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New Year Resoluti

New Year Resolutions

I'm a little late with this, considering it's already January 4th, but I thought it might be fun to share/come up with some resolutions for the New Year! The whole "new year" deal is a pretty arbitrary distinction when you think about it, but it's a pretty useful time for self-analysis— and it's always good to have a fresh start, even if only mentally. Here are some resolutions I came up with for myself this year.

1) Experiment with new artistic mediums, like watercolor, pastels, and paint

2) Actually talk to and make an effort to maintain a friendship with [the guy I like] 

3) Reconnect with [my ex-best friend] and (re)befriend [some friends I lost touch with]. The goal is to be friends with people I genuinely like and not people I just like the idea of being friends with.

4) Wear my vintage dresses to school

5) Experiment with my outfits more— brighter colors, patterns, switch up the standard pieces and the way I pair them together (I really like fashion and putting together outfits, and I already try to be "different" with it, but this year I want to step out of my comfort zone a bit more)

6) Do a journal entry every day, and finish my journal (I have this system of journaling that I guess I made up where I write 3 good things that happened that day, 3 bad things, and 3 things to look forward to. It's nice bc it's quick and low effort but leaves room for me to write more if I want)

7) Write a song

8) Read a non-school book for at least 15 min a day (I already messed up on this one... I skipped yesterday. Oops. But I'm not giving up!)

9) Improve my self-image, whatever that means 

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Yeah, when you think about it, years are just a human construct. In fact, on the planet Mercury, years are shorter than days!

My New Year's resolution is to be brave and step outside of my comfort zone. 

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I sorta made resolutions this year, but not exactly--more just like goals and some things to achieve. I set some goals for myself last year, but didn't end up completing a lot of them, mostly because my priorities changed. This year I just sort of said that I wanted to improve myself, be productive, and do a lot of things on this big to-do list that I made for myself back in November--it's a lot of small AND large things that tie into getting better at art, writing, music, hopefully learning to act or getting into it, and developing my fashion style more. 

I love to make lists which is a good and bad thing but it does make me like to make lists of priorities and things haha

I love your resolution of wearing vintage dresses to school XD And I was thinking I'd like to do a journal as well, but I didn't know what I wanted to do for it and I feel like whenever I try to do a journal it ends up being so tedious. So I might try your idea if you don't mind. Also, why is #7 just one song? I thought you wrote at least two last year?? 

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I'd love for you to try my journaling method! Lmk how it goes!

About the song thing, the songs I wrote last year were just lyrics and a basic melody, and I'd like to fully write, record, and produce a song (which is a bigger project bc I have NO idea how to do audio production lol).

Ookz says tnope. Either he's not in a good mood or just wants me to watch Parks & Rec rn.

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Sure thing!

That's so cool, the song thing. Good luck!  

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For me, I want to focus more on being kind to those who maybe aren't all that kind to me. Mostly because I know that they aren't kind because of some other factor in their lives, eg. they feel alone/friendless, they don't have much confidence in themselves, etc. So I just want to spread a little more love in the world. :)

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Yay! Luna, that's really nice, i mean, I kind of knew you were doing it, but not really.

As for me, I don't usually make a resolution, though I just want to be a good person ^^ 

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