Hello fellow Chatterboxer

Chatterbox: Down to Earth

Hello fellow Chatterboxer

Hello fellow Chatterboxers! I'm here with my first AE - Angel!

Name: Angel

Age: 9

Gender: Male

Appearance: Small. He has black hair, with a streak of brown through it. Looks like Jungkook’s hair. Cute li’l elfin pointed ears. Nimble and tiny hands and feet. Huge and wide puppy blue eyes, with tints of gray. Huge white angel wings.

Clothing: White button up shirt. It’s a little loose on him, because everything he likes is one or two sizes too big for him, unless they’re specially tailored. Light blue knitted vest. Light blue capris. White knee-high socks. Little white fur boots.

Accessories: A huge white bowtie. A light blue fedora. He has a light blue leather backpack with huge straps that are able to fit around his wings.

Personality: Angel is cute, kind, and mischievous. He won’t stop to help somebody in need, and is empathetic. He always can provide the best emotional support to anyone. However, Angel has little splashes of mischief now and then, and sometimes does things just out of curiosity or wishful thinking. He loves to see people laugh, and is happy and optimistic himself. When he meets people he doesn’t trust, Angel puts on a cute and stubborn facade. He’s a really fast runner, he eats a lot, and he’s good at cheering others up.

Fears: The dark, dead bodies, drowning, cockroaches, being alone.


Also, I have a new CAPTCHA - Kimi! Kimi says FODZ. Hello Kimi, do you want food? 

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(April 7, 2019 - 12:23 pm)

Welcome, SeagullStudios! Nihil, Lux, say hi.

How about no.

Hey SeagullStudios, welcome to the CB. That's short for ChatterBox. I'm Lux. *Smiles gently* 'Sup Angel. Nice bowtie. Bowties are cool. 

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(April 7, 2019 - 2:48 pm)

Thank you!

Oi, Seagull, you said I could speak!

Oh, yeah!

Hoi Lux! Hoi Nihil! Pleased to meet you, bonjour! 

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Welcome SeagullStudios! Hi Angel! I’m June, a descriptive author and energetic artist. Mostly just the resident weirdo though, :)

H-Hello, I’m Raven..It’s nice to meet you. *smiles somewhat shyly*

Hey, I’m Max, it’s nice to meet you! 


Silvern...come on say hi.

*sighs* If you insist, though I think they have been greeted quite enough. 


Greetings and Salutations SeagullStudios and Angel. It has been a pleasure to make you’re acquaintance. *rolls their eyes after receiving a glare from June* Really. *June mumbles something and Silvern responds* Well, I’m sorry if I can’t quite sound sincere..I’m not a very good liar, which most people would find comforting. Now, if you wouldn’t mind -though I believe I’ll do what I want either way- I must be off. *turn and leaves without so much as a sideways glance.* 

umm..sorry, Silvern isn’t usually so...that. 

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(April 10, 2019 - 12:28 pm)