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@Viola?, this is

@Viola?, this is kind of an awkward post, but... we were chatting our AEs on that other thread and it has kind of died soo.... Do you wanna just keep going on this thread? Or back to that one? Ack, this is so awkward I almost didn't post it.


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O-oh. Okay. Yes. J-just... friends. *looks away* *looks back* What, er, what did you m-mean by.... Oh nevermind. Ignore me. Sorry. So sorry. *extreme blushing* *avoids Sea Glass's eyes* *wishes she could be invisible, instead of changing her appearance*

And here I was not trying to friend-zone Sea Glass! Ha!

Also, I did it again! Aaaaaah! I did it again! I'm an awful friend, to keep ghosting you! Aah, why!

Oh, wow. A thousand pages, sounds hard. I've done it, but I wasn't doing a challenge and I didn't really do anything else that day. Nikolai is great. I won't rant about him either, but he's an amazing sassy smart prince and he's great. He's like, a tactical genius, but everything he wants the main character to do, she doesn't want to. He gets all the best lines. Comedy gold. Good luck with Jane Eyre!

Cool! I'll have to look for it, but I'm doing Book Wars, and I have to finish Arch-Enemies and the Ember in the Ashes series and Wings of Fire book 12 comes out in 8 days (!!!), so it might take me a bit. The other day I asked for a book that came out in 2000 (The Two Princesses of Bammare) and they didn't have it. They have nothing between, like, Narnia, and new things, but I love it anyway. And no, you're not being presumptuous. Thank you! What's your school like?

Hm, I might. I'm not sure though, I'm kind of busy with all of those other things and my Bat Mitzvah coming up and stuff, but I'll consider it. 

I think they could be related, under some circumstances. I'm not sure if I'd want to do them, either, though. Sounds messy. But it would be cool to know all about them though, and that's what you would get from the books. So now I have something else to add to my reading list. Did you find any of the books interesting?

Oh, it's ok, sorry for the misunderstanding :) Thank you!

Oh, cool. I'll have to get to know them. I might join the Discord, although it has confused me in the past. Maybe I'll just... Google it? Or get my friend to teach me?

Laylanie says tanf. Tan? Are you getting a tan, Laylanie? But it's December! I suppose it did suddenly get warm though (which is sad because I really wanted a white Christmas, and I got excited because of that random unprecedented snowday we got in November).

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*realizes there might have been misunderstanding* *sudenly unsure and nervous* I. Er. Um. It’s all right. *glances again and again at Celeste, unable to rest xyr eyes* 


Hah, you’re a spooky ghost now! Can you walk through walls? See other spirits? This is so cool. And silly. I am fine, trust. *places hand on Stardust’s shoulder* You know, it’s funny. I’d almost forgotten about this, but then last night I came and found it, buried on the third page, but with a new post from you. To have been gone perfectly until that moment... It must be magic. 

I’ve done it three times. *showing off* Sort of. *showing off less* It was always in under 24 hours, but once or twice I stayed up past midnight, when it was supposed to end. I also did nothing else those days, much to the ire of my mother one time when I did it while her parents were visiting. 

A prince? I shouldn’t be surprised, but... huh. Also, thank you! I have finished it now, although it took considerably longer than a day. 

Book Wars? What are those? Are you using books as weapons? Or arguing about what books are better? Or is it another reading challenge? That would be much safer.

You’re welcome! My school is... hmm. How to describe it? It’s a democratic semi-private school, tiny, and largely run by the students. It’s been in several locations since it started (a year before I was born), but for as long as I’ve been attending it’s been renting space from a church; the part in the back that used to be (and maybe still is? I’m not there, I don’t know) a Sunday school. We have five periods a day with a break for lunch, then Judicial Court or free time if you’re not involved with that at 1:40, and finally chores before everyone goes home. There’s also a thing we set up every year for staying late; at School Meeting we’ll take some time to gague interest/necessity, organize staff to supervise... I always stay late because I take the train, and it comes well after 3:00. This year is nice, we have staff for every day of the week. I can tell you a lot more if you like. I don’t want to talk your ear off, but it might take some explaining. It’s pretty unusual. 

Bat Mitzvah? That’s a thirteenth birthday, right? I’ve never been to one, but one of my brothers has. I’ll have to make you thirteen of something...!

Messy? How so? And I haven’t actually read any of them yet. They’re just sitting around waiting for me. I’ll get there eventually. I think. XD

You’re welcome! 

Mexi says oebc! I don’t know what that means, but it snowed and melted here, too. My favorite is when it snows enough to cancel school and cover the ground, but then the sun melts just enough that you don’t have to shovel. A white Christmas would be wonderful... I can’t remember the last time we had one. (Which isn’t saying much, it might’ve happened last year and I just forgot.)

I have written parts of this four times now. My iPad keeps deleting it. Hopefully this time it’ll work.

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Oh my gosh, this just jumped to the first page. I feel like I’m in one of those stories where there are two people sort of teasing at courtship and one of them makes a small move and then the other responds with this huge over-the-top surprise whatever that’s sure to be seen and be striking. Like filling a place with flowers, or having a name written in the sky, or scattering flyers everywhere they’ve ever seen each other. 

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O-oh good. I'm er, glad you want to be my friend. *shy, halfhearted smile* *looks over at Sea Glass* *can't force herself to meet xyr eyes* *examines xyr cheekbones instaed* *embarassed again* Okay. So. Um. What... do you like...? To do, I mean. Or something else. You know. *more blushing*

Okay, I love how cute they are, but NO CELESTE! GO BACK AND TALK IT OUT! COMMUNICATE! COMMUNICATION IS KEY! (If anything, the sunrise can be romantic. They're AEs. They can stay up all night merely for our benefit. Right?) *takes deep breathes to prevent self from shouting*

Oh, that's so cool! True love is magic. *winks at Celeste* *realizes what is going on* *looks away again*. I'm not sure if I can walk through walls now. I think I'm too afraid to try and then have it not work. :)

Oh, cool. The last time I did that, I think, was when I read all of Son of Neptune in a day, a few years ago. Wait, I don't think that is a thousand pages. Well, I guess you're showing off to the right person, then. Yeah, my mom would probably be mad at me too. But her parents live within 20 minutes of us so, maybe less so? I have a friend who also stays up late reading, and whenever I reccomend a book to her, she's, like, always done the next day, because she stays up so late reading. I wonder if I'm downgrading her grades by making her sleep-deprived (speaking of sleep-deprived, I'm really tired writing this, so apolagies for any incoherent... anything....) because I keep reccomending so many good books.

Ooh, you're hooked! Has my not-so-subtle evil villian plan worked? And great job on Jane Eyre! How was it? My friend tells me it's boring. I hope you didn't spend considerably more than a day reading a thousand page book only to have it be boring!

It is indeed another book challenge (although last year we had a running joke that we threw books at each other, because nobody knew what it was, and we once told them that, as a joke, only we were so deadpan that they actually beleived it for a minute!), where a team all reads a set of the same books, and then competes in a trivia contest about said books for a trophy against teams from other schools and grades. I did it last year, and we won! It's really fun, although I'm not sure if we'll win this time.

Woah! Sounds SO COOL! I have so many questions I could talk your ear off! That sounds like you'd learn a lot about, like, time management and budgeting and stuff. It would be so useful for later life and stuff. Useful skills! But please, tell me all about it! It sounds really interesting!

Yeah, it's a Jewish coming-of-age type ceremony for when you turn thirteen, and it's kind of time-consuming. For the ceremony, you read a portion of the Torah, among many other things. To definitely not show off, and to explain: as you probably know, Hebrew has a different alphabet, so I have to learn how to phonetically pronounce those letters, but in Hebrew, the vowels aren't letters, but little dots or short lines under the letters (for instance, one dot under the letter makes the "ee" sound, three dots in a diagonal line under the letter makes the "oo" sound, a horizontal dash under the letter makes the "ah" sound), so I have to learn those, too. In addition, the Torah is chanted, not just said, so to figure out which tune to sing, there are other marks above or below the letters called tropes; they can look like everything from commas to quotataion marks to what looks like a z or an upside down male sign under the letters, so I have to learn those, too, and then put them all together to chant my Torah portion. But here's the thing: the actual Torah doesn't have the vowel marks or the trope marks, so I have to know my portion well enough to sing it without either of those things to guide me. It's really hard. *blatantly showing off* But yeah, it's coming up in three months now (although my actual birthday is in more like two and a half), so it's beginning to take up more and more of my time. I'm excited, though! What, more of me? I certainly wouldn't say you have to, as you've already made *goes back to count* eleven or twelve, I think. Although, if you do, you'd better tell me when your birthday is, and how old you're turning, so I can return the favor! :)

Also, you could give me more information about what you look like. Right now I picture you as a semi-normal looking person looking sort of like a more realistic version of your art style. You have long dark brown hair and twinkly greenish eyes. I'm curious to know how off I am, since all I know right now is that you have long hair, and what you right and draw like.

Well, you'd have to deal with messed up spells, and it would be a huge workload, especially combined with school and other things. You'd also have to be able to switch easily from your life as a witch or alchemist and your life as a normal person, unless of course you were attending a school for those who practice your magical art, like Hogwarts or something. Just sounds like it could result in a lot of mishaps. Haha, okay, I know the feeling. No pressure.

Yeah, I know a bit about Discord, but I tried to join one for a webcomic I read once and was immediately overwhelmed and deleted my still-new account. Pathetic, I know. This is part of the part of me that inspired Celeste. :) So, yeah, help would be much appreciated.

Laylanie says vgdo now. Veggie do? I'm not sure what that means either. That happens a lot for us, because the county is huge and we're in almost the southernmost part, so there can be snow in the northern part of the county, but none down where we are, and they'll still cancel school. Which is sometimes kind of a letdown, honestly. Whenever we're hoping for a snowday, we always say "Count on Damascus," because that's the northernmost town in our county. Also, it seems that our county is a wimp/Maryland has not nearly enough snowplows, so we almost always get a snowday whenever it snows wnough to stick, which is nice, until we've had so many snowdays that they have to start taking days off of spring break.

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*blushes* I like coming here, to the beach, a-and eating strawberries with whipped cream... *blushes more* And sometimes, talking to people. *eyes run over Celeste’s hair* 

Aaaaaaaaah, the cuties! Oh, Sea Glass is planning to ask the same of Celeste, by the way, but I wanted to give her a chance to respond first. So, insert a stammered “What about you?” somewhere if you like. And yes. So much yes. Perhaps they become so enraptured by their scintillating conversation and the presence of their mutual crush that they forget all other worries, the hours evaporating into stargazing and talking, maybe baCKTRACKING ON THAT “FRIENDS” THING *cuts herself off* *copies Stardust* Or since staying up all night is hard, perhaps they fall asleep in the glow of the moon, lulled by the gentle hush of the waves... we started this in April, we can pretend it’s warm enough for that, right? Especially if they drift off in each others’ arms. *grinning like a fool* 

Magic! In her hands! She had green fingers! That’s fair. 

XD Yeah, you’d be in less trouble. Your friend sounds pretty determined. If she puts half as much into her studies as your books, she should be fine. 

Yep. I got the Six of Crows duology for Christmas, and rediscovered two old Barnes & Noble gift cards. Jane Eyre was fine, actually—it’s not like she’s out riding unicorns and slaying demons on her quest for the sun and the moon or anything, but she does manage to get herself pretty well into trouble and pretty well out of it. Several times. 

Ooh, congratulations! On both the excellent deadpan and the victory. I imagine your competition will be tougher after their loss, but if this was a story it’d just be heightening drama and you’d make it a hat trick. Then a later film adaption would frame each victory as its own movie.

It is cool! I still need a little work on time management, or maybe it’s motivation? Anyway, I’m definitely learning a lot about legal processes and perspective and learning itself. I think classes are a lot more casual than in public school. There’s a lot of discussion; people aren’t afraid to make jokes or ask questions, and the teachers often listen and run with it. We get off track that way sometimes, but it’s always interesting. And the teachers are always engaged, too (except in math, where everyone works independently with an online program and recieves support as needed, because even in the same age groups we can have very different levels and paces), which I noticed most when this terrible new teacher (now gone, thankfully) came and would give us an assignment, then abandon us for his phone, hardly even looking up, and then if we didn’t engage he wouldn’t do anything about it, just tell us to work. I could go on about him for a while, I didn’t like him at all (and I knew it on first sight). I dropped the one class I had with him after just a couple of months. Oh yeah, I can do that because I’m on what we call the Sudbury track, which is a system where each student chooses all of their own classes (or, the ones they’d like to take, and then it’s almost like a lottery depending on interest and scheduling) (class options are suggested at the end of every year by students and staff alike—we’re encouraged to submit things we’ve always wanted to learn and/or teach), and can drop them at any time as long as they notify the teacher of the class and the director of the school, who happens to also be a teacher. This is as opposed to the Academic track, where students are required to take a certain number of classes in every area and a few core classes, and can only drop extra electives. The price of being Sudbury is that while Academic kids get to graduate pretty much freely, a Sudbury student will have to write a thesis in which they talk about what they’ve learned in their time at the school and what they plan to do after leaving, and read it as a speech on Graduation day. And the plans are like actual, concrete plans with all the steps in place that you come up with under guidance. There’s a class for it. I think this year we have two or three graduates. Last year we only had one! He still visits the school sometimes. My graduating class is going to be enormous—I think there’s seven or eight of us. I don’t really keep track; we’re sorted into age groups rather than grades since the school is so tiny. The entire student body numbers less than 30. And people talk about schools with thousands of kids “small”... it’s nearly unfathomable to me. We get pretty well acquainted, as you might imagine. 

Then there’s School Meeting, Judicial Court, Mediation, Revision Committee, Clerkships, chores... I think that’s all the major thingies. School Meeting is just what it sounds like; a meeting of members of the school community. So, students and staff. Everyone gets exactly one vote, no exceptions. The director has as much power as a four-year-old, I and my classmates and teachers as much as either of them. It’s pretty cool. School Meeting is boring though, you just sit around while the SM Chairperson (a clerkship position) introduces subjects and calls on people. The worst is possibly debating new rules. Everyone has a point, and while most of them are very similar and good points, they’re just different enough that everyone wants to voice their own (and they get to), and we end up going in big aching circles for what feels like ages. And before Revision Committee, it used to be like that for changing old rules, too. Thankfully, not everyone has to attend either of those. There are a few clerks required for both, and then just whoever’s interested (mostly staff), and the rest of us only have to put up with the summary we get in Mandatory SM and whatever topics require the attention of all members. Revision Committee revises the lawbook, going through it and discussing each rule, occasionally writing a proposal to take to School Meeting (because only it has the power to actually change the rules). 

Judicial Court is, well, court. It’s what we have to deal with rule breaking. I was the JC clerk once; my duties included gathering or sending others to gather the people needed for each meeting and basically making sure everything ran smoothly. It also admitted me into what I jokingly nicknamed the school Illuminati, officially called Leadership, where a few clerks and the director gathered every week to sort and discuss JC complaints and SM agenda items before they happen/get done/get started. It sometimes helps to limit the going round in circles. Anyway. When a rule is broken, someone is supposed to write it up, meaning they get a write-up sheet that’s basically a form to fill out, and write down what happened, when and where it happened, who’s involved, etc., and put it in a box for the meeting. Then when the time comes around, the required people are summoned, the complaint is read by the JC clerk, and we go through a process as follows: Ask the person who wrote the thing up what happened, take questions for that person, ask the person who was written up what happened, take questions for them, take questions, comments, witnesses and more information, ask the person written up if they think they broke a rule and if so, what rule, discuss with the committee, and assign an appropriate consequence. The purpose of consequences, by the way, is not to punish; it’s to find a way to help the person who broke a rule stop breaking that rule, and to protect the community. We can also give warnings, strong warnings and warning pluses (warnings with light consequences attached that may be given while still allowing a strong warning to be given if the rule is broken again) (I worded that rule years ago and while I don’t remember my exact phrasing I’m still very proud of it) before consequences. Thusly, getting written up isn’t always a big deal, which we usually forget to tell new people. I remember squirming in my seat the first time I was written up, getting all worried and trying to wriggle my way out of it. People get written up all the time for not signing in/out. Those complaints tend to go fast, some even in less than five minutes. Nowadays I just avoid breaking rules or take responsibility with my head held high. 

This is getting really long... I should probably explain clerkships, though. Clerkships are positions held by students to fill roles in the community, in the workings of the school. A couple of them are running meetings; we also have one for calling meetings, for just sitting in meetings (so that the students get represented better), for making sure we have supplies like toilet paper, for doing taxes, taking out mail (I’ve held that one uncontested many times), running chores, taking attendance, doing fire drills, taking care of the guinea pig... there’s a lot, and we hold elections in School meeting every other month. They take a while. 

And lastly, chores. Chores are cleaning tasks that get reassigned weekly by the chores clerks, assisted by staff (it’s a big job), who go by sign-ups and then if there are chores no one has signed up for, following a list in a pattern that also changes every week (in a meta pattern of its own so that we don’t have to keep coming up with more), to ensure that no one gets out of chores all the time just because their first initial is towards the end of the alphabet. If people are absent, substitutes are chosen from the list, starting with anyone who doesn’t have a chore. Staff only do chores on rare occasions. Who has what chore gets put up on two big boards, one for the upstairs and one for the downstairs. Then when chores happen, people do the chores they get and then write their names on a whiteboard, and the chores clerks sort of go over what they’ve done, and if they didn’t miss anything they get checked off. Pieces of the system have changed a lot since I first came to the school. Chore descriptions have been reshuffled a few times, and both sign-up and getting checked off used to be a free-for-all. 

*looks back at the five walls of text she’s written* I knew it. I knew this would happen. Sorry for making you read all that. I hope it made sense.

Wow, that sounds really cool! I’ve always wanted to go through some kind of ceremony like that, honestly, though maybe not all that comes with it. XD I think I have a better idea of what it’s supposed to mean now than I used to. I’m sure you’ll be amazing. What I will give you is a secret. I like little surprises, I don’t know if you know. Or if anyone knows, for that matter. Anyway, my birthday is March 23rd. I’d prefer not to say my exact age, but it’s in the teens, around Sea Glass’. I know, I know, xe doesn’t have an exact age either, but measuring age chronologically is pretty arbitrary anyway. Sometimes I think I look older than my years and act younger. Oh yeah, speaking of looks, your image of me is nearly spot-on! I don’t have green hazel eyes, but my mom does, and we both wear glasses. As I always say, I’m tall and thin with long hair and nails, and usually wear T-shirts and jeans, sneakers and hiking socks, my watch, my ace ring and a pendant. I have a lot of pendants. I prefer cool and neutral colors. I’m told I’m pretty, and while I don’t want to take that too close to heart, I think I’m pretty enough. And to be perfectly honest, I do sometimes see a resemblance in actresses and models, apart from that I don’t wear makeup or have any piercings. 

Jeez, another wall of text. I guess I’m getting used to it?

Huh. I didn’t think of that. Oh, but being a witch wouldn’t necessarily mean leading a double life; I think about it like Wicca, which is a modern magical practice that’s sort of like a religion or philosophy, but with more spells. A lot of it is very small stuff, just rituals that I imagine serves as a substitute for prayers. In D&D terms, it’s like arcane magic instead of divine magic. Aren’t miracles a sort of magic, after all?

Mexi says iaed! Aeneid? Oh, or Illiad?

Hey, I think a little something from your last post got transferred to the end of your newest one somehow? I seem to recall seeing it before, and it doesn’t really make sense where it is now. 

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Laylanie says otgo. I hope this thread otgoes to the top!

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*Appears suddenly and awkwardly*

Hello! So I was bored, and I started reading this thread, and found it fascinating, and kept reading this thread, and read through all of your walls of text (except the bit that had a Hunher Games spoiler, because I haven't yet gotten around to reading that).

I just wanted to say that: a) your RPing is amazing! b) you're so lucky to get so MANY Viola? picturings; c) Both of your names are beautiful; d) I also loved The Girl Who Could Fly; e) And the Grisha books; f) Your school sounds amazing, Viola?! g) I wish you luck with your Bat Mitzvah, Stardust, if it hadn't already happened, and a Mazel Tov if it has (mine is also coming up, but in a while; I got my portion today); h) I think I like lists too much!


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a) Thank you!

b) Yes, I got a bit carried away there.

c) Thanks!

d) Isn’t it great? Who are your favorite characters?

e) I’ll have to get back to you on that. 

f) It is.

h) They’re pretty useful, though. 

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I also kinda creepily read your whole thing about school because after I read a thing you wrote a while ago about the school vaccuum cleaner I was really curious about your school. It sounds really cool. I would love to be able to do all of those things at my school (like the court, and making rules, and... mostly the court) because I love the rare times at my school where kids get to be kinda like teachers (like when I was a director of a play for school last year and we got to have meetings about what kids we wanted to cast). Your school also sounds really cozy. I don't know if I would like such a small school, but maybe it's so small it doesn't feel bad.

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The va—oh yeah, Little Roaring Monster? I almost forgot about that. It’s been a while since I had Vacuuming. Anyway. Yeah, it is really cool. I feel very lucky to have found it, and to fit in it. Kids directing themselves is always interesting. I wonder what would happen, if more schools gave students the freedom to teach and guide each other to some degree? I’m sure you could talk to a teacher about doing a little something of that sort if you wanted. 

I never thought of it that way. What would “uncomfortably small” be for you? What about comfortably small?

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d) I don't exactly remember, because I read it a long time ago, but I think I liked the cricket. And the girl who could fly - you know, the main character.

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Ah yes, Sebastian and Piper. Cute ones, those two. 

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Aw, thanks both of you! I don't find it creepy at all (I even think Rogue Wilding was on here a while ago) but I feel honored that you just decided to read it because it was good, and you don't even know me. It seriously makes my day anytime anyone on here compliments me. Thanks for enduring the text walls. I think it's funny that this started out with us posting paragraphs about our AEs, and nothing about ourselves, and evolved to us posting a few sentances about our AEs, and text walls about ourselves. I think we really got to know each other better, which was cool. (Never mind about the Hunger Games spoiler... I'm glad I remembered to attach a spoiler warning).

a) Thank you again!

b) I know, right! :3 I almost feel a bit guilty on account of the pages and pages of people clamoring to get just one on her picturing thread... Oh well, I love them all so much. You got one too, on GaloWon's thread, right? We can revel in our luckiness together :)

c) Thank you, I spent a lot of time thinking about it.

d) That might've been one of the first good fantasy books I read, I'm glad I finally found some other people who agree with me. It was really cool for me.

e) Yes, I know, right!? I'm so exited for King of Scars, but also slightly apprehensive. Leigh Bardugo better not ruin my sassy prince boi.

f) It does to me, too. I'm jealous.

g) Thank you so much (for the third time this post... am I gushing? Sorry if it's getting redundant), it has not happened, although it will in a little over a month now (!!!) Mazel Tov and good luck to you too. How is your portion? Mine is the last one in Exodus, with Moses finishing the Tabernacle. A word of advice-- it comes slowly, and for me I never seemed to make any progress, but when you look back, you realize how far you've come. It is by all means overwhelming, but it is doable. Wow, that was a bit of a ramble. Oops!

h) Eh. You can't really go wrong with lists. 

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About the text walls: I know! I didn’t want to say anything for fear it would break the spell, but it’s incredible to me how that went. 

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I also love getting compliments!

b) Yes, I did get one, and it's wonderful. :)

e) Wait, and there's another one coming out? *Frantically Googles it* Ooh, that sound amazing! I was never a huge fan of the Darkling, though, so I hope this doesn't try to make us like him.

g) Oh! Good luck! My portion is one of the Moses-talking-to-the-Israelites portions, but it has some interesting stuff in it and I'm going to be talking about contradictions - kill all the Canaanites vs love the stranger as yourself. Thanks for the advice!

h) I love lists. They make me seem organized rather than just blabbing on and in about completely unrelated things. 

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