AE Chat Thread!

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AE Chat Thread!

AE Chat Thread!

Welcome, everyone, new and old, to the AE chat thread!

I’m Cloud!

I’m Pzun!

The rules are:

Introduce yourself!

Be nice!

No CBers!


Hey! I thought we were letting CAPTCHAS in!

Or annoying little brothers!

Stop being mean!

Stop ruining our introduction, then.

...okay, fine.

CAPTCHAS can come!

We have a basic party room, with music, food, and some board games and cushions in the corner-

But then there’s a door, that can take you to anywhere you want and add on rooms of your own design!

Plus if you turn left into the doorframe, you can get to our house.

Let’s chat!

...god, that took so much rehearsing. Hi guys.


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Hey everyone! I'm -
Wait. Is that Cloud?

That's Cloud.

. . . You can go first, Feather.


Cú said I could!


You always go first!



Hello all, my name is Feather, and -


I'm your resident grammar consultant and dictionary memorizer -


with a side of karate!


I couldn't understand a thing you two just said!


Bad idea. 

Okay. My turn? Take two, let's go. Hey everyone! My name is Cú Chulainn, but you can call me Cú. I like violin and hurling, and I'm always up for a chat!

Also, hi Cloud.

Are you blushing?

No! Absolutely not! Never.

You're totally blushing.

You should get your eyes checked. The color of my hair must be blurring into my cheeks.


You shut up! 

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I would have come by force if you hadn't allowed me in. Wise choice. A small announcement - ... - no, not yet. Nevermind.

WAIT one last thing.


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#Oh! Hello! Hi! What are we gonna talk about about, huh?


How about CINNAMON ROLLS????????!!!!!!# 


*sighs* I'm Emerald Frost and my.........uh............friend is Beverly. 

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*sees thread* *grins* YO, SAGE!

What do you WANT of me, you uncultered swine? I am playing BATTLEFRONT!!


What do you mean, 'my boyfr'- OH. HEY PZUN!!

*Rolls eyes* Took you long enough...

I, uh. Should I start introductions, then?

Fire away.

O-okay. *coughs* Hi, my name is Dewdrop- but please call me Dewy. I represent Soren infinity's soul, essentially. The way she's musical and tried to really, actually appretiate how much she has but knows that her brain still can't comprehend it- cool right? I- I mean, I think so. *shuffles* I also mirror her self-consiousness-

Yes, we see, honey-


Guys! *Waves arms* Be- like, civilized, alright? So, back to where I was. Um. I try to help people, but i don't know how helpful I ever really am, and I like nature. So. That's me.

My turn. Whoopee. *Crosses arms* I'm Levana, Soren's mature, smart, organized, soulful side. I'm introverted, level-headed, poetic, sacrastic, and I like to keep to myself. Don' bother me while I'm reading, it won't end up too great.

I am Sage, the most funnest, bestest AE of us-

To. much. Improper. grammar.

Nice. anyways, I'm pretty funny, kick-butt, and-

Yeah, I'll take it from here. Sage is Soren's non-sensical side, and the person she is around her friends. Sage is random, strange, extroverted, loud, and a tomboy. She is very difficult to live with, I assure you.

...And I am the hottest chick in the AE yeetingferretgoat-iverse.

Yes, your large glasses and baggy hoodie are especially flattering.

*moans slightly* I'm sorry about their bickering, they're just so unalike... *pushes submit* *doesn't push hard enough* *stresses* *presses it again* *works* 


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Hi! Look, I know that CBers aren't allowed, but I just wanted to say that these two are new and this is their first time posting! (Awww...) I'll probably make them an introduction thread... we'll see.

Hello. My name is Gale. I like to correct your grammar.

Nooo, you don't. I can make mistakes as fastly as I want and you don't care!!

Breeze, shut up this second!

*buries head in arms*

Alright, guess I'll introduce Breeze for her. She's very impulsive and dumb and emotional.

Hey! I'm not impulsive or dumb or... actually, I guess I am... no, I'm not... yes, I am.

Breeze, please stop. You're bothering me.

Well, YOUR bothering ME!

*Slaps Breeze* Don't EVER say your instead of you're AGAIN!

(that was stupid) 


Nothing... *runs off to corner and cries alone* 

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Cloud straightened up from the beanbag chairs, blushing. Oh, hi!

Sage! I haven't seen you, in, like, forever! What's up!


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*waves hand in a 'get on with it' gesture'* I suppose I have to say hello. *smiles* It's been awhile, hasn't it? I'm Elsa Chang. As you can see, I am yea tall, have blond hair, blue eyes, a white cat's tail and ears. *purrs* I like wearing pale pinks and blues. Diovald isn't here yet, is he? By the way, we used to have Blizzard. But he isn't ... around anymore. Hasn't been for a long time, I'm afraid, but I thought I should mention that.

Baahhhh, that's unimportant. The stuffed shirt needs to introduce himself, and then we can have fun!! It's been so long since I've StReTcHeD my legs! Also, who's Blizzard?

*sighs* I suppose it's expected that I say hello. Yes, I'm Thorn, and yes, I'm the hulking red dragon in the corner. I'd rather not talk. I'd like to go back now, and quit with all the hyperactive AEs. 

You could at least try to be nice, Thorn. This opportunity only comes once every four years.  

And I don't care.

Oh, dear.

There, enough formalities! Thorn, can't you lend me your voiiiice, and not your ears?

*sighs* No. I don't want to go through that silly stunt again.

But it's fun to dress up as Batma'am! I can't make my voice deep enough. *flutters eyelashes with a grin*

I said no. Go away.

(He's a stuffed shirt.)

And you don't know what logic is.

*stamps foot and pulls face* 

I'm going to ask Sloth to enter the CAPTCHA before you destroy anything, Pinkie.

*grabs pie* THIS MEANS WAR

Oh, dear.


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*hello everyone.*


*exp?odd. Anyway, I'm here with Frank. I'll just-(sits in beanbag chair and grabs bag of gummy worms)be here.*

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*oh sorry, I should introduce myself. I'm Ssmmy Witch, local conjurer and wish granter, and this-*


*-is Frank. He said Nazr, according to autocorrect.*

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Heyyyy guys! I'm Arwen. This is so EXCITING! People I haven't seen in so long! ---

Save your excitement for after we introduce ourselves--also, you are SO hoping that Zeon's going to show up.

Well. Why not?

Both of you calm down. *waves slightly shyly* Hello everyone, I'm Serene. I'm very happy to see old faces.

I'm Jarnen.

*Yayy! CAPT-CHAS cann come--wait, whyy were youu nott goin tooo allw them innn? I'mmm OFFE-NDED. *huffs and crunches violently on a KitKat* *

So yeah. I am hoping that Zeon will come. But, in the meantime, HI! Omigosh Pinkie PIEper! Elsa! Thorn! I've missed you all so much--and I feel like we didn't get a chance to get to know each other very well, before you left, but I feel like I know you guys anyway! *elated group tackle hug*

*sticks hands in trench coat pockets* *secretly rummages for what he might have in them* *stealthily inches away, considering possible usages for his prank items, which must be pretty rusted/moldy/broken by now*

*walks away to sit in a corner and be joyfully happy as she observes the chat thread* 



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'What's up'? Well... *Looks up* it appears that the sky is up. *Smirks* how've ya been?

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This thread almost made me cry. 

Awww, Silver.

No time for tears! There's a party happening!

Is Wren coming?

*Sighs* Hello everyone, my name is Lock Kyar. I'm Silver's most level headed AE. I enjoy books, horses and calmness and I recently took up meditation. I look forward to getting to know everyone.

Yeah, Silver is really bad at socializing us. We didn't even come into existence until...well I don't remember when. Never mind that though. HEY! I'm Key, Silver's most MAGNIFICENT AE. I enjoy all sorts of movement and noise and people. I'm a girl, by the way (the other two are annoying boys) and Storm's twin. I also recently had a mental breakdown on the last AE ball thread, but we aren't going to talk about that.

Hi! I'm Storm, Silver's do I describe myself?




*Grins* That would be accurate. Anyways, I'm Key's twin and I'm looking forward to, ya know, hanging out.

Unless of course Wren is here, then he will be completely absorbed and won't notice anything except her. 

IS Wren coming? 

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Puck: Whoah, whoah, whoah. We are NOT leting this thread die yet!!! Not when the party hasn't even started!!!!

Ariel: Yeah, because we just GOT here!! And Valentine's day isn't even over yet. 

Diovald: Agreed. 

Galahad: edaw. 

Puck: Yeah, whatever Galahad said. ANYWAYS, the party hasn't even started-at least, not until WE'RE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Ariel: *laughs a hearty laugh for the first time in years* 

Diovald: We'll introduce ourselves later, to both older AEs AND newer AEs. All you need to know for the moment is that we are Joan B. of Arc's AEs (and one CAPTCHA.) Right now though, we need to get this thread to the TOP. So, top top top top top!!!! 

Ariel: Hey Diovald, I think I see Elsa.... and Puck, I spy Dev.... 

Puck: *squeaks*

Diovald: *blushes* *shapeshifts into a mouse* 

Ariel: *laughs* Goodnesss sakes, it's SO good to be here!!! 

Anyways, like we said, we'll introduce ourselves a little more later. :) 

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