Journal Entry #1,

Chatterbox: Down to Earth

Journal Entry #1,

Journal Entry #1, Hawaii

I was sitting there, on a deserted stretch of beach, soaking in the sunshine. As I closed my eyes, something brushed against me. I jumped back in surprise, my eyes snapping open. Nothing. There was nothing there. I whirled around and just barely caught a glimpse of something... I couldn't figure it out. It seemed to be lilac and turquoise and silver and rose and sky, all together, but... there was only one color, I was sure of it... I shook my head. I was imagining things. All those years wishing for magic had made my mind be so deperate it made things up. I settled back down, ignoring the feeling that I was being watched. 

Journal Entry #2, Hawaii

Last night, I decided to go out onto the patio. It was a full moon, and there wasn't much pollution nearby, so its light was bright and silvery. As I gazed at it, I saw something out of the corner of my vision... the same thing I had seen before!! As I leapt up, I heard it gasp, as though frightened to be found, and then it... disappeared. I decided to try and figure it out. I examined the air at every angle... Huh. It disappeared right where the moon's pool of light seemed to cut off. THAT is strange...

Journal Entry #3, Hawaii

It was my last day here, and I thought I'd go swimming in that lovely turquoise water. As I dived and flipped, I saw the strange creature again. This time though, in the water, she seemed much more... solid. I swam up behind her, and she turned around. I gasped - she was a MERMAID! A child mermaid, but a mermaid all the same.


So... yeah. I (FINALLY!!!!) have an AE. She represents the part of me that glides and leaps around, and acts all elegant, as if she's in a movie where she's a fairy/princess. She's only visible where she can swim, which is in water, sunlight, and moonlight. Her name is Azalea.


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Um.... Hiya! I'm uh... Étoile. And... Welcome to the CB, Azalea..*mutters* did I say that right? *blushes* er.....hi? 

Sorry bout her, she's SHY! I'm not though! I'm Miza and I'm amazing! And awesome! 

*whispers* And a little self-obsessed. 

Uh...I heard that! So, um don't be a hater! Anyway welcome! To the Chatterbox! 

Nice to meet you, Azalea. 

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Hello, Azalea! Welcome to the CB! This is Gale *pushes her forward* Hello, Azalea. I am not a huge fan of mermaids, but it's possible you'll be better than most. Um, thanks, I guess? And here's Breeze. Hi, Azalea! I'm Breeze, and I'm much kinder than Gale. I'm glad to have you here! I've always loved mermaids... 

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Hello. It's a pleasure to meet you all - even you, Gale. I sincerely hope to surpass all your expectations at being better than most mermaids. I must say, I apologize that I never responded or commented again on my own introduction thread. Twirlgirl can be a bit... erm... absentminded. *Shouts over shoulder* "It's true, and you know it!" Anyhow, lovely to meet you all. I'm going to take a quick swim. Oh, and if any of you are wondering my name is pronounced: Uh-zAl-lee-uh. (Emphasis on the A, please!)


Oh, hush Velia! 

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