Random Thoughts/Things?

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Random Thoughts/Things?

Random Thoughts/Things?

I wasn’t really sure what to call this thread, but I’ve had this idea floating around in my head for awhile now. Basically, anyone can post anything here. Any random thought you have, any random thing that happens to you, any random question that pops into your mind. Have fun, and don’t be afraid to be random. 

submitted by Leeli
(January 11, 2019 - 8:20 am)

Your post just summed up my whole life, basically. 

submitted by Vyolette
(January 16, 2019 - 1:36 pm)

Yes entirely the same. I used to be able to wear boys cargo pants, but now they rub and don't feel good. But I have really nice cargo pants although they are thiner than I'd like them to be. 

submitted by ojie, age 151095, somewhere to knowhere
(January 16, 2019 - 3:39 pm)

Fake pockets. 

Why??????? Just why??

Decorative, maybe, but why can’t they be functional?

Or fake sweatpants/sweatshirt ties? I mean, really? 

submitted by Jwyn, age 14, The Realm of Creativity
(January 16, 2019 - 10:58 pm)

yah whyy

submitted by Aquamarine, age XI, In the Clouds
(February 27, 2019 - 1:19 pm)

We want pockets! We want pockets! I want to stash candy in my pockets! POCKETS!!!! :D

submitted by Rainbow!, age 11, Pyrrhia
(September 22, 2021 - 10:47 am)

I agree. But you should try to compromise with the Lizardmen, maybe they only want people to pay attention to them.

or maybe they're just evil lizardmen.

i don't  know

All i know is i love lizards and am at least part lizard.. or i dont because after all the only thing you can truly know is that you cant truly know anything.

my cat's on my bed right now and she's really cute like always... except she isn't super cute when she attacks me for no reason.


submitted by Lizardo The Great, age Eternal, The middle of nowhere
(September 5, 2020 - 1:42 pm)

It would be nice if all surfaces of furniture were wireless charging pads. Then any device with wireless charging could be charged just by putting it down. Convenient. 



submitted by coyotedomino, age 15, Lost
(January 16, 2019 - 1:59 pm)

Oh..... WOW. That smell is... pungent, to say the least. *plugs nose* 

submitted by Vyolette
(January 16, 2019 - 6:11 pm)

I wanna learn how to do a cartwheel. 

submitted by coyotedomino , age 15, On a Unicorn
(January 16, 2019 - 8:54 pm)

YouTube comments sections make me feel so irrelevant. Who cares what I say?

submitted by coyotedomino, age 15, Lost
(January 17, 2019 - 3:21 am)

We do!

submitted by Marigold, The State of Mind
(January 17, 2019 - 2:13 pm)

What do you think is your most prominent physical feature?

Mine is my height or the dark circles under my eyes.

submitted by Marigold, The State of Mind
(January 17, 2019 - 2:12 pm)

Probably my blue eyes and my (very large) hair. XD

submitted by Alizarine
(January 17, 2019 - 5:28 pm)

My eyes are bluish greenish grayish silverish goldish

submitted by Vanilla Mocha, age meh, Silver Mount
(January 17, 2019 - 7:31 pm)

Probably my hair, honestly. It’s really long and it seems to be the first thing people notice about me.

<nnce> Yeah, I do think it’s pretty nice hair. 

submitted by Leeli
(January 17, 2019 - 10:40 pm)