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Hey guys! Joan B. of Arc here. :) 

So, yesterday was my ACTUAL CBversary... but my computer time ran out. XD So I wasn't able to post on my actual CBversary.

I've now been here for 4 years, ever since July 17th 2015. I first started posting as a girl named "Aubrey L."

The first RP I ever joined was an RP created by Dragonrider (who, I believe, goes by "Winter Lilac" now-) and the RP was called "Tomboy Club." I created a character named "Joan Black" in this RP, which is how the "B" in my CB name came to be: 'Joan B. of Arc." 

I remember being so excited to come be a part of this huge family-y'all were so accepting, and I was so excited to get started writing on here. Y'all have become a part of my life now, and even though I don't post so much, I still check in every day. Kind of like a "CB guardian?" (But not really, because it's really the Admins who are our BEST CB guardians.) :) 

So, anyways.

Thank you to the Admins for always being here for us as the CBers, and for encouraging us in our writing, and our imagination. The CB would not be the same. 

Thank you to all y'all CBers too-for making these past 4 years amazing. Y'all are the people who introduced me to Dear Evan Hansen and Hamilton (both 2 musicals that I totally and completely ADORE now.) Y'all inspired me to speak up and not be as afraid to share my writing and opinions. I still consider my writing horrible, but I've been able to improve, (or at least I hope so. XD )

Thanks for challenging me to develop my characters and develop them into someone relatable. 

Thanks for being accepting of me, and accepting my flaws, (whether you see them or not.)

Anyways. :) Thanks again. Y'all are amazing-I love watching the CB grow into a beautiful community and family.  

Also-thanks to all y'all who said happy birthday to me, sorry I didn't respond. And happy CBversary to Viola, Catsclaw, and anyonelse who has had a CBversary rently. :)

Anyways, thanks again to all ya'll. :) 

Congratulations on your CBversary, Joan B., and thank you for all your kind words.


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Happy CBvrsery Joan! I've only known you for like, a year, but you're a really fun and awesome person. 

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*Tackle hugs* Happy CBversary, friend! Thanks for being here for so long and for sticking around and for being amazing. I love you! <3

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Congrats! Happy CBversary!

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Yeet, happy CBversary Joan! Four years, that's amazing! *confetti* You're such an amazing role model, I'm so glad I've gotten the chance to know you. 

Oh gosh, Boo says darc. Dark?? (You mean like my sense of humor?)  

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Happy CBversary, Joan!!

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Awww my goodness, happy CBversary Joan!!!!! *hugs* I'm so happy you're here and that you've stayed so long! I'm so glad to have gotten to know you, and it's always comforting to know I'm not a lonely CB ghost. :) Here's to four years!

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Oh my gosh I remember Aubrey L!!! I didn't realize that was you! 

Happy CBversary Joan! You've always been such a cool person and an inspiration- the CB is lucky to have you! Also- congrats to a fellow member of the 2015 gang! *tosses confetti*



Hahaha- my capcha just said "OOOM" ...Byte?? Are you meditating?  

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