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Okay, so, I was just thinking about the CB, and how it's amazing, ET cetera, and I thought well wouldn't it be cool if we wrote a HISTORY so that we could remember what happened before and maybe discuss how things were better/worse in other periods and just other stuffs like that. Cuz it's good to remember the past. And, well, I personally haven't been around that long and I've always been really fascinated with like how things were in the CB before, like AEs and the wars and such.

So, should we like write a VERY detailed history of the CB and post it on a thread? So everyone can understand, like, EVERYTHING better? Of course, i understand that some memories are painful and we don't have to go into detail about EVERYTHING (though of course we mustn't be cynical and unemotional either) and uh yeah I'm starting to not make sense not that I ever did so bye now! 

Be aware, Spiffycat, that Chatterbox threads remain posted for people to read forever, so the history is already on the site. It may not be organized in any way, however. So maybe a summary or list of themes would be helpful.


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Yeah, that's kind of what I meant: finding the history in the threads and then kind of summarizing it.

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