I'm a teenager!!!!!!!

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I'm a teenager!!!!!!!

I'm a teenager!!!!!!! yeehaw


ok that's all i have to say sorry about interupting the dte section :)) 

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(March 11, 2019 - 6:49 am)

Is this another impersonator? if it is-- pls stop impersonating Gracia If it isnt, sorry, but im pretty sure theres only one Gracia on here. Thx and sorry if i made a mistake :)

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(March 11, 2019 - 11:48 am)
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(March 11, 2019 - 11:53 am)
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(March 11, 2019 - 2:12 pm)

Gyus, she said she'd pop in and out of here, I think this is the real Gracia. I mean, why would someone impersonate her just to say it's her birthday? The last time someone 'impersonated' Gracia it was to compliment Soren on her writing in her ski lodge. I think it's okay, guys. Chill.

Happy birthday Gracia! Welcome to teenagerhood, the era of insecurity and questions. JK there are a lot of perks too. :)

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(March 11, 2019 - 2:16 pm)

yifugewhoil guys thanks for your concern but it's really me haha :)

I promise lol

I'm sorta coming back :))) IM NOT AN IMPERSONATOR I SWEAR 

submitted by Gracia
(March 11, 2019 - 2:22 pm)

Huh?? This isn’t just Gracia saying she turned 13?? Do you guys know her or something and she’s not???

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(March 11, 2019 - 3:06 pm)

I have a bad gut feeling this is an impersonator. I could always be wrong, but I seem to remember Gracia’s writing style being vastly different. 

submitted by Leeli
(March 11, 2019 - 4:25 pm)

Happy birthday! And don't you dare apologize for "interrupting"! You know you're welcome whenever, and you're certainly not interrupting anything. *hugs* :)

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(March 11, 2019 - 5:23 pm)

I really think this is an impersonator. I mean, Gracia's writing style was really different like Leeli said, so...

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(March 11, 2019 - 6:10 pm)

Yeah, this looks fishy, as do all of the other comments made by 'gracia'. For one, she uses proper capitalization.

submitted by Soren Infinity, age 27 eons, BeaconTown
(March 11, 2019 - 6:14 pm)

Hey, guys, this doesn't sound a bit like Gracia, she never posted with uncapitalized letters and never sounded like this. Someone's already impersonated her before and honestly, if Gracia were coming back I think she would have said something more than this. Really. Does this thread sound like her at all? I'm 100% sure it's not Gracia. I think an impersonator is trying to get attention, so maybe let's just not make a fuss about this thread and maybe the Admins could delete it soon? 

*Gracia didn't use large numbers of smiley faces, for one thing.

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(March 11, 2019 - 6:59 pm)

I agree. She also used proper punctuation, and the ‘I’M NOT AN IMPERSONATOR I PROMISE’ is really suspicious. I’ve seen a couple posts by ‘Gracia’ on other threads, and they sounded nothing like her either, so I’ve had a hunch that something was going on. 

submitted by Leeli
(March 11, 2019 - 8:50 pm)

I didn't really know Gracia before she sort of left, but . . . . . . 

I don't like the look of this. 

I really don't. 

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(March 11, 2019 - 9:51 pm)
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(March 12, 2019 - 7:39 am)

Gracia's been using lapslock as of late instead of "proper punctuation", which is why you all may be confused. But she's just changed her writing style, is all. 

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(March 12, 2019 - 7:40 am)