@Admins, Hi! I

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@Admins, Hi! I

@Admins, Hi! I just wanted to check up on the status of the thread I submitted a few days ago. I didn't think I put anything in it that violated the rules, and we definitely had a thread on it last year, so as far as I'm aware the topic shouldn't be a problem. Was there an issue with it, and if so, what was it? I'd like to know so I can avoid it in the future.

After careful consideration we decided not to post it. We want to avoid inviting discussion that might need to be edited according to Chatterbox guidelines.


submitted by St.Owl
(June 6, 2019 - 6:43 pm)

St. Owl? Are you the St. Owl I knew back in 2015?

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(June 7, 2019 - 8:38 pm)
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(June 8, 2019 - 4:46 pm)