Halloween costumes! 

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Halloween costumes! 

Halloween costumes! 

Alright my dudes. *Rubs hands together maliciously*

I need suggestions what to wear this Halloween, and I thought others would too! So here is where you can share your previous or present costumes, and give suggestions to me and fellow costume slackers lol.

So last year I was Spiderman, as his “homemade” costume in Homecoming. I make all my costumes myself, and this year I’m wavering between multiple costumes. I thought about a cowboy, so I made the holster (I already had the old timey gun), but I stopped and instead began to make another spiderman suit. I finished the stealth mask, but haven’t finished the rest. So now I’m thinking of being The Scarecrow from Dr Syn: Scarecrow of Romney Marsh (It’s a really good old Disney movie about a smuggler.) Idk. I’m kinda into historical eras... but I’m really not sure.

So if anyone has any suggestions feel free to add on! 

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Well, the first thing I thought of for your costume was Han Solo... lol

This year, I’m going as Suraya Hawthorne from Destiny 2, and I’m trick or treating with my friend but I don’t know what his costume is yet.  

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Tooppppppp Also thanks :P ;D

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This year I'm going as the Black Widow, and last year I went as Rey from Star Wars. The year before that I was Jyn from Star Wars. I feel like I did a really good job on both Star Wars costumes (if I do say so myself) and made them pretty accurately! Halloween is my time to bring out the part of me that LOVES cosplaying and making costumes. 

I really need to start actively working on my Black Widow costume, like a LOT, because Halloween is coming soon. (AAAAhhhAaaaAAAhhhAAAa) It's going to be hard though. What Jyn wears is like actual clothes, and what Rey wears is just like a ton of fabric wrapped around her, but what Nat wears is like a bodysuit and weapons and stuff. I'm doing her outfit from Endgame, and the hair too, (like I am literally hoping to be able to bleach half of my hair and dye the other half red it would be so cooooool) so...I've got some work to do. X,D 

My little brothers are going as Captain America and Spiderman, and while they really don't think they need elaborate, accurate costumes, they at least need something and so I kind of need to help them out with that too. This all came from when I made that Captain America shield for my littler brother and then a while afterwards we decided to be the Avengers. So we're all going to be Avengers, and it's going to be great. :) But yeah, it's going to be some work. And I need to start really doing stuff for it. 

Maybe you should be Spiderman! Maybe all CBers who are doing Halloween and are Marvel fans should be Avengers. That would be really cool. Or just...do some costume that you want. I don't really have any recommendations. :P

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Hello Tuxedo Kitten! Halloween costumes are so fun! It's one of the two things I miss most about trick-or-treating (that and walking through the candle-lit hamlet in the valley where I used to go every All Hallows Eve.

I have fourteen years of trick-or-treating under my belt and a gazillion days spent dressing up, so let e give you a hand of inspiration, if I can!

I know from personal experience that dressing up as a cowboy is a lot of fun, but it can get a bit bland, as far as outfits go... jeans and a shirt, a bandana and some boots... Some things you could use to spice up the outfit might be 1) a hat (okay, too obvious). 2) Spurs, which can be made with some simple gears that one can buy at most local craft stores (A.C. Moores or Michael's) and some wire and hot glue or tape. 3) Saddlebags! Painted cardboard could be used to make saddlebags, or if you happen to have leather bags/purses that you can get your hands on you might be able to fashion something out of that. 4) And my favorite - a bolo tie! Bolo ties are absolutely the best. If you can find a charm for a necklace or buy a charm at a craft store you can hot glue or loop a piece of leather or twine onto/through it to make a tie. 


Some other ideas are pirates (I know they are over rated, but they're so fun to dress up as!), Aztec warriors, a robot (not historical, but still cool!), some sort of knight...or, if worst comes to worst, you can always dress up as a character from the Princess Bride - The Dread Pirate Roberts makes a pretty good Halloween costume. 


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Hay, thanks Silver! I have also stopped trick or treating a while ago, but now my friend and I are going to a Halloween event, so yah. I decided to dress up again with her XD The sattle bag suggestion is great! I might have an old leather purse in the garage...

Would it be weird for me, as a girl, to go as a male character (someone without a mask)? I feel like it is. Hmm.


  You can dress up as whatever or whoever you want! I went as Hal Jordan one year, and as Toph another. --admin

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Personally I don't think it is weird to go as a male character. I'm a girl and I have gone as male characters before without any kind of mask.



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Oh yeah. I'm going trick or treating this year, but it might be the last time I do it. This year I'm technically still going to be 13 for Halloween, although I turn 14 two days after. But I can get away with it. (Also though...I could probably just pretend I'm 12 every Halloween and nobody would know otherwise, because I'm not going to get much taller. XD)

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Wait, Leafy, you're younger than me? I absolutely thought you were older. Huh.

Anyways, I'll be going as Isabelle Lightwood from Shadowhunters this year! It's a daring choice, and not one I'm sure I can pull off, but my best guy friend is going to dress up as Alec Lightwood, Isabelle's brother, so we can be a duo. I'm definitely too old to go trick-or-treating (RIP) but I'll dress up for school and maybe go to a party afterwards.


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My brother and I are going as Vikings. We already have all the stuff: over-tunics, under-tunics, leggings, belts, boots, leg wraps, coats, cloaks, weapons--the whole shebang. I don't know if I'll wear any of it to school, but if I do, I think I'll leave my axe at home. I also think it would be fun to go as some sort of gatekeeper of time/spacetime, and I could probably pull it off (cloak, boots, staff, clocks and watches, belts and bottles, a ring of keys) but I'm not sure it's worth the effort.

I'm thinking about going as a fairy one of these years. Or a goblin, witch, demon, elf... something that would be expected where malevolent beings roamed and you simply had to imitate them if you wanted to go untroubled on All Hallow's Eve, when the barriers between realms are at their weakest. Going by the story of Tam Lin, a green cloak would do a lot for that, and I'm sure I can find some prosthetic ears and teeth online. Maybe contact lenses, a mask... clothing and jewelry options vary wildly depending on the desired effect. 

A Victorian vampire could also be interesting. A werewolf, Frankenstein's monster--classics. You'd probably want chains for a ghost. Maybe a steampunk dragon person? You could make your own wings for that one. You'd probably have to make the whole thing if you wanted to go as a reverse mermaid, but some cardboard or papier-mâché and paint would do it. Maybe a bit of fabric. I want to do this now.

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If you're into X-Men, there are a bunch of cool costumes that are pretty recognisable and probably easy to make! I think Storm would be really cool.

I'm going (hopefully) as Spider-Gwen! I don't make mine though, we'll probably just order it off of Amazon XP

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Ahhh I love Gwen so much. That’s going to be a great costume! As for X-Men, I was Rogue one year but no one knew who I was. :(

<3 Fidelity  

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My sister is going to be a VCSO girl. So there's always that XD 

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Last year I just poofed the heck out of my hair and wore a loose black blouse, a dark red sheet skirt, and a top hat. It was simple but it was a lot of fun. It had a sort of victorian apothecary feel.

I don't really know what I'm going to do this year... I'm trying to figure out how to sew a fantasy-esque cloak because I saw an ad for one and decided that I had to make my own (I don't know how to sew so this'll be interesting). If that works out well I might make an elven crown thing (what are those even called?) out of some wire and be an epic elf person. And maybe straighten my hair too! My hair is super curly normally so that'd be fun.

Usually my halloween costumes are less based on particular fantasy people or characters and more just like "I just might be a time traveler and you'll never know heeheehee :D"

For anyone who wants a long, old-fashioned(ish) skirt for a costume, I doodled a how-to for how I make a no-sew sheet skirt (hopefully you can read it lol) 

scrunchie skirt.jpg
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I love dressing up for Halloween! Last year, I made my own costume and went as a newsie. I'm thinking of dressing up as Inigo Montoya this year, but we'll see. I also thought of going as Captain Marvel, but I couldn't really find any good costumes. Or maybe I'll be a fairy or a butterfly... As you can see, I'm very decisive. Everyone's costumes sound so cool! I love making costumes myself, but I don't usually do it. A few years ago my dad and I went as Rangers, from Ranger's Apprentice, and we made our own costumes for that. We sewed the cloaks out of camouflage fleece, made our own oakleaf necklaces, and my dad carved us longbows. I still have my cloak, it's really warm.

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I envy you guys who are able to dress up as Marvel characters and people like that. My family doesn't even do trick-or-treating anymore, and we are only allowed to dress up as Catholic saints, so I'm going to be Joan of Arc. I'm making her armor as sleek and awesome as possible. Once it's finished I'll post a photo of it.

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