probably on a back page of Down to Earth. We're not going to open the discussion again, at least not in the foreseeable future.


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Also, I drew you again. You probably saw, but I'm posting it here anyway. It's funny, I've had an idea for a while now of freckles, moles, acne, etc. being like stars. 

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*glances at the sunset, accidentally getting an eyeful of sun* *looks back, blinking through sunspots* I... okay. Just friends, then, and nothing more.

*falls over with both hands covering her mouth* *removes hands* So now they think their relationship is purely platonic but they’re actually in love? 

You’re welcome!

Oh? Well now I just might read them. You know what, I’ll put them on my Christmas list and we’ll see what happens. I want to meet this Nikolai. I do have a few other volumes to push through... I’ve been wanting to do this one challenge again, I forget what it was called... it’s where you’d try to read a thousand pages in a day. I don’t suppose I can do it now, but I might polish off Jane Eyre before tomorrow. Sorry, that went on into a ramble.

Yes, I think it’s pretty new. My copy is dated 2017—hey, the same year your school was built, then! It’s so cool that you were in the first ever class! I’m happy for you. Er, that is, if I may be so presumptuous. 

Oh, it’s never too late to join. But don’t let me pressure you, you do whatever you want. 

Magic and alchemy are very similar. I daresay they might even be related, though I’m not certain either group would agree with me. Alchemy seems to want to be more scientific. It would be very cool to say I’m a witch, though, yes, definitely. 

Oh, no, not at all! I just lost my words is all. I think you’re a really lovely, kind, caring person, and it’s so sweet what you’re doing for them. 

I wasn’t around for the Wars, but I’ll take the Admins’ word for it. Gared actually is that same Ella/Gared, but don’t worry! They’re nice, just a little sensitive. 

Mexi says oeta! Petal, maybe? 

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