Ok, so we

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Ok, so we

Ok, so we are having a AE ball! Yay! Rules are simple
Let the romance and heartbreak begin *evil grin*

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I think Jwyn was just bottoming it to bring it back up again.

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Name: Samantha (Sam)
Age: Ageless
Outfit: A blue silk dress with a white ribbon, which has a blue fake flower attached, tied around it.

Apearence: She has bright blue hair in a pixie cut, and is often slouching. She's almost always wearing earbuds, too. 

Name: Night Vision (Night)

Age: Ageless
Outfit: A short black dress with cobalt blue stripes that's tight around her torso with a skirt that flares out. 
Apearence: She has short black and blue hair that falls in front of her eyes, which are dark blue. 

Name: Reese 

Age: Ageless
Outfit: She hates dressing up, but she's wearing a black dress with slits in the legs for ease of movement, and tall black boots. And, of course, her silver hoop earring. 
Apearence: She has spiky black hair and yellow eyes. She wears a silver hoop earring that helps her control her shape-shifting power. (Don't worry, she's not an OP shapeshifter, she can only turn into a cat. In cat form, she's a longhaired black cat with yellow eyes. She still wears the earring when she's in cat form.) 

I'm attaching a picture of Night and Sam in ball clothes. This is from before I created Reese, tho, so I'll try to remember to attach a pic of Reese's ball clothes later.  

AE ball 1.jpeg
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Will you be going with Ivy?

I don't know, I haven't seen her since we first met. 

Perhaps she left... 

Pfft. You're lucky, Celeste always comes back when she ghosts you.

It has not been so very long yet; perhaps there is still hope?

Well if she's not going to be here now I might as well stay home.

Oh--what about Max?

What about him?

Er, Viola? wanted you to see if you liked him.

I don't have to do what she wants.

Of course.


Um. *fidgets* I just thought... it might be nice? To him? 

*stares, considering* ...Why not. Hey, Max, do you want to go to the ball with me? 

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Oh, Oof. I didn’t see this before.
Max: *Blushes* YESSSS! I mean, um...yes.

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I almost forgot!

Hey! Shoo! No CBers allowed here! 

*runs away* Post your sheets!

Ugh, fine.

*crouching with hands on xyr head* Oh no, oh no, oh no.


I was going to ask Celeste.

So do it.

But I forgot!

But you still can! 

...o-okay... *stands, arms tightly crossed*

*puts a wing around SG's shoulders*

Celeste. W-will--would you like, that is, if you have the time, er, to... go to the ball? With me?

A'right, sheets.

Name: Nymph

Age: Who wants to know?

Outfit: A T-shirt dress and low boots.

Appearance: Average height, long dark hair and a few fins, but it'll probably change.

Name: Sea Glass

Age: Something-teen. Four to seven, most likely.

Outfit: A sleeveless, high-collared top with somewhat loose pants and sandals. Some quantity of bracelets.

Appearance: A little bit tall. Long, sandy hair, ocean-colored eyes. Soft, androgynous features, tan. 

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RESERVING! (Heh, probs didn’t need to do that XD.)
Raven: *blushes* uhhmmmm, H-Hugh...w-would you, uh, l-l-like to g-go w-with m-m-me?
Max: *blushes* Nymph? Umm, if you, Umm, want too, uh, would you, uhhmmm like to uh, go, maybe with, me-ish?
Silvern: *roles eyes*
(Sorry my bold/italics, welp, I can’t find them with this new iPad update *cries*)

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Cap would go, but... *Fingers the white Outcast Rune on chain*

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Yes, go, talk to people, make friends, be social!

You know that's not in my skill set.

You'll be fine.

Don't worry, I'll help you.

Name: Harper

Age: Around 15ish

Outfit: Short light green dress, gold earrings and necklace.

Appearance: Light blonde hair usually kept back by a black headband, grey-blue eyes, light skin, around average height.


Name: Ace

Age: 15-16ish

Outfit: Navy blue suit with a pastel yellow tie.

Appearance: Messy dirty-blond hair, ocean blue eyes, tan skin, kind of tall.


Name: Caribbean

Age: Somewhere around 15

Outfit: White blouse with a full length turquoise skirt, and a brown braided belt.

Appearance: Curly mocha-colored hair that reaches my shoulders, color-shifting eyes, tanned skin from being out in the sun, about average height.

Awesome, let's do this. 

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OK, we are in! 


Do I have to? Well, I could just...Yeah, I guess I'm in. 

Nope. Not me! Got to study! 

Elaine, you're coming. 


What to wear... 

Invade my closet. 


Name: Ann 

Age: #Æsareageless, but looks around 13-14. 

Outfit: Lavender-colored dress with loose sleeves, and goes just past knees. A delicate crown of lavender around head, and matching ballet flats. 

Appearance: Long blonde hair in a braid that goes to middle of her chest, and green eyes. Average height, and pale-ish skin. Slim, with a dainty build. 

Name: Brooke 

Age: Eh, somewhere between 12 and 13. 

Outfit: A midnight blue dress that is sprinkled with sparkles, almost like stars. Navy blue high-heels and a triple pearl necklace. 

Appearance: Long, wavy brown hair and blue eyes. Slim, tanned, and ALWAYS has black stud earrings. 

Not going. Nope. No thank you. 


Dream says hpyo. Hip Yo? What the heck....?  


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I still don't understand why you are making me do this.

Come on Logan! You are new! Meet new AE's!

But I was working o-


Uh o-okay

Name: Logan

Age: 15

Outfit: plain pale blue long dress down to my ankles, silver flats, and silver necklace.

Appearence: long wavy blonde hair, pale blue eyes, light skin, light freckles, slim.

Here ya go. *mutters* I hope Moonlight didn't ship me with anyone.


Oh dear 

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YEET we're coming.


Oh no



*Sage, what did I tell you? That coffee wasn't for you.*

YayayaYAYAY A BALL!!! 

Midnight, did Dewy have some too?

*... yes. I just had it because I needed to plan the coat drive and it was already late, and, well...*

*Whimpers* I just want to finish this poeeemmm


But I'll end up just like last time, sanding in the corner with a book! Please, Soren? 

Fine. Midnight, you still want to go?

*Yes. I could help the newer AEs. Maybe a guy will be willing to go with me...*

Name: Dewy

Age: 14 or 15
Outfit: a very long, flowy emerald green dress and no shoes.
Apearence: tall, very pretty, chocolate brown skin, eyes changing smoothly from sea blue to emerald green, knee-length curly emerald green hair with water lilies strung in curls, up in a bun for the ball.

Caspian!! Would you be my date?? *Bouncing exitedly*

Name: Midnight

Age: 16
Outfit: a Blazer and midnight blue tie
Apearence: very light brown skin, wavy black hair, voilet eyes, voilet star birthmarks under his right eye, getting smaller as they cascade right. Tall.

Are there any male AEs out there willing to go with another guy?

Name: Sage

Age: 12
Outfit:plain white T-shirt, ripped purple skirt, fishnet leggings.
Apearence: "5'5", fair skin, hazel eyes hiding behind black, catlike glasses, long dirty blonde hair in a french braid for the ball.


Could you at least calm down long enough to ask Pzun to the ball.

Fine. Pzun, go to the ball with me? 'Scuse me while I go find MORE COFFEE

I promise I won't let her within a mile of any caffeine. Ever. Again. Today is already a nightmare. 


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Hey, Celeste!

I saw. Ohmygoodness I saw, I saw, I saw! Xe just... oh my. Aaah.

Celeste. Come on. You're maybe freaking out a lot.

But I... but... oh wow. *twitches nervously*


Oh. Okay. Okay. Okay then. Okay.


I, er, I h-have time, that is, I-I would like, no, I would l-love, to erm, t-that is.... *inhale* Yes. Yes, Sea Glass. Yes, I would. Like, er, love to go to the ball. With you. I would love to go with you. Yes, yes, yes. *blushes*

*grins* *remembers that CBers aren't allowed* *dashes out*

Ah. Well. H-here's my sheet, I guess.

Name: Celeste

Age: Mid teens

Outfit: Soft top with long, trailing sleeves and an open back. Long earrings and dress bottoms.

Appearance: Hmm... warm brown eyes, dark ruler straight hair in a bessy bun. Slightly short.


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*blushes* Um. Uh. Th-thank you, see you there?

*rolls her eyes* *mutters to self* If Viola? were here she'd be on the floor squealing. 

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