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I have my first Homecoming dance tomorrow night, and I'm really excited! I'm going with a group of my friends. So, high school peeps, have you been to homecomings? How was it? Did you enjoy it?

This might not be many people, but I'm looking forward to this, so I wanted to see if any of you guys had stories or anything of the sort!

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(November 1, 2019 - 3:58 pm)

Ok, I have a story about today, that's sort of related. Today was a crazy day.

I've never been to homecoming because I'm in eighth grade, so high school is next year, but today was supposed to be the Fall Dance, which my team organized. So it's a fundraiser for field trips and other opportunities. But, unfornuately it was cancelled, and I'll explain why. 

I was sitting in my 2nd exploratory class (exploratories are classes like gym, french or art; cores are english, science, math, and social studies), which was Algebra (I'm taking Algebra 1 in middle school, so I can skip it in high school), and we were finishing our quiz (last quiz of the quarter, so my grade really depends on it), when suddenly the power went out!

It wasn't dark or anything, because there were windows and faint lights in the hallway, but the power was still out. And then everyone started talking about how school might be cancelled. Our math teacher said there was a less than 10% chance of it happening and that it had never happened in her career. Everyone had their fingers crossed. The teachers had talked in the hallway but school was still going. Algebra was over so my next class was English (we had short classes, because of a presentation in the afternoon, but you'll see how that turns out). 

I was in English and we were going to read a murder mystery, (we hardly started it though, because our English teacher was just talking about how important the dance was and the fun field trips we could potentially go on) Then, when we had about 5 minutes left of class, someone from the office came in. 

They said that we would have lunch at 12:00 (instead of 12:41), and then at 12:30, we would come back upstairs to grab our things, and go home! Everyone was so excited to go home early. However, the dance was cancelled, but I'm sure they will reschedule (spelling is hard) it. 

Then during lunch, I think the power came back on, but the decisions had already been made, so we still got to go home. Then, maybe half an hour or so after I got home, so about 1:30, the power came back on at my house which was good, because I was worried it would take a very long time. 

There was a power outage, I believe because of high winds, they probably knocked something over. I know it was widespread, so other towns in my area were affected.

Wow, that was long. Kudos to anyone who managed to read that. Basically there was going to be a dance tonight, but there was a power outage, the dance was cancelled and school was let out early. It was a pretty interesting Friday. I hope you have a great time at homecoming, Quill! Tell us all about it.  

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(November 1, 2019 - 9:04 pm)
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(November 2, 2019 - 8:55 am)

I read it!

Man, I wish I wasn't homeschooled! Then I would probably be able to relate to all the stories. I'm in the homeschooled version of 7th grade, which means I'm the same age as most 7th graders, and I take the 7th grade-level schoolwork, but I don't actually go to school. I will be going to high school, though, when I'm 14 I think.  

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Homecoming sounds super fun! We don't have those kind of things in my school.

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(November 2, 2019 - 11:54 pm)

Haha our homecoming is on Monday. I don't think it's a dance though, just a huge competition between the four grades. Each grade needs a huge banner, a motorcade (decorated shopping cart), and a group dance number. I think winner gets a trophy.. Idk

oh gosh, Cardinal says "matoo" XD 

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