Hi everyone! I'm

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Hi everyone! I'm

Hi everyone! I'm Winterblue and I'm new to the Chatterbox. I like to read, especially Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. I also like to write, run track, and play the clarinet.

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(April 14, 2019 - 7:13 pm)

Hi, Winterblue and welcome to the CB! I also like to read and I love Harry Potter and Percy Jackson! I also enjoy reading and drawing! If you have any questions about the CB, I'd be happy to answer them. There's an Ultimate Guide around here somewhere so if anyone has the link to it that would be great! Anyway welcome! I hope to see you around this glorious place'  

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Top this!

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Salutations, newcomer.


To translate, your cousin.


Bring me the horizon. I'm familiar.


((Zeke is it ok if I kidnap them and make them a fren?

((No Andrea it is NOT okay. 


Anyway, happy kinda-birthday! I'm Ella Starburst, creator of Floof Industries!

YAY! I'm Andrea by the way!

Eziekiel Owat.

No one can spell it.

I'm Sammy Witch, Andrea's CAPTCHAE.The two CAPTCHAs there are Ted and Frank the Runny-nosed dog.

We hope you enjoy your time here!

HEre are some links for some places to start!

ANd they're not all ours so it's not technically self-promotion! 

Here is a cool Art posting thread:


Here is a post about MOOSIC!


And here is a ski lodge for HARRY POTTER! HEARD YA LIKE THAT?!


and OwO what are these? 





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Hi Winterblue! Welcome to the CB!
I'm Dandelion and I also love to read and write. Percy Jackson is great!
I enjoy photography, animals, science, and being outside.

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Hello! These are my AEs, Nihil Etomnia and Lux Ettenebris. Guys, say hi.

'Sup. I am the aforementioned Lux. A pleasure to meet you.

I genuinely could not care less.

Yep. That's Lux and Nihil. Don't bother about Nihil. That's just kinda... How she is. It'd be an incredible act of courage to try to get to know her. 

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