Mental Health Awarness

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Mental Health Awarness

Mental Health Awarness Month

In honor of May, mental health awarness month, here's a thread to open up about your mind, and maybe learn some new things. 

Here you can post stuff about 

-Your experiances

-Asking for help/advice

-coping methods

-Ask questions!! Whatever you're curious about, to help everyone understand more about mental illnesses. 

-poetry/writing or art that you might have made that portrays whatevers going on inside your head.


-Things you like about yourself, about others, things that make you happy

-things that don't make you happy or bother you. Fears, words, anything. Open up. It's ok. 

It's important to know that you are not alone. 1 in 4 will experance a mental dissorder sometime in their lives. But many don't get help because of stigma. Less then 46% of americans will get help for their mental dissorders because of stigma. But you can make a difference, with something as simple as spreading awarness or talking about it. Even just asking someone if they're ok or doing better can make a huge difference. 

The green ribbon symbolizes mental health. Wear on your clothes or backpack, so people know that you care. That you support them.

Remember that it's ok to not be ok. Everyone has their ups and downs. But also remember that there will always be people here for you, people that love you, people who support you. You don't have to go through any of this alone. <3


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It's what I'm here for and I'm really really happy I've helped you. If you ever need to talk about anything feel free to, because no matter how small you think your problems are they are valid and you are valid. I am also available to talk on nano if you don't feel comfortable putting your problems out on here.

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Hi guys!

This thing has been happening to me recently that's kind of interesting but it mostly sucks. I'm in my early teens and figuring myself out in a lot of ways, and I get anxious kind of a lot (just giving some background), and recently I've been having random times where I just feel... down. Like I feel kind of sad and bored and stuck in a little "down" fog. I feel gray and sort of hopeless, but it doesn't feel dramatic. It usually only lasts a couple minutes and then I get a sort of swing of hope and then it might go back. I've felt like this before but it's gotten more frequent recently. 

So I guess I kinda wanted to put that out there, for other people to feel less alone and for me to get some advice. I'm not really worried about it because I have a couple coping mechanisms (like excercise and going through happy things in my mind and watching funny stuff and talking to friends online and just... doing stuff with my parents) and I think this might just be happening because I have a couple weeks of not doing much. So I don't think this is some new mental illness and I'd prefer for people to not try and diagnose me if they want to give me advice, because that would probably make me feel worse, but I would like some advice on how to leave these weird moments behind. 

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@Applejaguar OH! OH! I have the random-moments-of-feeling-down thing too! I have no idea what it is, but I've had it since I was little (when I was little I'd call it my "special feeling" because I didn't know what emotion I should call it). Sooo... you're not alone I guess? 

Also, I just wanted to say that I'm here for you guys if anyone wants someone to talk to. I respect you all and hope everyone feels the same way I do. See you starside! *parkours out* 

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Aww, thanks for letting me know someone shares this thing! <3

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Hey AJ! This reminds me of another topic that I'll talk about right after this.

So! you're feeling down, not quiet sad but maybe laking any emotions at all? This is very common, especailly sparatically in teenagers. But if it happens a lot or all the time and you feel it getting worse or just can't take it anymore, go to a professional and get help. Please. Any of you who feel this. It will do you more good then any possible harm you can think of. We can disscuss coping methods here too, when I'm down I draw, write, vent to myself on paper or just babbling to space (or the people I see, I am psychotic at times which causes me to see and talk to people who aren't really there) writing possitive notes about yourself or asking friends to write possitive notes about you are also great ways to help you feel better. I find fidgeting helps, or deconstructing old applyances, or taking a walk on a breezy day. Petting a pet or holding a loved one. Talking with friends or watching a moive with someone. Again, this is a very common thing in teenagers so know that you two, and anyone else who feels the same who might be reading this, are not alone. You are never alone. 

Coping methods! AJ, this has absolutly nothing to do with you at all you just reminded me to talk about this which I might have already said somewhere but I'm saying it again. People have different coping methods to issues! Something that works for you might not intirely work for someone else, and it is not healthy to try and force a coping method on someone. (I'm guilty of this, but hey, we learn from our mistakes, it's part of life. And now I'm just that much wiser and sharing my knowledge with you lovley humans) For example, AJ stated how they would rather not be diagnosed with a particular disorder. Sometimes this is crucial to treating a mental illness (knowing the disorder) but sometimes just treating the symtopms is ok too. I understand for some people having a dignosis provides a stable ground for you to get your bearings and understand what is happening. We have different coping methods. Why we do I have no idea. Maybe the stigma makes someone a little more reserved and a little less likley to compleatly open up about their illness. Maybe they're afraid of being shamed by their peers. Afraid of being vunrable. We all are afraid of being vunrable, at some point in our lives. Maybe it's the opposite way around, when someone is afarid there isn't anything wrong with them so they cling to every possible reason why the things that are happing to them could be happening to them. Just know that whoever you are and no matter how small you think your problems are, they are valid. You are vaild. And you will get through the negitiviy your problems are bringing you. 

Stay strong loves <3 

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I just read an intresting article/podcast (because your girl has adhd and hast to read along and watch and listen to actually understand anything with muisc playing in the background hehe) that explores socail dynamics and why we compare ourselves to other people. 

Is it just our generation and our use of devices? How we meet so many people and eveyone has a talent you don't have? Or is it the negitivity other generations push on us-you need to keep this steryotype, you need to wear your hair like this, how dare you act that way!, be more like her, you're never good enough. Thats not true. What is perfect? Can you define perfect? No. 'Cause it doesn't exist! We all have our own skills, our own weaknesses, and if we compare our weaknesses to other's skills we automatically loose and feel less then we are. Its ok to not be perfect, and it's ok to make mistakes! It's how you figure out who you are. Your individuality is unique to you, you don't get it from the skinny instagram stars who only eat a small salad a day, from the billionare who cheated his way to fame, from the neglected child who's only strenght is dance because it's their only escape. Everyone's story is different, and not always as simple as 'perfect body, perfect eyes, perfect smile'. Because what you don't know, is that that modle suffered many eating dissorders through her youth because of this ideal image sociaty progected at her, that maybe she's wearing contacts, or the left eye is fake because she got in a car accident when she was six. And underneath her flawless smile, she hides scars so deeply baried that no one can see them, except in the form of little white lines hidden in the nooks of her legs. 

Society tells us who we need to be. We don't actually make our own dissisions, we follow everyone else. You want to be skinny because society says its attractive. You want blond hair and blue eyes because people generations before thought it was ideal. Who do you really want to be? How can you display this through your actions your thoughts your looks your expressions your clothes. You dont have to be like them. They don't have to be like you. 

What is courage? Most of you would issisuate this word with a lion, a tiger perhaps, a hero flying into battle or a strong heroine with a long billowing cape holding a sword to the angelic sun. I define courage by vunrability. Yea, vunrability. 

We, as Americans in this culture at this time in space in this century, lack courage because we aren't vunrable because we are afraid of failure and being shamed and not being like the rest. We're afraid of individualisum, we're afraid to take risks. And because socity inforces this norm, you become less creative less happy less adventuriss less inoitive. You care more about what they will think, and avoiding their shame. 

And this results in you being more drawn back in your drawings, more afraid to write everything that comes to mind 'what if I sound stupid' you'll never know unless you try. And if it isn't to your liking, try again! And again! And boom, you've made a master peice. Allow yourself to find pride in your work even if it isnt the best because there is no such thing. People have different oppinions, 'the best' changes from person to person. 

So, moral of this long speach claaws has written at half-past midnight, be yourself. Take risks. Be innotive, be vunrable, be couragous, be creative, be change. 

Love you all <3 

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@Claaws I posted this on the Ultimate Picturing thread too, but I drew you! I made it look like a superhero, since you pretty much are one. You are so inspiring! 

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Aww Fleet thankyou so much I love it <333333 It makes me so happy that I inspire you <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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Hey guys. I’ve been meaning to post here for awhile, but I never got around to it. So here I am.

I have diagnosed general anxiety. I was diagnosed around three, but I’ve probably had anxiety since the day I was born. It sucks. Lately, I think it’s been getting worse. I also might have depression. I haven’t been diagnosed for that one. It’s hard to tell sometimes whether or not I have it. I have good days and bad days, but the bad days have gotten more frequent. I’m sad and down a lot. Sometimes there’s a reason. For example, I’m also really lonely. I have some amazing friends, but they all live hours away and I don’t get to see them much. I don’t really have any friends where I live, only acquaintances really. Being homeschooled, as much as I love it, makes finding friends harder. And so does being an introvert with anxiety. Lately I’ve been really lonely, and just missing my friends, which could be causing some of my depression. Other times I’m just down in general and feel like all my problems are bearing down on me. I might go to a therapist soon to see if I really do ‘official’ depression.

Some of the things I do to cope with my anxiety are:

-Deep breaths. These can really help when you’re having an anxiety attack.


-Making Art/writing.

-Going outside. Forests are especially great. I don’t think the trees and the wind and the aloneness have ever failed to calm me.

-Stretching and yoga. It’s always relaxing.

-Hot baths are great. Bonus points if they have essential oils and/or nice smelling soap. I don’t do this one as much, but it’s always relaxing. So are hot showers.

-Petting/cuddling/playing with an animal.

-Venting to someone/myself. 

-Reading. Helps to distract me and get me out of my head.

So yeah...I guess that’s all. I might post again later, about some of the other things I struggle with, or maybe just to rant. We’ll see. 

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About your anxiety- I'm really glad they caught it early. Have you gone to therapy before? If it hasn't helped it might just be the therapist, some are really good and others aren't. It's very important you find one you feel comforatble with, not that it's affordible or your parents like them or anything like that. I've gone through a lot of therapists and I'm not necessarly happy with the one I have (but I have to do therapy as a mandatory thing so I don't get much choice) but it's better than someone who flat out blamed all my issues on me being selfish and caused more harm then good. Also! You can get depression from anxiety. It's actually called anxiety-inflicted (or smth like that) depression (it's what someone used to describe my things at some point before I went to someone who actually knew what they were doing). Also! *hugs* I'm so glad you shared and if there's anything I or anyone else can do to help we're here! Remember that you are not alone, you don't have to feel alone. We're here. *huggggsss*

(some more anxiety tips) also-you don't need a lable to feel vaild. What you're going through right now is very very real and it doesn't make it any less or more vaild to pin it with some lable. 

-Drawing! Ok, so with anxiety sometimes when drawing you can get rlly mixed up and frustrated and angry and you just want to get it perfect but what even is perfect- take a deep breath, and just draw. Anything. Bring out colors and make random lines and splatters. Don't have a goal, just gush all your feelings out on paper and see what happens. It might look like something or it may not, it's your creation and your feelings and it doesn't have to conform to anything.  

-Counting. Anything. If you're musical you can count the beat to a song in your head, or a dance you want to dance or anything like that. You can even count things around you- the stars in the sky, the cracks in a wall, the dots on a carpet, how many times someone near you says a certain word. It distracts from whatever gave you anxiety, and I find it helpful. (this is also helpful when you get really angry and just want to hit something! Count instead! Breaking your knuckles on the wall isnt worth it!)

Ok that's all I can think of right now. But Leeli, guys, everyone, remember that your problems and your feelings are vaild and you can vent here or to me on nano anytime you feel overwelmed or sad or lonley or anxious or anything. I love you all <3 

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