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Weird Teachers

Weird Teachers

So . . . do any of y'all have any weird or interesting teachers?

My history teacher is probably one of my best teachers, and I really like him but he's kinda strange. He has a full-on skeleton on his car that he dresses up as Santa Claus on Christmas, he has a ton of star wars, anime, harry potter, and fake historical souveneirs. He also claims he's an immortal being who drinks student tears for immortality.

My science teacher I mildly dislike usually sends people to the back of the room when they're talking. One time, someone started laughing at this person in the back of the room, and she said "No! Don't talk to them! They're dead to you, ignore them!" . . . it was . . . peculiar.

My math teacher lets us chew gum in class, enjoys football, dislikes shopping, and she specifically said to us, "You may whine, but only during whining time", which is after we get tests back.

I have some interesting teachers XD 

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I don't really have one. Oh my math teacher kept going to the math things I already did and every time I said that she was like "Well than it's review for you" and I'm like Frown

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My lit teacher last year was pretty wild. He's a very controversial teacher, by which I mean people tend to either love him or hate him. I fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, but I do have a friend who wrote her final about how he displayed signs of being a psychopath. Her main evidence (I think) was about how he seemed to "enjoy" (it was more of a teaching style, but) putting people in situations that made them uncomfortable, most notably the use of a microphone he kept in his classroom. Not only would you have to use this microphone if you talked too softly, but we also used it for karaoke, which we did twice in class, I believe. We were required to do karaoke in front of the entire class during our winter party, which also involved a secret santa, and it counted for participation points, which was worth a LOT in his class. He could also make coffee or tea in his room - we made coffee once in a while, actually - and during our art unit, we got to decorate the room any way we liked. By the end of it, there were umbrellas hanging from the light fixtures and tea bags hanging from the umbrellas. It was fun!

My current Latin teacher is also an interesting fellow. I'm not sure how much of his teenage years are CB-appropriate, but I can say that he got expelled from high school in his senior year! He wasn't a very good student behavior-wise, but his grades were impeccable. He ended up graduating anyway because he already had enough credits, and then he went straight to Ivy League. He also makes a VERY large amount of politics jokes during class (including having us read an article about quid pro quo because it was riddled with Latin phrases), and makes fun of the grade above us constantly because of how slow they are.

Those two are my weirdest, probably. But I have plenty of fun stories, haha.

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I have an English teacher who teaches a few AP and Pre-AP classes and gets seriously good results but he's also an interesting teacher. I can't really explain how, but he has a chaotic vibe and a soap box, which is a box covered in the Dove soap logo (for minor political opinion dropping) and talks in a very hard to explain way that isn't typical?

My AP Chemistry teacher continously reference Ferris Bueller's Day Off at us and gives us cookies and other food stuffs, but also is fed up with us because nobody wants to do math ever and we're all very dramatic about it. One guy in my class is always late and gets locked out of the class for around thirty seconds each day for being late and complaining about math.

My pre-AP World History teacher last year tried to make class more interesting by telling us stories. Like that he ate whole squirrels like corn on the cob with butter. It did work though.

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My social studies teacher loves to rant to us about things like women's rights, Trump, and politics in general, but I'm pretty sure she's gotten in trouble before for being too political, so she tries to stick to slightly more on-topic discussions. We all love the rants though.

One of the science teachers at our school makes lightsabers, plays D&D, and always wears the BEST costumes for Halloween.

Um, what else? We also call all our teachers by their first names.

A few years ago, we had a teacher who was fired mid-year for being sexist. At least, that's what I heard. Officially, he just never came back after winter break... 

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Ayy, we call our teachers by their first names too! :D

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One time my music teacher asked us to "raise your hand if you've been in love," and then raised his hand. And we all awkwardly sat there because even if we'd been in love we wouldn't confess it in music class. Also, the last week of school last year he wanted to play video games instead of doing work so we all played him (and lost). The only concession to music he made was that we had to write paragraphs on "how the video game soundtrack contributed to the enjoyability of gameplay."

A Spanish teacher got fired because she didn't like how students were tapping their pencils, so she duct-taped their hands to the desks. I think a different teacher also got fired, back in middle school, for hitting kids with a flyswatter. 

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Well, my math teacher's awesome. He likes skittles, and he calls circles "soikles," and on the last day before winter break, we had a game night. Stratego, Blokus, the works. It was pretty fun.

I also had this teacher a few years ago who was... not great, at least for me. She didn't really know how to give kids the right level of work for them, so everyone ended up doing work that was either too hard or too easy. And she always had page limits for how many pages we could write in our stories -- five pages maximum. I regularly wrote seven, and then I would have to cut down.

I know, I know, cutting down my word count is good for my writing, but I didn't like it at the time. (I still don't.) 

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Well I don't really have any weird teachers per se but I'm sharing a SUPER embarrassing encounter with a sub right.....NOW! 

So I'm in ELA. (for those of you who don't know, english language arts.) Our sub's name is Mr. Kevin. (I know, weird.) He tells us we're taking a spelling test, and to pull out a piece of loose leaf and number the lines. *cue depressed groans* I'm wondering, Should we skip lines or not? so I raise my hand to ask him. *cue suspenseful music* He says, "yes, sir?" (I'm a girl, though look like a boy. I'll elaborate in the introduce yourself thread.) My face is turning crimson and giggles are erupting. I know I've made class history. To make matters worse, some  I N S A N E L Y annoying kid with NO sympathy pipes up. "That's a guuurrrlll." Humiliation LITERALLY complete.

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Ooh . . . painful. My friend, that happened to her too, kinda. My gym teacher split us up into groups of girls and boys (one group went to do one activity, the other went to do another) and he was supposed to choose a boy and a girl to do rock-paper-scissors against each other, to decide who goes where, and he chose two of my friends, both girls.

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Bagel Princess-

Hah...yeah that happens to me. Tell them they're not alone! (P.S. this brightened my day. :)

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Most of my teachers are weird in some aspect, but the one that stands out the most was my art teacher I had a couple years ago. He's... kind of insane. Every time we left class he said, "Drive safe!" He keeps a giant jar of animal crackers in his room that people are allowed to snack on as they please, and sometimes he'd pull one out, lick the back, stick it to his forhead, and just continue with the lesson like everything's normal.

One time his tooth just FELL OUT in the middle of class, and he said, "Oh no, not again!" and stopped class to call his dentist. Then he asked if we wanted to pass it around the room and look at it. I don't take his class anymore but I've heard he hasn't gotten any less weird.

Other interesting teachers I've had include:

- My World Civ teacher last year, who first of all is very very short, has wildly curly red hair, and wears the same outfit every single day. He's the nerdy-quiet type and has a lot of Feelings about the Olduvai stone chopping tool. He also plays in a rock band. They get decent plays on Spotify. He's the drummer. He still lives with his mom.

- My current Chem teacher, who sweats profusely (he'll start the period in a nice crisp t-shirt and by the end it will be soaked through) and swears during class (which isn't actually uncommon). He likes to tell us horrifying stories about students who are careless during labs and end up dying and stuff. Once he gave us a whole speech about how dangerous the acid we were using in a lab could burn through our flesh, then in the demo proceeded to spill it ALL OVER THE COUNTER AND THE FLOOR and just went "whoops! I'll clean that up later." He also did this whole skit about wanting to drink milk... and another time made a student hold a jar with some stuff in it and then he lit it on fire and it exploded.

- My English teacher last year has been known to throw things at misbehaving students. She also doesn't know how to use a computer. Like she literally can't. She types with one finger and if she notices a typo she made earlier in a paragraph she deletes EVERYTHING up til that point. She's really scary and a notoriously hard grader, so when people email her it'll be like "I hope you are well, I am writing to inquire about the homework on page 29" etc etc very respectful and everything, and she'll respond "no (sent from my i pad)". 

There's also my 8th grade science sub, who moonlighted as an underwear model, appeared in several Pitbull music videos, and shaved his head for a Halloween costume... but that's a way longer story lol.

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@Icarus, my science teacher references Ferris Bueller's Day Off too!! I've never seen it though.

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Ooh, you should totally watch it! Ask you're parents first, though.

It's generally rated for ages 12 and up, mostly due to language. While it's considered a comedy classic, I don't care to watch/listen to such movies.


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I have a fairly weird science teacher. She's my oldest teacher, but I like her cause I like science. On the first day of school she told us she's obsessed with Minecraft music and she likes to play Fortnite. I already said she's. I already said she's my oldest teacher, right? Oh yeah, she also said we could all play fortnite on the last day of school. She's very...odd.


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