Religion! Hi guys!!!

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Religion! Hi guys!!!

Hi guys!!! I'm new here and so excited to be here! I thought this thread could be about religion! I'm a Christian and I strongly believe in God! I believe He love us all and guides our decisions. I'm so proud to be a Christian and am a total Creationist. I believe there's no other explanation to how to world was created! I go to church and I love the sermons our pastor gives. I believe God has performed miracles for me. What's y'all's religion?!

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Hi Amy! Welcome to the Chatterbox!

I am a semi-practicing Jew. I don’t really believe in God, nor the whole Creation story. However, I’d be willing to believe that some divine power sparked the Big Bang, or something along those lines. I also sometimes believe that there’s, like, a spark in everyone that could be called God, but I’m currently in a not-really-believing-in-God phase.

I totally respect everyone’s viewpoints, whether I agree with them or not. (I do get annoyed when other people try to force their beliefs on me, though.)

I have a legitimately curious question for you. I keep hearing about the “Holy Trinity” or something. It’s the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, right? I get the first two, but I’ve never understood where this spirit came from. Could you explain that for me?

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First, welcome, Amy! I'm Luna-Starr, nice to meet you.

To answer your question, Kitten, the Holy Spirit is part of the Trinity, yeah, but unlike when you see depictions of Jesus or God, it's usually a dove or flame... that's because the spirit was never embodied by anything but a dove or flame. We don't quite know where it "comes from"... it's kind of like a divine force, I guess? Wow, explaining this is harder than I thought... 

The Catholic church (and maybe other religions, I'm not sure) teach that the Holy Spirit lives inside of everyone, kind of like your conscience, guiding you to do what's right.

The thing about the Holy Trinity is that no-one can explain it. It's a mystery. All three persons are one God, and they're different parts but at the same time not, and none are lesser than the others, and while one is actually called "god" that doesn't make them any more God than the others... but it's all still one single God. Yeah. It's not supposed to make sense. 

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The Holy Trinity is similar to Hindu beliefs. Hinduism follows one god (the Universal Spirit) who can appear in different forms to represent different aspects of life and the universe. The Holy Spirit is mostly just another form of God-- but I think it's supposed to be the aspect of Christianity that tells you to be good and holy, if that makes sense.

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@Kitten, how I would explain the Holy Spirit is that I believe there's a part of God that lives within. The Holy Spirit helps guide our decisions and helps us to do God's will. The Holy Spirit helps us makes decisions but it's our choice whether or not we want to listen to it.

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Thanks for the explanations, everyone!

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Hi Kitten!
I am a very active Catholic, and I can answer your question.
As an answer to your first question, the first two persons of the Trinity are the Father and the Son. The Holy Spririt is the third person of the Trinity, and it's true that it's often the hardest for people to understand. The Holy Spririt is the love between the Father and the Son. My dad once compared it to the way that people on sports teams refer to team spirits, the Holy Spirit is like the family spirit of God.
Hope that this was helpful and not too confusing!
If anyone has any other questions about Christianity, I would be happy to answer them.

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Hi Kitten! I'm Elatha. The Holy Spirit is the part of God who spoke/speaks through prophets and serves as a conscience so that even if you don't have a bunch of set moral laws, you still have an idea of what is immoral/moral. And in one of the Catholic creeds of faith, it says thet Jesus was "incarnare by the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary.

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Yo Amy B! Welcome to the CB.

I am a Christian and I believe in Creation. To me things like the Big Bang make no sense because well how can something come from nothing? However I am not sure of my views of evolution. I think that even with creation it might might might still be possible. Though maybe I don't understand it completely. Anyway I love being a Christian and I definitely believe in God, no matter what.  

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Hi there!

I'm a very loose Christian and I also believe in a lot of Buddhist stuff. Like for example, I believe in there being an enlightenment/Nirvana, and I also believe in reincarnation. I believe that the Big Bang Theory seems likely, but I'm certainly not ruling out the possibility that it was sparked by a divine action. I definitely believe in evolution, because evolution actually fits into most theories (including creation) pretty well. I don't believe the majority of the Creationist theory. I just feel like it doesn't make sense? But I'm not totally ruling it out, and I think certain parts of it are possibly real. I believe in God, but I don't really follow in Him? I guess I just don't really like the idea of someone other than me guiding my decisions and choosing my life for me. Honestly, when it comes to God I believe that He is not a He at all, but the thing that holds us together and brings life--not really something you can pray to or follow. So similar to Kitten's thing about God being a spark in us. 

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Hi Amy! 

I am a Christian, but I believe that religion is based entirely on human thought. Like, if you believe in a deity, he/she is entirely real because you have faith in them. Basically, I believe that any deity ever thought of is real because we humans believe in them and pray to them. I personally believe in God and practice Christianity, but I don't really believe in monotheism. 

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I think the idea with Christianity is that God made you, and He wants you to follow Him and believe in Him -but- he doesn't control your life and you are free to do whatever you wish--He doesn't really control your life in that sort of way and...well it's like, you're supposed to be independent. Idk how to explain it. I'm pretty sure there's a lot of Scripture to back me up but I haven't read the Bible that much and I'm horrible at quoting things haha

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Hi Leafy!
My (Catholic) beliefs on this subject:
God knows everyone better than they know themselves, and created them with a specific plan in mind for their lives. Although he doesn't control our lives, if we choose to follow his plan for us, it will be the thing that makes us happy on Earth. He is our loving father, and he knows exactly what we will like the best, and what will make us happiest. There are lots of choices and things that we have to do on earth, and it can seem like you are alone, but God is always there to be with you and guide you, helping you to make good decisions that will help you grow closer to him if you choose to.

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Hummingbird, you're amazing! <3

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Hi, Leafy! I am a dedicated Lutheran and love theology; my understanding is that God loves us and doesn't want us to be bad, but part of being "made in the image of God" is that we have free will, so if God were to take away all the sin and evil with the wave of His hand, then He would also be taking away out ability to choose between good and evil. I hope that made sense it is kinda confusuing.

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I'm nonpracticing Catholic--I believe in God and all of that but I don't go to church or pray, really. My mom is Catholic and goes to church and my dad is athiest (haha that's funnn), so I'm kinda in between. My mom homeschooled me until this year, (I'm going to public school right now) and so I learned about Christianity and stuff.

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