*Whispering* Hey guys

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*Whispering* Hey guys

*Whispering* Hey guys - Rogue here - this thread is an AE ball. The focus? To ship as many unshipped AEs as possible. If your AE is already shipped, that's fine. Let's practise writing young romance. Keep it clean and innocent, but sweet nonetheless.

What are you doing?


I just got here. Why?

*Relieved* Oh it's nothing-






Basic personality:

Views on romance/significant others:

Shipping status: 



Name: Nihil Etomnia

Gender: Female

Age/Look: 17ish

Appearance: Nihil will be in black, high-waisted, elegantly baggy trousers that have a ribbon-type adjustment stystem on both the waist and the ankles, which are fitted to her proportions. She has a white, fitted button-down with three-quarter sleeves. Barefoot (Rogue - *Sighs*).

Basic personality: Introverted, seems confident, competitive, and smart. Analysis EVERYTHING, but is a bit lonely.

Views on romance/significant others: Eh. It'd be nice.

Shipping status: Open to be shipped with a boy her age.

Other: Has ONE friend, Rhaksha. Would like more though.


I'll do Lux later

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I'll start with just WILD CARD and Glass because they need shipping more, and also because Enigma hates balls. 


Gender: Female

Age/Look: Aren't AEs ageless? I look about 14 or 15 though. 

Appearance: Just picture AWESOMENESS, with pink hair. 

Fleet: Wild, can you please be more specific? 

*glares* FINE. I have AWESOME HOT PINK HAIR, like I mentioned, and SUPER EPIC BLUE EYES that are all, like, glowy and stuff, and I'm wearing a blue sweatshirt with a ghost on it, and--

Fleet: Wild, you have to have a formal outfit. 

Oh, right. I LOVE THIS PART! I'm gonna wear a hot pink dress with a short skirt, and a black leather jacket and tall high-heeled combat boots! Oh, and makeup of course. I'm gonna look SO AWESOME. 

Basic personality: Super energetic, definitely weird, witty, usually pretty laid-back, funny, and possibly a little ADHD. Aaaand, sometimes I can get a little overly emotional... but I promise I can be calm! It just... takes a while. 

Views on romance/significant others: I WANNA BE SHIPPED SO MUCH!!!!! No fair that Glass got a boyfriend before me--

Glass: He's not my boyfriend! *blush* 

Shipping status: Open for shipping with male AEs!!

Other: I am super geeky and will make lots of references to all my fandoms. 

I'll post Glass' sheet later bc I need to walk my dogs. 

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Yes, please take care of them doggoes.

*Ears prick* I like dogs, can I see pictures of them?

Yeah Nihil REALLY likes animals.

Well they're kinder and cuter than people.

Point made. 

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So, Rogue, how dow you do this? Is it like Fleet's AE party, but with shipping? Or do you just blurt out ships that would be cute? Also, are CBers allowed?

Also#2, Imma gonna make a male AE, sowe'll justa see how this goes........? 

Name: Rhaksha

Gender: female

Age/Look: 17-18-y

Appearance: very tall, shoulder-length straight black hair, very pale, almost white complexion, completely black eyes, black lipstick, and I'm gonna make her dress real nice for this: 
I did not agree to this outfit.
Too bad. She's wearing a silver skintight bodysuit, with white vine patterns on it, silver skintight gloves, and white-and-silver slipperlike shoes.
Because reasons, Rhaksha.

Basic personality: wary, but very trustworthy, and loyal. However, she has a tendancy to withdraw drastically if angered greatly, and she has a relatively short temper. 

Views on romance/significant others: She doesn't like to admit it, but she does want to be shipped.

Shipping status: open to male AEs around her age



Name: Khione

Gender: female

Age/Look: she's 17, but she acts like she's 12-13

Appearance: about six inches shorter than her sisters, shoulder-length dark blond curly hair, light tanned skin, blue-gray-green eyes, and some freckles across her nose and under her eyes. She's gonna be wearing magenta leggings with patterns of flowers on them, with a knee-length green skirt, and a dark yellow widestrap tank top. She's also wearing black high heeled boots.

Basic personality: AIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!
Yeah. Basically crazy. But she's also very kindhearted, and is very friendly.


Shipping status: DUDEIJUSTTOLDYOU!!!!!



Name: Vivian

Gender: female

Age/Look: 17-y

Appearance: very tall, has ankle-length ginger-gold hair kept in a braid usually, but for the ball she's........ wearing it down? Oooooooooooh! It's almost curly from being in a braid, and it's sooooooo soooooooft! I love it Vivy!
*blushes* Thank you.
Kk, kk. She has a dark tan, and a spattering of freckles across her face, and gold/brown eyes. She's wearing a long, very light silvery gray sleeveless dress with a silvery gray capelike adornment that's attached to her shoulders and arms, down to her wrists, made of a very light material, a white single-band choker necklace, and light brown high heeled sandals.

Basic personality: very bold and outgoing, makes friends easily, but she's surprisingly shy and blushy in the presence of a certain AE--
She's also rather touchy about him.

Views on romance/significant others: I think being shipped would be very, very nice. 

Shipping status: Open to shipping with male AEs about her age, but hopefully it will be--



Name: Apollo

Gender: male

Age/Look: about 15 to 17

Appearance: very tall, has short spiky platinum blond hair, stormy gray eyes, a light complexion, a lithe, slim build. He's wearing black jeans, a black shortsleeved shirt and black leather jacket, and black leather boots. Apollo.......
Wh4t? 1 look f1ne.

Basic personality: can be shy in a new enviroment, and is awful at starting conversations, but very upbeat, and can hardly stop talking once you get him going. He rarely remembers why he's talking about something tho.

Views on romance/significant others: 1 w0uld lik3 t0 b3 sh1pped. 

Shipping status: open to female AEs around his age.


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*Face lights up* Oh, hey Vivian! You look nice.

Hello, Apollo, welcome to the CB. *Goes back to admiring the archetectual integrity of the ballroom*

*Watching carefully* So a love triangle between Lux, Glass, and Vivian, and who will earn Nihil...? 

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*whispers* Well, it would be a love angle, bc Glass and Vivian--

YEE-YEE-YEE-YEE-YEE!!!!!!! *spins around dizzily*

What the-- Khione looks like pure craziness on steroids.

*smiles* Thanks, Lux.

*whisp3rs t0 Rh4ksha* W0w, V1vi4n lo0ks l1k3 sh3's g0nn4 sw00n.

*whispers back* She might, actually. She's got quite the crush on Lux. *out loud* Khione. KHIONE! Stop it. 

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YES! yes, sorry. Love ANGLE


Would you like to dance later?

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Oh my Claaws yes. Heck. Yes. I wanna ship Nymph again. Sea Glass will escape this one, but not Nymph. I don't know if Max still has a crush on her--I'd be willing to go somewhere with that, but it's up to June. In any case, yes.

Name: Nymph

Gender: Gender-fluid. (Uses she/her/hers pronouns, or they/them/theirs.)

Percieved age: Eh... she can look any age, and who knows how old she really is, but she doesn't act very mature.

Appearance: It changes; she's a shapeshifter. For this one, I'm thinking her form will be humanoid, dark and graceful, wearing a full-length dress that fades in color from raw sienna at the top to some kind of plum at the bottom, and thick white ribbons somewhere or other. This will likely change into a black and purple tuxedo as the ball goes on, and change quite a lot if she ends up dancing. Motion and music lend themselves to that. 

Basic personality: Variable, volatile, dramatic and bold. Picky about her company. Quick to judge and to act. Competitive. Can be patient and even kind with those she has decided she likes. Has little to no concept of what goes on in other people's heads. 

Views on romance/significant others: She's more opposed to the fuss I make about it than shipping itself. 

Shipping status: Wide open, to whoever wants to try. 

Other: Even if she rejects you, she loves the attention. She also might be introverted; she gets tired of parties after a while. 

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So, Rogue, how dow you do this? Is it like Fleet's AE party, but with shipping? Or do you just blurt out ships that would be cute? Also, are CBers allowed?

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Oh. Yes, I would. *smiling uncontrolably* *quickly crushes smile*

*w4tch1ng Viv14n w1th 4n 4mus3d 3xpr3ss10n* 

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Yeah. It's like Fleet's AE Party thread, but with shipping and more elegant. Instead of the AEs just 'becoming in love' like I see so often, I want to make the process a little more real. Let them get to know each other and stuff.

Well, I guess we can get this ball started up and let the others trickle in. Oh, wait! I forgot my sheet!

Name: Lux Ettenebris

Gender: Male

Age/Look: 17ish

Appearance: Wearing a black tuxedo with a white bow tie, and white gloves. His sandy blond hair is still a bit messy, but it looks like he at least tried to tame it.

Basic personality: Friendly, a bit introverted, loyal, oblivious, kind, innocent, and sweet. (Apparently a lady's man! XD)

Views on romance/significant others: Has no idea what that entails it sounds nice!

Shipping status: In a love angle with Fleet's Glass and Nyx's Vivian. Thinks of both of them as really good friends... SO FAR! *Unidentifiable movie sound-effect*

Other: Is very pro-shipping when it comes to Nihil. May or may not push her/other guys into talking with each other.

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Here are my AEs: 

Yes! So excited! I have never been to a ball before yayyyyyy 

Name: Sally! 

Gender: I am a girl! Or maybe I’m a boy, you don’t know.... JK! Definitely girl. 

Age/look: Let’s see... umumumum 

Dusk: You are 10.

Yeah, but maybe there are more exciting ages I could be! Like 20 or 30 or 647... 

Dusk: She is 10. 

Appearance: Oooh I have blonde hair in braids! And I have a super awesome pink dress that looks like this:

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It got cut off! How weird...

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I will just continue: 

So, continuing from the appearance stuff, I have a super cool pink dress and glittery shoes that light up!... That was about all the stuff that was cut off.

Basic personality: Energetic and social and funny and enjoyable and social and great and amazing and excellent and stupendous and-

View on romance/significant others: Ooooh I would love a boyfriend! We would love each other, and care for each other and do all sorts of fun things! 

Shipping status: openopenopenopenopenopenopen. With boys :) 

Other: I don’t have any friends yet, but I will definitely make some at the super cool ball! Also, I have a sis AE that is coming with me! Say hello! 


Name: Alice 

Age/look: I am 14. 

Appearance: I am not too fancy...sorry about that...I have long blonde wavy hair. Freckles....glasses.... I will wear a blue dress that has the same amount of comfy and fancy! My own design. I will wear adjustable high heels and I have a daisy barrette which I have personally proud of!...that is what I am planning on wearing, anyway... 

Basic personality: *sighs* Do I have to say this, Dusk? 

Dusk: Yes, Alice.

Ok... I am kind. Not very friendly or social though. Shy...nerdy.....bookworm........

View on romance/significant others: Actually I find the concept of romance quite interesting. The way people react to love and the feeling they get is intriguing. I have always wondered what it would be like to fall in love myself. That is why I want to go to this ball. It will also expand my research!

Shipping status: open, with boys only. 




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I'm reserving for ONE AE. Lev, you're going it alone.

*chokes on tea* excuse me, what?

You heard me. Go and be social.


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