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I think we could use another one of these! I'll definitely post on here some, but if anybody else would like to, just rant or talk about whatever is annoying you. If people want to, or if the person asks for it, they can give advice, but a lot of the time it's just very helpful to write a big rant about your problems. And just a note, these rants don't really have to be comprehensive for anybody else. You don't have to explain in detail your problems so other people can understand them. Just write the amount that you want to. ;)

Today's rant: My teeth hurt really badly because I just got more braces (I got them on the bottoms, I only had them on the tops before) and I can't really eat solid food and my throat hurts and my nose feels weird, because I might be getting sick. And I only had an uncomplicated (I thought) science worksheet to do after school today, and I was so happy because I thought I could just do it and then have the rest of the day to do whatever I wanted to do, but then it turns out there was this MATH question at the end of the worksheet that I had forgotten about, and I was super confused about how to do it, and my mom said she couldn't help me until after dinner or maybe after my dance class tonight. And so it turns out that I couldn't just finish it and have the whole rest of the day free--I know it'll only take a few minutes once we get around to it, but it's just looming over my head now, uncompleted. Also, during gym class today, we had to run ALL the way around the inside of the fence of the big grass field at our school, the real field this time, not the turf football field. And that was technically about half a mile. And I'm not a long distance runner, I'm a short distance sprinter. Also, I'm doing this hip hop class tonight, because even though I normally dance on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, I'm in hip hop 1 and my mom thought it might be better to move me into hip hop 2, since I took a summer beginner class with a different company that was fairly advanced and fast-paced. So, this dance studio is going to let me drop into their hip hop 2 class tonight to try it out and so the teacher can see how I do and whether or not it seems like I can move into that class. But so basically, I have to try really hard to keep up, because the teacher's going to be watching me to see how good I am. And I'm feeling kind of sick. And my teeth hurt so badly. Also, when I come home from school, I'm usually pretty tired and I have homework to do but then my mom wants me to also spend time with my brothers, and then I just have no time left in my day. And there was that whole thing where I wanted to (yesterday) look through Infinity War and Endgame to see the Black Widow's costume, to try to find out how on earth I'm going to make that for Halloween, but I didn't get to do that yesterday (even though I was home all day!! I had homework and a braces appointment and my whole day just slipped away) and I don't think I can do it today now, either. And I still really want to get a homework planner but nope, not anytime soon at least, I guess.


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Oh man, I needed one of these! Okay so, on Thursday, we had to do all of these awful excersizes the whole time, and when the class (as a whole) was like slightly goofing off, she just made us all run around the gym unitl she told us to stop, and then yesterday we did a fundraiser where you run around the blacktop/playground area but I was still sore from gym on Thursday, plus I was really tired, and then we had to go do a service project and for seventh grade it was play bingo at the retiremnt home and I was s o  t i r e d . AND, we were playing this game that's like four square and tips mashed together, and whenever I got in, this really annoying kind was ALWAYS the Ace and he just got me out and I had to go to the back of a really long line. Really though, Yesterday as a whole was pretty okay despite all of that (we had watered-down slushies and played in bounce houses, plus we didn't have to learn anything, so that was a plus).

Music class is a literal nightmare. I have to sit in-between these two guys who are best friends and are insanely annoying. They like, whisper dirty jokes to each other during class and treat the teacher like she's a complete idiot. And the guy to the left of me is the worst. literall. worst. He makes up all the dirty jokes that go around our grade, he acts up in class, makes fun of like everybody (including me), says bad words everyday, and has like the most annoying laugh ever that I have to constantly listen to during music because, if he's not talking, he's probably laughing. (Also, spit gathers at the corners of his mouth and he doesn't even care and it's just,... so gross.)

And my classmates. Oh my Kyngdom. There are only 40 of them, meaning there isn't much diversity of... anything. They're all just so competetive. And angsty. And whiney. And quick to judge. I swear, I bet a good number of people just pretend to be angsty to fit in. So basically, because I'm mature and nerdy and care about my life, the "popular" group thinks I'm weird and the boys act weird to me and laugh when the guy I mentioned before calls me "Galiza" in a singsong voice and shakes his hands around like he's having a seizure (a triple insult- making fun of me for the hand shaky-thing [which I guess I used to occasionally do when I was excited? But I don't anymore], making fun of The Schuyler Sisters song from Hamilton [cause it's really dumb to like things that are actually good] and calling me a name.)

And I can't be myself anymore. Because everybody either likes all the same stuff or pretends to like all the same stuff, Hamilton, Harry Potter, singing, hecking Captain America- just sneered at slightly, like '"Oh, don't you like Harry Potter?" *evil smirk*'. Literally, someone who I thought was my friend kind of implied "you're weird" when I hinted at my beliefs about LGBTQ+ stuff.

And the above mentioned person I thought I was my friend, just,... you know let's not even go there, because I honestly don't know what. happened.

And then, making jokes about mental illness. Oh, my gosh. It happens too often. I don't think I can go into detail, but the thing that get made into jokes... I just can't. I don't get why it's funny when someone says something that should be concerning. I don't. 

Seriously all my friends (*cough* 5 people) and I just want to change schools. Really. Because in addition to  my classmates, we have uniforms and our band room is literally the cafeteria. And there's a lot of unnecessary focus on sports. 

I also keep trying to put my problems in perspective to others' around the world who don't have a school to complain about or legs to be sore, which isn't quite helping, but it does kind of shut up my first class problems. 

I'm sorry you had to read through this long post, Admin. 


That's OK. Mentioning these things may lead to replies and discussion that will help both you and others.


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This rant is not serious but: Guys.

The first two maze runner books?

I think tHEy'Re nOt gOoD

They've gotten so predictable that I'm probably not even going to bother with the third one. Like, I can guess right now what will happen in the third book and I'm probably going to be right.

Minho the Super Cool Tough Dude is going to die, Tereasa the mary sue is going to die, Tomas decides that "WICKED is good", and the earth is still super burnt up and depressing. The end!

Also why does Dashner capitalize every single word that he invented? Like "shank". Nicknames for groups of people don't need to be capitalized unless it's a nationality like "American". ALSO: What does the word "shank" even mean? I thought originally it was just another word for "glader" but then the kiddos break out of their eViL gOvErNMeNt sImUlATiOn and just start calling everyone in sight a shank for no discernable reason. Why??!?

And 'the flare'. Ohmigosh 'the flare'. Why would heat make you slowly lose your mind? Why is "crank" capitalized? Why are humans just creepy weirdos now? Why are some people immune to this? Why is "flare" capitalized? You don't capitalize the names of diseases. I know many of those questions are probably answered in book three, but I don't really care. Also, why is there snow on the front cover of book three? Actually, I don't want to know. If that snow thing's on this post-apocolyptic sunburned earth science is just going to quit.

But if the snow business is indoors, it probably exists because Mr. Dashner doesn't like his characters and wants to see them suffer. We've already given them The Changing and The Heat Exahstion and The Grievers so let's give them The Hypothermia too! Did I mention these books have capitalization problems?

Book one is "Wow isn't this soooo mysterious?" Book two is "Who cares about plot and character development when you can throw some cheesy-out-of-place-romance and nasty lightning bolts into a desert?" Book three is... ok, actually I might have to read it because I'm allergic to cliffhangers but I know if I do I'm just going to be really annoyed.

Also those orange zombie lightbulb pimple things from book 2 are really gross. I know that's irrelevant but I felt the need to point that out.

(please don't publish this in the magazine XD) 

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