I'm getting braces

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I'm getting braces

I'm getting braces on four days from now. I'm kind of worried about how much it will hurt. Could somebody please tell me wether they hurt or not? I'm also going to have 2 teeth pulled if I don't magicaly lose them in the next 2 days. Braces won't effect me playing my flute, I hope. Could someone reassure me that they aren't awful? 

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(December 31, 2018 - 10:09 am)

Hi ojie!

I'm not sure if you know me but I actually have braces and play fluteWink

Braces don't hurt too much but it definitly helps to take some pain medicine. I suggest taking it right before you get your braces on so that it will kick in in time. 

WHen you first get home/back to school from your appointment it will be a little sore...kind of like a bruise? Just drink lots of water and eat loads of ice cream and other cold stuff. WIthin about a day or two you will barely notice them and the only things you will be annoyed about is the absence of caramel popcorn in you life:(

I also had to get teeth pulled and I think that it just depends on how you get it done.  My sister was put under and then she woke up in pain. But I got teeth pulled without being put under and I was just sore and a bit swolen and numb.

Playing flute with braces isn't super hard. But I had to find my mouth position again. It may be different for you. 

Braces aren't torture, just annoying. I have a friend who actually looks better with braces than she did without ;)

That is my advice for you! Good luck and have a bowl of ice cream for me.


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Thanks. I play the flute too. It is nice to know that they won't hurt. How does it feel for them to be put on.

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(January 2, 2019 - 8:17 am)

Not painful, just uncomfortable

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I just had my teeth pulled. And I have sort of a temporary lisp, until my braces are put on. Horray. I look like I have fangs. 

Diagram of teeth

fang short tooth most over-bitey front teeth short tooth fang

normal bottom slightly slanted in

Nice isn't it?

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Actually , I’m just getting mine off today! As much as I can remember, gettin braces on was easy. It hardly hurt at all! They just check the position of your teeth and put em on! Usually not the same day tho. It was a little nerve racking at first, but after I saw what was going on I was fine. These orthodontists are pros and have put braces on kids a million times. They know how not to make it hurt.

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Hi, ojie!

I have braces and I also play the flute, so don't worry about them affecting your playing. It feels a little wierd at first then it goes back to normal. The actual braces don't hurt as much as you'd think. The first couple days it does hurt and is pretty sore but after a few days you hardly remember that they're there. So don't worry about them!

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Hey ojie! I've had braces for 2 1/2 years and they're actually not that big a deal. Your first few days with braces won't be fun - that's when they hurt. Stock up on yogurt and anything else that you don't have to chew. And take painkillers! Tylenol works really well for me. 

Once your teeth adjust to the braces, which usually only takes about 3 days, you'll forget they're there. There are some restrictions that your orthodontist will tell you about, but I, uh, don't listen. >.> And I do fine! So no worries there. The only other times your teeth will hurt is when you have a major change in your braces - they replace a bracket, for example (and in that case only the tooth with the replaced bracket will hurt), or you get rubber bands on (TAKE THEM OUT TO EAT FOR THE FIRST THREE DAYS. Trust me. I learned that the hard way). They're really no problem at all!

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I've never had braces and the dentist said I'll never have to, so unfortunately, I can't sympathize. However, I will be praying for you, ojie!

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Thanks all of you. I really like most of your advice. One more day until braces on.

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(January 3, 2019 - 8:44 am)

I have braces and they really almost never hurt, except that like someone said, sometimes it feels like a bruise after I get them tightened. If you've ever read Smile, don't worry, IT IS NOT LIKE THAT. At least, it wasn't for me. It usually doesn't hurt right after tightening, and it never really hurts that much. Braces are definitely not awful, just kinda annoying when they get food stuck in them.

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My mom only said it hurt when she bit down on her saxophone after tightening that they hurt. Horray for me choosing a non reeded instrument!

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Todays the day. I'm really worried. We don't have ice cream in the house so my mom's offered to make pudding. There are really crunchy breads that I like and I really don't want to give them up. Wish me luck.

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I got the top ones on, the bottoms are on in March. They are achey. Thank you very much, for I would have been very worried. I wasn't really worried. I got metal braces with grey ties (not neck ties). Also my orthodontist gave me a coupon for a frosen yogert place. It feels really weird and I keep on remarking to my family on how weird it is. I'm getting to have jello and don't have to eat any extra lunch. Thanks. 

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Once you get used to the braces you can eat crunchy bread again if you're careful. I also love crunchy bread.

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