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It's been a whole, incredible year with all of you wonderful people PLUS ME! I'm so glad I came here!

Okay, so promised you guys that I'd introduce my new AEs on the 31st. So here they are. One may shock you, but I don't care.

NAME: Nihil Etomnia

GENDER: Female 

PERCEIVED AGE: 15-17 ish. Hard to tell.

APPEARENCE: Humanish form: Completely black eyes that only reflect the light of the moon and stars, very fair skin, brown hair dyed black. Four huge, black, draconic wings and a few black spines in her hair. Average height, clothes are always casual, no matter the occasion. Resting face seems angry, sad, or slightly insane, but she's just trying to think. Smile is very cute, some might say beautiful.
Undershade form: A wolf that's ten feet tall at the shoulder, with four, huge, black, draconic wings and large spikes shifting/stabbing in and out of the fur on her neck. When she's happy, these spikes vibrate, and when she's angry, they stab faster, and... You know what? I'll make a chart.

PERSONALITY: Introverted, cold, judgemental, defensive, indifferent until provoked. Provoking Nihil is fairly difficult, but her wrath is icy and cruel, but thank the Lord it doesn't last too long. Unfortunately, it's a fair bout. Hypercometetive, and loves a good fight, but somehow isn't that pugnacious. Secretly insecure and has 'put up walls'.

POWERS: Anything concerning shadows and destruction. Loves to use her powers, but doesn't know the full extent of them.

OTHER: Open to shipping, but only with the AE of the most diligent CBers and will break up if she's not comfortable in the situation.


NAME: Lux Ettenebris


PERCEIVED AGE: 15-17 ish. Hard to tell.

APPEARENCE: Humanish form: Sandy brown hair, slightly tanned skin and freckles, innocently wide, completely white eyes that only reflect the light of the sun, huge, white, draconic wings. Usually wears jeans and a white hoodie, but will dress up in a white tux if it's a very formal occasion, like a ball or something.
Undershade form: A white Undershade Canine, see Nihil's Undershade form for the details.

PERSONALITY: Kind, friendly, relaxed, carefree, basically the opposite of his sister, except they're both introverted. Kinda... Lazy.

POWERS: Anything concerning light and some creation powers, but literally never uses them for much useful.

OTHER: See Nihil's 'Other'.

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First of all, happy CBversary!!! Also, both you guys seem awesome! I hope we can be friends! Right, Jericho?


Wow, very insightful, Jericho!  


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Happy CBversary, Rogue! *Bear hugs* It's been great having you here!

Oh, your Æs are very cool. Okay, I have a complete lack of shock right now, probably due to my lack of knowledge about other people's current Æs--so remind me, Nihil was your CAPTCHA, right? Alright, well she makes a really cool Æ.

My alter egos are going to make an appearance for once to say hi.

Hey, guys, nice to meet you. I'm Arwen! My fellow Æs and I haven't been around much, but hopefully that's going to change soon. You two sound so interesting, I'd love to get to know you!

Hello, I'm Jarnen. In this case, what Arwen said, I think, and Lux! I love hoodies too. And tuxes, sometimes. I hope you enjoy being on the Chatterbox.

Hi, my name is Serene. I'm glad to meet you both! I'm not sure if we have anything in common but then, I am still figuring myself out too so who knows. I'm sorry, I'm not much good at talking to people.... 

Hazel: *graw* 

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Oh yeah. Nihil speaks in Italics, Lux speaks in bold. Say hi guys!

*Sizes everyone up*

Oh, don't mind Nihil. She's only deducing all of your weaknesses, she probably won't exploit them... I think. ANYWAY. Nice to meet you guys! *To Nihil* At least wave or something*

Fine. *Waves nonchalantly* 


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The funny thing is I made this post last night, but it didn't show up until this morning. XP

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Happy CBversary, Rogue! *hugs* It's so awesome to have you here!

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Yeah... my AEs are sorta MIA, but Happy CBversary!!! I can't believe it's been a year already!

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Happy CBversary, Rogue! You're an amazing CBer and we're really lucky to have you here.

And welcome, Nihil and Lux! Hm, Nihil sounds a lot like Gale. Speaking of which, Gale, say hi!

Hello. Goodbye.

Hi guys! Sorry about Gale. She's kinda mean and doesn't like to be polite or anything.

Kind of. Not kinda.

If I had a dollar for every time I cared, I would have zero dollars.

*ducks around wild AEs and whispers* Rogue, might you be interested in shipping Nihil and Gale? I mean, if you're okay with same-sex pairings and such. None of my AEs have ever been in relationships, so I was thinking it might be about time. Oh, and it might also be about time for me to make an introduction thread for them. Yeah, I suppose I'll do that now. Thanks for the reminder! *laughs and runs off to do so*

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Yeah, sorry, both AEs are straight, probably should have mentioned that... Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Nah, that's okay!

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Yay Rogue! It's hard to believe you've been here a whole year. (Hey, that kind of rhymed!) *Throws confetti [I know I spelled it right this time]*

Welcome, New Nihil and Lux!  

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HI!!!! I'm WILD CARD, can we be friends pleeeaaaasssseeee

Hello New Nihil and Lux, I am Enigma, Fleet's other AE. 

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Oh, you guys seem nice. Note to self, Wild Card is... Wild. 

You don't say. *Unemotional as usual* 

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Sad terrible gloomy CBerversary.

Don't pay any attention to Maediae... Happy CBerversary!

HAPPY CbERveRSAraY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*attempts to speak*

Stella can't speak right now, but she also wishes you a happy CBerversary, Rouge!

Where's Aqua-o?

Stop adding an "o" to the end of everyone's name. DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW ANNOYING YOU CAN BE!!!!!!!!

OK OK Ella...............o



*I arrive*

Woah, woah, guys CALM DOWN. Sorry for that Rouge. Happy CBerversary!


Yep. Secret Agent Bella doing the super secret-mph!

*puts hand on Bella's mouth* I'll do it, Aqua.

Got it.

SmileHAPPY CBERVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Yay! Happy CBversary Rogue!! I love the Latin meanings of your AEs!

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Happy CBversary, Rogue! I remember when I first met you on Kyngdom...Wow, that felt like just last month. Those were the days, huh. Time sure does fly.

Well, I've enjoyed getting to know you over the past year, and I hope to get to know you better in the years to come! Happy CB/Kyngdom-versary!

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