Is anyone adjusting

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Is anyone adjusting

Is anyone adjusting to a new school soon? If so, you are welcome to share some pros, cons, fears, reasons to be excited, etc. here. 

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I am. And my new one is ten times bigger then my old one. I don't know what to expect. A lot of my classmates are transitioning to this school as well, but the grade I'm going into is divided into 4 sections, and I only know maybe ten to fifteen people out of a hundred(ish). Any tips?

I experienced the same thing when I started high school. While I was apprehensive about getting lost in a sea of unfamiliar faces, on the first day I looked around each classroom and discovered many people I had known in my previous school. And all the others were opportunities for making new friends!



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Well, @Secret, I can't say I'm adjusting to a new school, bc I'm homeschooled, but I'll be going to high school very soon, so it's kinda the same. Honestly, fearswise, the thing i'm most worried about is this:

I am smart. I am really smart. But I'm worried that I'll get there and be, like, super-duper-awesome at reading, writing, grammar, and math, but terrible at history, English, among other things. (I've never been good at remembering the dates) Part of me knows that this is kinda stupid, but the other part is still irrationally certain that i'll have that problem. 

Another thing that is almost worse than the first, but not quite, is a fear that I won't be able to make any friends. Again, kinda stupid, but still.

I'm pretty sure I won't have bad trouble with bullies, tho. I'm pretty insult-impervious, most of the time, and if things get really bad, I can always figure something out. I'm secure in that way, at least.

If anyone can give me any first-day-of-school tips, that would be much appreciated. 

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Hey Secret, 

I'm not adjusting to a new school, but last year, I started high school, and a few years before that, I changed schools in seventh grade. Similarly, I went from a really small school to one with about 100 people in each grade (which, technically, is still pretty small). At first, I was really nervous about everything, even stuff like what to wear on the first day of school and other things like that. It turned out fine in the end, so I think you'll be fine! 

My advice for you is to make lots of friends! The more people you know, the more comfortable you'll feel at school. High school is lots of fun, but also lots of work, and I think you'll enjoy it! Good luck, and feel free to ask about any other high school things!  

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Thanks September!

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Okay I know I'm kinda late but I have been the new kid 8 times and I'm going into eighth grade. I know - I basically think of myself as a nomad at this point. Anyway, first day of school, you have a slight advantage because there are at least a few people you know. Stick close to them because from experience it's more comfortable to not know what you're doing in a group that doesn't know what they're doing. I'm not sure about you but I'm 99% introverted so in addition to not making friends easily I tend to not talk to them very much anyway. Books always saved me. At a lunch table and being ignored in the conversation? Have no one to talk to but don't want to look like an outcast? Go ahead and whip out that book. Probability predicts that friends won't be a major issue. It's hard not to find at least one person who you can get along with even if it takes a while to find them. There will also most likely be a group of friends who band around you because you're new and interesting and they want to be nice. Almost never have I stayed with this particular welcoming committee but you can choose for yourself. New teachers are pretty much the same as kids. Slowly it becomes obvious the ones that you like or dislike and the ones that like or dislike you. Don't worry they know you're new. They'll try to help you as much as possible. Anyway, any specific questions? After the first week or so you'll become a lot more comfortable.

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Hah. So, I'm trying to decide between going to high school this fall or continuing with homeschooling, which is a pretty bad situation seeing as how it's August and I wish I could've done this in the spring. I think I'm going to be going to public school though. 

I have a small question, which would sound kind of stupid if you didn't know that I hadn't really been in the school system at all in my life: how do you know what school supplies (like notebooks and binders) you need for each class? How do you do that? 

(Also, September, thanks for saying that about not worrying about what to wear and things like that, since that's something I would get super freaked out about and now I'm a little bit calmer haha)

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@Leafy your question isn't stupid at all and I've often wondered the same thing when transitioning to a new school. I've done it so many times I have had a lot of experience so here goes: Sometimes teachers will hand out a list of things you need for that class on Open House night which is generally for lower grades to meet teachers and stuff. Othertimes they'll tell you on the first day of school what you're going to need. And then there might be some teachers who provide things for you. My advice is if you don't get a list from the teacher on Open House or some event similar just wait for the first day and see whether supplies are provided or if they tell you then. Of course if you aren't comfortable with that course of action you can buy multiple sets of supplies and just bring them with you. Hope this helps.

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I'm homeschooled, like Nyx, and it'll be two years before I have to REALLY worry about highschool. But I'm still worried. My mom planned to homeschool me all the way until college, but I actually don't think I'm able to go straight from homeschooling to college. Especially the social aspect. I'm a naturally anxious person and I've had panic attacks before, going into new invornments with people I don't know. That will probably be better by the time I have to go to college, but still. 

I really want to go to highschool, if only to see how school systems work. There's an all-girl's catholic school near my house that I would go to, with an all-boys catholic school across the street. I'm mostly just worried that if I went to highschool I would fail all my classes, because I'm only good at creative work. I'm not very smart and don't do well in math or science or history. I'm good at writing, but not essays or anything technical like that. 

So I have no idea if I should go to school or not. And there's my stressed-out rant of doom.

Secret, I don't feel like I'm really the right person to give you advice on friends and school, and I want to give advice but I've litterally got nothing. The usual advice I give to myself is 'don't talk to anyone ever or they might realize how weird you are' but I don't think that's good advice. Good luck!

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I went to a K-6 elemantary school, and now I'm in 7th grade and have to go into middle school. I'm worried about finding my way around school, and adjusting to all the different teachers, using a locker, and getting all my homework in on time. I would say I'm pretty smart, but for some reason I feel like I'm going to fail. Most of my friends are going to another middle school, too, so I only know a few people at my new school. There's excitment in me, but these fears are there too.  

I don't have any tips right now, but maybe I could think of a few later. 

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