CBversary!!! *confetti (o

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CBversary!!! *confetti (o

CBversary!!! *confetti (one 'i') explodes out of nowhere* (Sage, where did you find that confetti?)

Whoa! It's been a whole year! This feels so strange- I feel like I've been a CBer for forever but also no time at all (I guess I should stop thinking of myself as a newbie, XD)

For those who have been joining recently, hi! I'm Soren, author and leader of the Witch Slayers (long story). I love Captain America, the Unwanteds series, Harry Potter, and the How to Train your Dragon movies. I also write very oof-worthy poems.

This place and all of the people in it have done so many things for me. Y'all have really motivated me, lifted me up, and helped me survive the first year of junior high. My writing has improved so much because of you guys. Thank you! ^^

To celebrate, I'm going to first thank everyone I can think of! Thank you, Leafpool, Blue Moon, Bluebird, Leeli, Agent Winter, Viola?, Vyolette, Stardust, Rogue Wilding, Ella Starburst, Alizarine, Gracia, SpiffJith, Aquamarine, The Girl Next Door, Marigold, Coraline, Abigail, Zeus, Darkking, Ty, cyotedomino, Jwyn, Kitten, Twilgirl, St. Owl, Rose bud, Fidelity, Starseeker, Horse Spirit Girl, Kate the Great, Pooki P., Tuxedo Kitten, Esile, Impunity Jane, Element Girl, Artimerrx, HoodedMidnight, MJ, General Waffleson, September, Autumn Artist, Dandelion, Claaws, Catsclaw, Alta, June, Neko, Chinchilla, Fleet, The Artistic Mistfit, Glam Panda, Annabeth C., Moolight, Moonfrost, Micearenice, Cho Chang, Icy, Sybill, The Second Voice, Bubblegum, Quill, Spell Caster, Isabel R, Sorelshine, Clouded Leopard, AppleJaguar, Barnswallow, Quirker, Aspen, S. Clockwork, Evergreen, icarus, MountainSpirit, Summer, Secret, Krestrel, NatureWriter, The Artistic Misfit, Theater Girl, Random Person, The Riddler, Tafnix, Lilypad, and CookieTwinkies. Please tell me if I forgot you, this was a lot of scattered typing!

If all goes well, I'll be making many more CBversary threads in the future. I really don't remember what I ever did without you guys. <3 Ooh, you can ask me questions! I'll try my best to answer.



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*patpatpatpatpatpatpat* *patting noise increases in pace and volume* *suddenly appears on the horizon running at top speed towards you* *tacklehug* HAPPY CBVERSERY!!!!!!!!!

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Ted she's NOT NEW, she's been here for a WHOLE YEAR! Honestly, you've really made your mark on the CB. I thought you were here as long as Rogue, not only a YEAR!!
Comes as a surprise to all of us.


*/geez Andrea, git away from her. What do you have to say, snarky chid?


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Oooooh this must be Bday season cuz a lot of people are joining right now1


Have some lemonade!

And thank you!

And yay!


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Happy CBversary Soren!! *ducks away to avoid being covered in confetti*

Want some cookies?

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(May 7, 2019 - 6:09 pm)

Happy CBversary Soren!

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HA! YOU HAVE REACHED YOUR FIRST YEAR! CONGRADULATIONS! *Whips out polearm* Gracia, if you're here, would you mind starting a commemorative *Throws hay* Thread?

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(May 8, 2019 - 1:34 pm)

Happy CBversary, Soren! *cupcakes, lots of cupcakes* To many, many more! *hugs*

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(May 8, 2019 - 2:49 pm)


*buys one ticket for Endgame*

*Hands to Soren* 

*also, you forgot me on your thank-you list. You don't have to thank me, and quite frankly I'm being extremely selfish right now, but you said to tell you if you forgot someone so.... 

Happy CBversery!!!!

(this is weird. you joined an exact month before I did.)  

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(May 8, 2019 - 4:21 pm)

Thanks, everyone! @Secret, oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't check it over, and I was like mentally telling myself to put you on with like three other people, so I forgot! (And it's not selfish at all! I asked you to mention it if I forgot.) Also, the Endgame ticket is very thoughtful, but you can keep it- I already saw!

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Woohoo, Soren!

You’re such a great contributer, a kind person, and super creative!


(I think you forgot me, but that’s OK) 

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@Summer, oh gosh darn it, I did. *thwonk* @Admins, can you add the following people to where I list everyone?:

Summer, Secret, Krestrel, NatureWriter, The Artistic Misfit, Theater Girl, Random Person, The Riddler, Tafnix, Lilypad




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Oh, happy CBversary! Sorry I'm late. It's been great having you here--you really add so much to the CB, and you're a great writer and friend. <3

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