@Agent Winter, I’ve

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@Agent Winter, I’ve

@Agent Winter, I’ve realized that Sebastian loves Reese, but as a best friend, not romantically.

Sebastian is gay. :) 


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(June 9, 2019 - 8:14 am)
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well that’s a little disheartening.  

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You have my sword.

(LotR references also for the win!) 

(Also I don't know what Sebastian normally looks like, sorry) 

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thank you so much, that’s beautiful. I wanted to draw something similar to that, but you perfectly showed Sebastian as himself. Thank you again. :) (Also, that is what he usually wears, you got it right!!)

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Aaah, thank you so much! Or--you're welcome? Both. Lots of yes.

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That’s great Sebastian! 

Hey! Riley here! C’mon join the club! 

I love seeing diversity in the CB. It’s great to get young writers educated for diverse characters.

It’s also disheartening to see people who can’t accept people for who they are. The CB should be a safe place for people to express themselves to a certain extent.  Some humans just can’t respect people for who they are and that makes me so sad. They really need to learn. Or put a situation like this into their own perspective.


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@Hooded Midnight If I disagree with you, would you accept me for who I am? 

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Ah. Haha. 

*quiet applause* 

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its not who you are, it’s your opinion. Those are two different things. Opinions change, differences can’t. 

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Exactly. Being gay is not a choice. Being homophobic is. It's perfectly okay to not welcome people because of choices they've made, although I do like to welcome people who make a variety of choices, because I don't want to live in a complete bubble. It's not okay to not welcome people because of parts of their identities that can't be changed.

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I can’t accept you, because you can’t accept others.

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(June 11, 2019 - 6:16 am)

Then I shouldn't accept you, because you can't accept them.

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(June 11, 2019 - 2:30 pm)

I can see your point here, but it makes me unhappy. This doesn't make any of you different from each other. You're just taking on the same vice. I know you know that. Is it going to go anywhere? 

I'd like to stay out of the way, but at the same time, I can't bear to see trouble go unaddressed. 

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(June 12, 2019 - 12:45 am)

I accept that you don't agree with the idea of being gay (whatever that means, since being gay is not a choice and therefore not really something one can disagree with) (like I couldn't say that I "disagree" with someone's race, because it's not an opinion they have, it's how they were born).

ANYWAYS, I accept that you don't agree with the idea of being gay or being accepting of people who are, but I refuse to support you in your belief, since it makes members of this community, including myself, feel unsafe, threatened, and unwelcome.

And if you claim that someone being gay makes you feel unwelcome, then maybe you should reconsider your identity, because it seems to hinge on being UN-accepting of another group. Because straight people are totally welcome even when there are LGBTQ+ people in the world! It's only homophobic people who aren't. 

And I don't call that hipocrisy, because if your identity hinges on making others feel unsafe, you don't deserve to be welcome. 

I will support you if you ever have any mental or emotional issues. I will stand behind you and hold you up. Anonymous person, I really do want you to be happy and safe. But the moment you cause other people anxiety and strife, I do not stand behind you anymore. 

I hope that one day you will see the error of your ways and become
more accepting, probably in the same way you hope I will see the error
of my ways and "become straight".


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(June 11, 2019 - 6:59 pm)

May I politely interject something? 

I understand where you are coming from-there are many people who do not accept others, but I don't think that you're being fair to the other CBers by saying "they really need to learn," or "some humans can't accept people for who they are," or "they need to put a situation like this into their own perspective." 

I don't think you were there, but there was an entire "war" and discussion about this on the CB a few years ago-and sometimes it's still ongoing. Many CBers left because the disccusion didn't feel or set right with them, they didn't agree. Their moral beliefs were "threatened" in a way.

We, as the CBers DO accept people for who others are, but we don't support the decision made to be transgender or even to be gay, either because of our religion, or because of what we believe and our morals. 

Again, we accept the person but don't support their decision. Or at least, this is what I understand from my perspective. 

So I don't think that you're being fair to the other CBers. We completely understand, many of us older CBers have gone through this issue. But we will stand for our beliefs when they are threatened by leaving if needed. It doesn't mean we don't accept the person-it just means we don't support the decision. And we have learned. We have put a situation like this in our perspective. Because we've been through this on the CB already. I've been through it in my own life too by choosing to respect the person and continue to love them, and befriend them, even though I don't necessarily agree or support the decision they've made because of my beliefs and religion. And I will stand for my beliefs or leave if needed when they are threatened. 

Does that make sense?  

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