Hello, my lovelies.

Chatterbox: Down to Earth

Hello, my lovelies.

Hello, my lovelies. My name is Hope. I'm not a new CBer; I'm going under this psudonym because I have something important to tell you all.

I'll start by saying, I have no idea what I'm doing. Those amazing CBers who always came to those in need with amazing advice and way to help, I was never one of them. I read all of the threads. Heard about all of these terrible things my friends were going through. And I could never do anything about it, except hurt for them and feel horribly lucky, that my biggest problems were annoying kids and trivial friendship arguments. But it always killed me to see it, because I hated myself for not doing anything to help.

So I guess I've decided to help, now.

I mean, I don't know how, still. I've never gone through anything that would leave me in need of the message I'm trying to send. I don't know how to really get it into your head. But here's the thing, everyone:

You matter. You are loved. And there is a reason to keep going.

And that reason? Life. That you get it once and it's not there for us to pass it by or hate on it. Because think: you're not going to here forever. This is what you've got, and yeah, it's going to suck sometimes. It does for the best of us. But you guys, the fact that you're here? And breathing? And reading this post with your own eyes on some kind of device in some kind of place that's calm and safe enough for you to be reading it in? Amazing. Everyone outside of that specific situation? Still amazing, still loved. I mean, Earth. Science. Blows your mind, thinking about how the world was created and how it manages to rotate every day and give us seasons and gravity and all that jazz, how humans have the capacity to make other humans, how bodily fuctions are performed on a daily basis and allow you to live? Incredible. Really.

And there you are. Perfect and loved and so beautiful. Maybe feeling sad, or tired, or just like you're there, without a true feeling to pintpoint. And it's okay. And I love you because you were created by God and knwon by Him and born to be amazing and goshdarn it, you really are. Truly. No lies. You have this life, y'all. And it has a purpose- to be who you are, and know God, and love yourself and others. And if you aren't doing those things, I still love you. And today is a great day to start.

(*Also, I would prefer you don't guess me- I'd like these posts to remain anonymous.)

<3 Hope the Dove 

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Thank you. I needed that. 

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Thank you Hope. That feels really nice to hear. I personally don't believe in God and I don't think he knows about me. And my purpose in life is not to know and I won't be starting that anytime. I don't mean to be rude. I see this a lot where people say God created everyone and controls everyone and all that. Except not everyone believes in God so it's not true for anyone who doesn't believe in God. How to avoid this is to always say "I", like "I believe I was created by God, I believe my purpose is to now God". You believe but others may not so it may be better to say what you as an individual believe. Thanks for reading! 

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God knows and loves all of his creation, including those who don't believe. God loves you, Anonymous, even if you don't believe in Him. 

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I don't believe in God. I don't believe he created me and knows me or loves me. Please don't tell that he does because my beliefs are different than yours. Read what I said in my first comment please. 

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Just because you don’t believe something personally doesn’t necessarily make it untrue. I’m not trying to force my beliefs on you and neither is anyone else. AW was just trying to provide an explanation and Hope was just trying to offer some encouragement. 

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I feel much the same way, except perhaps for the religious part. I do sometimes wish that I was Christian, even if others weren't, so that I could make that argument; given that I'm not, of course, it wouldn't sound genuine coming from me, and that wouldn't do any good. But I'm always happy to hear that people believe everyone is loved and has something worth loving about them. The latter especially is something I can agree with.

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*shuffles feet* So yes, I did not have the greatest of days. Yes, people poked fun at me for liking Harry Potter, while I was standing right behind them. Yes, that guy my friends and I asked to be removed from our table in that one class is still there. Yes, a guy who I used to be friends with was annoying again today.

The question is: did I stay positive and say 100% clean things through this whole experience?

Of course not!

Everybody has bad days, remember that. And no one ever smiles through it, either. And it's totally okay, for everyone, to just admit it.

But am I saying that you should look back on your day and feel miserable about everything that went wrong? No way! The basic lesson here is: not everything is always great, or even good, and yeah, sometimes you just have those days. And it's okay to feel bad about it, too. But basically, to live well, you've gotta find a balance of good and bad. For every bad thing, match it with two good things, even the most basic of things. For example, I did badly on that homework assignment, but we sang a cool song in chorus and I had Animal Crackers in my lunch. Something like that.

And to touch base with the religous tidbit: I tried to keep it low-key, and not go off on some religous tangent. I acknowledge that there is a variety of religous background here, and I accept you all- and, even though you might not know it for yourself, so does God. Coming from a different Religion doesn't change God's feelings about you, and I knwo that to be true. :)

Song of the day: You will be Found from Dear Evan Hansen

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Guys, can we please not debate on this thread about our different beliefs? I've already been through that on the CB, and it's not fun at all. We understand that there are some of you who do not have the same beliefs, such as you might not believe in God, but that doesn't mean that we should condescend (which probably isn't the best word to use in this situation) what others believe. 

Hope is just trying to spread love and good on the CB. She/he/they (sidenote: I'm sorry, I don't know what pronouns you use Hope. It sounds like a girl name to me, but I wish not to assume,) anyways, she/he/they are not trying to force beliefs on anyone by saying that they believe everyone is loved by God. 

Again, Hope is just trying to make the world a better place, and I believe that she did it on the CB, starting here. 

Please, let's not fight about whether God does love us or not.

None of us is trying to force anything on anyone.

Personally, I do believe that God loves each of us whether who we are, or what, or how we define ourselves. I have stated this before in a different post a while ago, which unfortuantely led many CBers to leave because their beliefs were challenged. I do hope this post doesn't become something like that. 

Anyways. Thank you to all who read this and listen. 

(Also thanks to Admins who read over each comment carefully so something like this doesn't come to be something ugly.)


Thank you so much for your post, it brightened my day. :) I agree with you. Life is a wonderful thing to be thankful for, and each and everyone has a purpose to fulfill in some way or another. 

Don't give up on spreading your message of love to others. I don't know whether you are younger or older than me, but I know that you can make a difference even if you felt like you couldn't once, and just by posting this, you made a difference in me-you helped remind me that everything is going to be ok. And that my Heavenly Father does truly love me. So keep on going. Keep spreading love and your testimony that God is there for others. Because it helps to spread light. And light is good. :) 

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Please guys, I don't think stating whether or not we're religious is the point of this thread. Let's just appreciate its message, 'kay? 

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Thank you. everyone who defended that little religous... disagreement, I guess we'll call it. I do want to make sure you all know, I don't respect any of you less because of religious differences, or think of you in a different way. I don't want to make anybody uncomfartable or annoyed at all; I want to spread a kind of hopeful message, and to me, that has a strong and direct connection to God. (@Joan, my pronouns are she/her. Thanks for being mindful of that, though. :))

Indeed, my goal is to give everybody a little strength, a little hope; and I think, since this is a thread of growing in positivity, it could also be a place to rant. To tell about what's bringing you down, so that others can try to bring you back up. Don't be afraid to dump on me/us: it'll make you feel better, and that way, I/we could give more specific advice.

So come with everything on your mind! Say it all! I'm here for anything you've got. :) 

quick message for today: keep going. It's going to be better someday, if you believe it can be.

Song of the day: Fight Song by Rachel Platten

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Thank you so much for these messages, Hope. Especially since Xmas is coming up it's so nice that you're spreading God's love and positivity on the CB. Made my day :)

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Thank you for writing that- it's such a beautiful sentiment, and I kind of needed to hear that today. I meant to say a little bit more in this comment, but I can't really find the words, so I just wanted to let you know that, you know, you helped. *hugs*

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*stiffles a yawn* been feeling a bit more tired than usual for the past few days... *shrugs* I suppose I'll go to bed early tonight. 

You're welcome, to everybody who said thank you, and thank you for taking the time to type out a comment with your gratitude. It means a lot to know I'm really doing what I set out to do. :)

The following is a loving poem for those who feel they get none:

Heart and All

when you just want to

cry but your eyes have long sinced

dried- come closer, my

dearest, let the tears

pour and i'll hold you so 

tightly and whisper all the

strength you need into your

ears and no matter

what i'll always 

love you, broken

heart and all 

A message for today: other people have a hard time too. They can deal with it in crazy ways, too, like being snarky or obnoxious or just plain weird. And just kind of think, they probably have a hard time of things, in the back of your head. This one is hard- I have a tough time with this too! But showing kindness to somebody who is treated poorly most of the time just might make their day. So, summary: You're not alone in your struggles. And a little kindness can go a long way. :)

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Thank you, Hope. Everything you've posted is just so sweet and amazing. I've also felt bad for not helping when people need advice, and I really love that you did this.

*hugs just because*

PS: I feel like everyone on the CB respects other peoples' beliefs, but sometimes we don't know when to let things go. I think now is one of those times. If those two sentences don't resonate with you (like me), then just ignore them and focus on the message.

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