AE Picturings! 

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AE Picturings! 

AE Picturings! 

Hey guys, it’s been quite a while but, Hello *waves excitedly*.

So...Who wants some Picturings? I’m facing a bit of an art block, so this should help.

All I need to do is describe their appearance, and personality. 

Also, age and gender are helpful too. 

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Would asking for three picturings be a too-big request? If it isn't, my AEs would like picturings. *yelling upstairs* HEY GUYS, COME FILL OUT YOUR SHEETS!


Honestly, WILD CARD, you don't have to yell. *eyeroll* I am Enigma, I'm female, and I'm calm, mysterious, and apparently much more subdued than my sister. I suppose I'm a little intimidating, too. I have long black hair with bright blue tips and dark eyes, and I will wear anything that's dark-colored and cool. 

I'm Glass, I'm Fleet's insecure side, I'm female most of the time, and I am a shapeshifter.

(Note: Here's a more complex personality for Glass if you want it: She's very self-concious, and she cares a lot about what people think of her. She's a bit of a perfectionist. She often feels like she's not a pleasing person-- on the inside or the outside. She's scared of being boring or wasting people's time, but she does have a good sense of people who will be good friends to her. She's often a little shy, though, and she doesn't like to start conversations when she's not prepared. But once she warms up to you, she has a very charming, sweet personality.) 

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i feel like your not getting any attention! I feel really bad about it... so could you describe yourself for a picturing?

Wait, what-


Ok, ok, jeez. I’m tall and thin, and have really pale skin. (That rhymes!) I have half my face painted the colors of the rainbow, and half my face is just normal. I have black hair that’s dyed neon green at the tips, that spikes to one side. I wear a fluffy off-white sweatshirt and a black shirt and tights, with black boots.


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Hi! *nervous wave* Um, M name is Dewdrop and Soren wanted a picturing of me... So, I'm pretty tall and lanky, with chocolate-colored skin, curly emerald green hair that waist-length, eyes that change from sea blue to emerald green, and simple beach clothes. And no shoes. I look about 15.

I'm, um, super awkward, and I fail pretty bad at doing good things for people- 

Yep, I'm taking over for your personality. You need to give yourself more credit.


Dewy represents who I am in my soul. She's somewhere in between introverted and ambiverted, humble, thoughtful, empathetic, and concerned about how many people are suffering. She feels guilty about having so much in her life and tries very hard to be as thankful as she can and give to others. She strives to be brave and helpful, and doesn't give herself credit when she is. She can be a little… okay, pretty awkward, but usually picks up her act. She worried about being a burden, so if something minor is bothering her, like a headache or a need for a bigger shirt, she won't say a word. She loves nature, and likes to sing, fold origami, and doodle. She looks for the beauty in little things, and is totally an old soul. She’s a sweet bean, but she often dwells on the past, mostly on her mistakes or what she wishes she would have done. Has firm beliefs, but can’t normally bring herself to defend them to someone who disagrees with her. Peacelover.

Thank you so much for the picturing! I'm so sorry if it's any trouble! 

submitted by Soren Infinity, and Dewy
(July 3, 2019 - 8:26 am)

Here’s Enigma and WILD CARD. 

I didn’t really know how to draw Glass, she’s a shapshifter and you didn’t provide what she shapeshifts into, so I didn’t know what to draw. 

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(July 3, 2019 - 12:49 pm)

Here’s the best boy, Mr. Jerchico himself! 

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(July 3, 2019 - 2:24 pm)

Oh, wow! I love how you drew the expressions on my AEs' faces, they're really expressive and well-done. For Glass, sorry that I didn't say what she shapeshifts into-- I wanted to give you a chance to come up with something based on personality. How about something bold with bright colors, since your artwork is so bold? I'd love to see what you come up with! 

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(July 3, 2019 - 6:34 pm)

oh wow! Jericho looks awesome! Thank you for drawing him, I love how you color your art.

Ill have to admit, that looks really cool. 

You see? The best boy himself admits it.


submitted by Artimerrx
(July 3, 2019 - 10:40 pm)

Can you do my CAPTCHA Galahad? He’s not an AE, nor is he a CAPTCHAE, (because lots of people get mad if I made him a CAPTCHAE,) but he looks like one and also acts like one too. 


Appearance: He looks like a young boy of 14, tall and bright light blue eyes. He smiles a lot, but is also very quiet/shy and solemn. He has short wavy/curly blonde hair. Wears armor, (but no shield), a red shield on his back and sword at his side.

Personality: Although he is often quiet/shy, he's not afraid to speak up when needed. Unlike other CAPTCHAs, he doesn't need a translator to say words. He's picked up a couple of english words from hearing me and my AEs talk to each other. He sometimes still speaks gibberish, so I have to translate it. He's EXTREMELY protective, and loyal. He won't leave my side. He loves to smile. Like his brother Diovald, he's a deep thinker. He's very gentle too. He won't hurt anyone and is a friend to all, unless you hurt someone he loves. 

submitted by Joan B. of Arc, age 16, Camelot
(July 4, 2019 - 10:05 am)

Can you draw my newer AEs: LeAnn, and Daniel? That would be awesome!!!

LeAnn is female, age 14. She has thick, straight, dark brown hair that hangs down to her hips. Her eyes are dark blue, with a streak of gold running through her left iris. Her skin is super pale, with minimal freckles. Most of the time she wears a jean shirt and a mint green crop top, and she always carries her cell phone on hand. Also she likes to wear high heeled sandals, 'cause otherwise she is dwarfed by everyone else. LeAnn is outgoing and flirtatious, a total girly girl (but in a cute way). She's also got a pretty innocent mind. 

Daniel is LeAnn's identical twin brother. There appearances are pretty much the same, Daniel is taller and more tan, and he doesn't have a gold streak. He keeps his hair short and spikes it a little bit. Normally he wears an olive green hoodie over his Harry Potter t-shirt (he's a bit of a nerd, but he'll never admit it) and blue jeans (most likely a little ripped from wear). He's a little less outgoing than LeAnn, but he's very sweet. He also carries a cell phone (it's good for avoiding social contact with strangers). You'll occasionally see him wearing sunglasses.

There you go! No rush! 


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Yes yes always yes!

Okay, okay. Let's see.

Nymph is a shapeshifter; her forms seem to be unlimited. Age and gender are variable. She uses she/her pronouns for the sake of simplicity. If you want something specific, for this I was thinking something like a flying whale or other marine creature, maybe with plants growing on it? Nymph is the monarch and caretaker of several forests, and it shows. She's a wild hothead, and sets herself apart from others in many ways. She's quite vain, volatile, petty, powerful, and unexpectedly pleasant to those she chooses to favor. It is difficult to tell what earns her favor. She hates being shipped, but I love shipping her. I have no idea how or why she puts up with me.

Sea Glass is not a shapeshifter. Sea Glass is aporagender, and uses xe/xyr/xyrs pronouns. Xe's androgynous, with long sandy hair and ocean-colored eyes, tanned skin, and a bony frame. Xe wears beach summer/clothes in pastel colors, usually tank tops and shorts, and piles of bracelets. Beads, bangles, friendship bracelets, charm bracelets, cuffs--you name it, xe's got it. SG spends a lot of time at the beach, wandering, thinking, and... kinda just being. Xe's a compassionate and lonely one, wishing for company but so shy and awkward that xe often elects to stay away from it. This drives xyr to poetry and philosophy, which make xyr most comfortable in a crisis. Xe is aware of this and wants to change. 

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(July 11, 2019 - 11:24 am)

Lux has carelessly tossed, yet not messy, blond hair, eyes that are mutliple shades of blue mixed together, and fair skin. He wears a white hoodie and blue jeans, and he has a very gentle, cute, carefree, happy-to-be-here smile. Lux looks at the world with a peaceful air, and his posture is good, yet relaxed.

Nihil is a light brunette, and her hair has waves only created by air-drying her hair. Her eyes are black with many green flecks, and her skin is slightly tanned, and freckles cover the bridge of her nose and her high cheekbones. Her gaze is icy, and her face is usually neutral. The way she looks at things makes people uneasy, like she is analyzing every weak spot in everything. Nihil's posture is tight, alert, and ready to strike at all times.

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(July 11, 2019 - 11:38 pm)