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World Introvert Day!F

World Introvert Day!

For those of you who don't know, January 2nd is World Introvert Day. It's a holiday celebrating all the introverts out there, and a day for people worldwide to understand and appreciate introverts. I'm not sure how many of you are introverts, but I'd say it's a fair number, probably even the majority, since introverts are known for loving to read and write. So here's to the ones whose mouths are quiet but whose minds are loud. Here's to the ones who would rather stay home and read than go to a party. Here's to the ones who have been called 'antisocial', accused of being 'too quiet', told to 'stop being shy'. Today I'd like to validate all you introverts. Introversion is not a flaw. It's not the same as being shy or antisocial. It only means you get your energy from being alone instead of being with people, as opposed to extroverts. Introverts comprise only one third of the population. We live in a world built for extroverts and a society that values socialization and outgoing-ness and strong, loud personalities. Introverts are too often misunderstood and undervalued. And in this kind of society, one that's built for extroverts, it can be easy to feel different, a misfit, like something must be wrong with you, just because you're introverted. I was lucky enough to grow up in a family of introverts who understand my introversion. But many are not so lucky. Many have been misunderstood all their lives, even put down for being introverted. Well, today, I'm here to tell you that those people are wrong. I'm here to tell you that introversion is not a weakness, but your greatest strength. 
And extroverts, celebrate the introverts in your life! Let them know they're valued for who they are! And if perhaps you've been misunderstanding them, make an effort to learn what introversion really means. 
Happy World Introvert Day!
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*does a small happy dance* 


While I classify myself as an ambrivert, I do think I am an introvert. I do not like social events, and I have this thing that I call my "social battery". Basically, if I stay at an event for to long without any friends, I get super nervous. About a month ago I was at a block party and I had an anxiety attack. I felt hot, even though it was like, 50 degrees (welcome to the South). It was like I coudn't breathe. 

So yeah, happy introvert day?

*quietly slips out*


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I know how you feel--I also have a social battery, and my introversion combined with my high sensitivity and my social anxiety, it seems to run out pretty quickly/easily. Speaking of which, not to sound therapist-y, but the anxiety attack you described actually sounds like social anxiety to me. 

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Secret, I know how you feel, though I never know how to describe it, so......thanks for that. My social battery+my fear of being shunned+my well-meaning ambivert/extrovert friends trying to launch me into the social stratosphere=me not feeling understood and an introvert. Anyway, you're not alone.Smile 

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INFPs rock! I'm officially an INFJ, but I've gotten INFP on several tests as well, so I think of myself as half INFJ, half INFP. 

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I'm a day late, but YAY! I didn't know this existed.

To the introverts! 

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Yay! (I'm an INTP. Recently retook the test and got over 70% introverted.)

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YASSSSSSSSS thank you Leeli for the wonderful, precious sentence, "I'm here to tell you that introversion is not a weakness, but your greatest strength." Someone write that on my tomb.

I've always considered myself an unpopular introvert. Which is great and I love it. But the terrifying truth that I may be an ambivert is creeping in. Soooo....I'm holding on to my love of reading and writing. And I have smothered my hands in glue. ALSO terrifying news: I may be popular.                          

Not to diss all the popular peeps out there, but everyone in my school is popular bc they are jerks. NO idea why. So since I've always been nice, artistic, and "quiet"(respactably) it was a huge shock when my friends (literally all of them) started telling me that I was in the land of The Popular. So that's weird. No idea why I'm ranting about being well-liked (sorry there are no good synonyms for popular).  A N Y W A Y , happy (late) World Introvert Day! CoolUndecided 

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Also no idea why it looks like that.

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I must apologize to you all. For about a year, I told you all that I was an ambivert. that was, though I was turning away from the truth of it, a total lie. I am most definitely an introvert and very much proud of it, because it is mostly awesome except for when I'm being unreasonably awkward!! Let's hear it for all of us introverts!!

On a related-ish note, what are your guys' Myers-Briggs types? I'm an INFJ, the rarest type in the world! 

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YES! *high-fives* INFJs ftw! We comprise only one percent of the population, so it's awesome to see another one out there. 

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Yeah, I'm INFP, the Mediator. (Of the turbulent veriety.) We make up 4% of the population- but we make up the percentage that includes Tolkien and Johnny Depp, so yah.

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