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Attention all Alter Egos and CAPTCHAs! You are cordially invited to a ball here on the CB. There will be dancing, a giant chocolate fountain, and any and all kinds of food that you can imagine. You may come with a partner, with a group, or by yourself. Please fill out this form to let me know that you will be attending. No CBers are allowed! 


CBer's name: 




Appearance (including what you're wearing to the ball):


Who you are coming with/partner (if applicable): 



I will post the charrie sheets for my Æs and CAPTCHA when this shows up. And we'll start whenever there are enough people who've joined!  

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Name: Apollo

CBer's name: Nyx


Gender: Male

Age: 15

Appearance: Spiky platinum blond hair, taller than Khione, but shorter than everyone else. Wearing black t-shirt, black jeans, and black motorcycling jacket.

Personality: Kind of shy, until he gets talking. That's pretty much all you need to know in this case.

Who you are coming with/partner (if applicable): His siblings, but their sheets'll be up in a little while bc I've been considering changing them a little bit. 

Other: n/a

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Name: Penny Packer!!!!

CBer's name: Sirfire

AE or Captcha:Ima AE!!!

Gender: Total girly-girl, girl!

Age: 11 and 3/4.

Appearence: Ha! Here we go. I'm on the short side, and thin and spry. My hair is chin-length and curls at the end. And what I'm wearing? I'm so glad you asked. My shirt is off both shoulders, with fringe on the off both shoulders part. At the bottom it looks like there are teeny tiny upside-down flames. Oh, and it's ombre with pink, red, and a touch of orange. My shorts are black spandex. They come down to just above my knees. I'm going to wear white boots with pink lines around the edges. 

Personality: I'm bubbly, bright, and love to laugh. A bit like Alex's AE, Maya. (Admin., sorry of I'm not allowed to reference other AEs or CBers.) Oh, and shipping is my passion(along with crushes and parties). 

Who you are coming with/partner(if applicable): I made Sirfire's other AE, Stargirl, come, so...

Other: You probably shouldn't give me too much of that chocolate. 

I can't WAIT for the party to start! Oh, Stargirl's form is (should be) below. See you all super soon!!!!!

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*grimaces* Hiiiiiii. Here's my form for the ball. (Unfortunetly).

Name: Eh..Stargirl, but you can call me, um, Star.

CBer's name: Sirfire


Gender: Girl

Age: 12-ish

Appearance: Tall and slender. My general appearance is described in Sirfire's thread titled "MY FIRST AE!!!!!(Sorry Bagel Princess)". To the ball, I'll be wearing a very flowy and layered deep amber yellow dress with tints of orange. Quite simalar to Frances from "The Prince and the Dressmaker"'s first design for Prince Sebastian. Um...I'll have on orange flats. My hair will be kind of..wafting around, if that makes sense.

Personality: Again, that is described in the thread mentioned above. But, I guess quiet and thoughtful. And, as I hear, smart.

Who you are coming with, blah blah blah: Penny (Sirfire's other AE) is making me go.

Other: Not much.

Um, well, I'll see you all there! See you later. 

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A ball?? Awesome!!!

Name: Maya

CBer's name: Alex


Gender: girl

Age: 13

Appearance (including what you're wearing to the ball): For not ball stuff: Green hoodie, blue leggings and ballet flat-ish shoes.   For the ball:  A shimmering mint green dress that goes down to her ankles.  And white ballet flats to go with it.  She has long brown hair that comes down like bangs on both sides of her head (Once again, hard to explain.) Blue eyes.  About.... 5' 5''? (Not sure about this as I never thought of it)

Personality:  Super bubbly and happy and bright.  She is always smiling and loves being happy and making others smile.

No partners or other. 

Yippee! I better start preparing!



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Someone rang?

Be quiet Alec, we need to fill out a sheet. You okay with that Bella?

Yeah, Ara. Are you OKAY with that? *Dryly sarcastic*

I'm good... Thanks...

»I'll come to keep an eye on all of you.«


Name: Alec.

Cber's Name: Annoying—


Fine. Luminara. 


Gender: Male.

Age: About sixteen.

Appearance: I shall be wearing a navy blue tuxedo at the ball. A white polo shirt under, a red tie, black dress pants, and black dress shoes. My hair is a light brown (usually really messy) and I have grey-green eyes.

Personality: Implusive and annoying, honestly. I'm very random, talkative, and loud. People call me a loud mouth. I can be less annoying sometimes, usually in public, but whenever I'm around Magdalene, I'm way too annoying. I like to throw and grab random stuff. *Throws trash bin at the window*

Who you are coming with/partner: I'll be coming with *COUGH* Annoying *COUGH* Magdalene, Dexter, and Arabella.

Other: *Shrugs*


Name: Magdalene

Cber's name: Luminara.


Gender: Female.

Age: Seventeen.

Appearance: I have dirty-blonde hair, shoulder blade length. I have grey eyes. I'll be wearing a purple satin dress, handmade by Luminara. I'll be wearing a purple Raffia hat. I'll also be wearing black flat shoes.

Personality: I'll be childish only with Alec. I'm kind of responsible, don't put all the trust on me, though. I'm prim and proper when I'd like to be. I'm not very quiet, but I'm not loud.

Who are you coming with/partner: Alec, Dexter, and Arabella.

Other: Not really, no. I'm not really a good dancer, though.


Name: Arabella...

Cber's Name: Luminara...


Gender: Female...!

Age: Actually Dexter, I'm eleven and one twenty ninth!

»Right, sorry Arabella.« 

Appearance: I'm extremely short. I'm 4 feet tall.. I have hazel coloured hair with light brown highlights. My hair is usually in pigtails, French braided pigtails, in French braid space buns. When it's down, it's waist length. I have dark brown freckles, pale-ish skin... oh! Green-ish grey eyes. I usually wear a braided string bracelet, white coloured. I'll be coming in a light dust pink 1950's floral embroidery dress, I'll be wearing white satin gloves, and a pastel coloured flower crown. I'll be wearing white flat shoes with small little bows on them. I'll be bringing a small, white shoulder bag. In it will be a small book I'd probably read when I'm off to the side..

Personality: I'm usually quiet and I like to stay maybe to the side of things. I barely talk. I like to stay to the side of crowded spaces, not getting in anyone's way. I enjoy reading, anime, and drawing. I love hot chocolate and tea! I'm very hesitant, very quiet, and very slow at talking...

Who are you coming with/partner: I'll be coming with Magdalene, Alec, and Dexter...!

Other: I'm allergic to peanuts and treenuts, pollen, and latex.


Name: »Dexter.«

Cber's Name: »Luminara«


Gender: »I prefer to be an ‘it’, a ‘they’, or a ‘them’. (I'm gender neutral)«

Age: »I'm about sixteen.«

Appearance: » I'm average height. I have rustic orange/red hair (tidy kept), freckles, and hazel eyes. I'll be wearing a black tuxedo with a blue polo, a striped tie with a light blue and a darker blue, black dress pants, and black dress shoes. I'll be wearing a golden watch on my right wrist.«

Personality: »I'd consider myself to be nice and responsible. I'm probably the most boring AE, ever. I'm usually very boring, I enjoy reading, quiet spaces, and knowledge. I have pure common sense. I have a library of books Luminara's house. I'm usually prepared and I'm always carrying around a small pocket map if we ever get lost. I like when things are perfect, and I have OCD. I'm also aromantic, thank you. I barely eat in public, being allergic to most things.«

Who are you coming with/partner: »Alec, Arabella, and Magdalene.«

Other: »I'm allergic to food dye, flower dye, pollen, peanuts, dairy, latex, and tree nuts.«

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Oh look, another AE ball! 

I know what you're thinking but don't. I felt so uncomfortable last ball...

What about your research?

Well... I can't do it! I just can't! I can't even muster up the courage and no one to help me and.... shes right behind me, isnt she?

I CAN HELP! I'm the best person there is to have people be socialized with! I'll help you, I promise!

Dusk, please tell me you're going with me.

Nope. This is an AE ball after all. Have fun! *smiles maliciously and shuts the door*


Aw, it won't be bad. I was going to go anyway. Theres someone named Penny Packer who could be my new friends! She sounds like me!

Except perhaps less annoying.

Thank you for the compliment! Lets go fill our charrie sheets out!


Name: Lollipop! At least, I wished it could be. Maybe that could be my middle name. Sally Lollipop insert last name here! But my actual name is Sally. At'cha service! 

CBer's name: A sunset sky! A sky! The sky is a CBer! Bet'cha didn't know that! The actual sky is our CBer- *Alice whispers in Sally's ear* Wait. Wait what? Dusk Sky is a PERSON?! Mind blown! Wow!... Bet'cha didn't know that either, huh? But yeah, we are owned by Dusk Sky the human!

AE or captcha: Well, obviously I'm an Alligator Elephant. That's what AE stands for, right?

Gender: I identify as an attack helicopter. And also a girl.

Age: I am older than time itself... I am older than the entire universe.... I posess more knowledge because of my vast treasury of memories... so what is my age, you ask? 10!

Appearance: I have large blue eyes! And freckles all over my face! And usually, my long blonde hair is in a ponytail, but I've decided to let it down tonight! Now, my hair reaches to right over my shoulders, and its super thick and curly! Tonight, I am wearing a silver and glittery dress! It has glitter all over! I am wearing silver mary janes, which unfortunately don't light up :(. Alice says I can't wear rainbow logos and stuff to a fancy party. But at least I have glitter!

Personality: I'm bubbly! I'm happy! I'm every single synonym of happy! I'm positive and social and postive and extrovert and positive and oblivious and positive and hardly ever angry and positive and inclusive and positive and a tad bit annoying! Did I mention I was positive? And positive and-

Who are you coming with/partner: Alice! My sister who totally hates social gatherings but is doing it for research!

Other: I can be shipped with males. And Alice, can we bring-

Sally, you know we didn't bring it last time.

We didn't? Why?

Because its a fancy party and...

Oh yeah, the whole 'no other AEs have pets' thing. But they should! It would be nice!

But still, as it stands... no Snowy.


Name: Alice

CBer's name: Dusk S. or Dusk Sky

AE or captcha: AE

Gender: female. 

Age: 14

Appearance: Pale white skin. Blue eyes, the same color as Sally's. Long straight blonde hair, just a few inches longer than Sally's let-down hair. Indigo-colored glasses. A sky-blue dress with ruffs on the end of the dress that is really confy. Light blue mary janes.

Personality: Extremely introvert, responsible, cautious, reasonable in thinking, Shy, doesn't like attention drawn to self, Loves science and research, Quiet.

Who are you coming with/partner: Sally.

Other: I hate saying this, but Dusk says it would be good for me, so I'm open with boys around my age.


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SALLY! I'd love to be your friend thank you very much!!!!! Lalalalalalalalaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha! That was SO fun. I'll see you there!!! Byyyyyyeeeeeeeeeee-oh, hey Alice. 


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Name: Download

CBer's Name: Sybill

AE or Captcha: AE

Gender: Female

Age: Appears to be teenager-ish. (Like, somewhere in the range of fourteen to eighteen.)

Appearance: Soft, pale skin and pure black eyes. Skin is covered in little black lightning bolts. My hair is crimson and for this occasion, put up in a small but elegant bun, complete with white flowers. I'll be wearing a pink kimono style dress, with white flower designs on it. 

Personality: Calm, and kind. Very patient. Not much fazes me.

Who are you coming with/partner: Hopefully, Song, Luna-Starr's AE.

Other: Shipped with Song. 

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Name: Vivian

CBer's name: Nyx


Gender: Female

Age: 17

Appearance: Very very tall, very long ginger-gold hair in a fancy french braid that reaches her ankles, hazel eyes, very thin and lithe. Wearing a navy blue, snug sleeveless dress that goes down to a little past her knees, and black lace-up high heels that thankfully aren't very tall. Also wearing silver heart earrings and a silver necklace with a fancy twisty heart pendant.

Personality: Pretty bold and outgoing, easy to make friends with, enjoys hanging out with other AEs, can be a little shy and blushy around a certain AE-- 


Fine! Jeez.  

Who you are coming with/partner (if applicable): Her siblings. 

Other: I believe she's in a love angle with Porcelain Dragon's AE Lux and Agent Winter's AE Glass? I mean correct me if I'm wrong. 


Name: Niko 

CBer's name: Nyx


Gender: Male

Age: 17 

Appearance: Slightly shorter than Nyx and Vivian, short, straight tousled black hair, black eyes, very pale skin. Wearing a white dress shirt, black dress pants, and black jacket. If you've read The Kane Chronicles Graphic Novels, think Anubis.

Personality: Wary, but very trustworthy, and loyal. However, he has a tendancy to withdraw drastically if angered greatly, and he has a relatively short temper. 

Who you are coming with/partner (if applicable): His siblings. 

Other: Open to shipping with girls his age and a little younger. Also, he's partially colorblind. 


Name: Alex

CBer's name: Nyx


Gender: Male

Age: 15

Appearance: Shortish messy blond hair, lightish skin tone, freckles, blue/green eyes, pretty short for his age. Wearing brand new dark blue jeans, and a red-orange plaid short-sleeved shirt.

Personality: Can be a little hyperactive at times, especially when he's had too much sugar/caffiene. Enthusiastic about almost anything, very friendly. 

Who you are coming with/partner (if applicable): His siblings.

Other: Open to shipping with girls around his age. 

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My charries are coming soon!!

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Your first ball! How exciting is this?

You guys have balls? Whoa.

Name: Tiffany 

CBer's name: Gracia


Gender: Female

Age: In my mid-teens

Appearance (including what you're wearing to the ball): So I have sort of long light brown hair with natural blonde highlights, which I'll put in beach waves and do this complicated braid bun thingy in part of the back. It's an art. I have tanned skin, and longer nails which I'll paint the same color of the dress I'm wearing (pictured below). I'll also have matching 4-inch high heels. I have blue eyes! For my makeup, I'll do a shimmery gold eyeshadow on my eyelids, mascara, a natural glossy lip color, and highlighter. I won't wear foundation or concealer (best not to try anything too different for my first ball), and I have freckles. I'll also wear gold dangly earrings and a gold bracelet.

Personality: I can come off as either a very sweet person, but I'm definitely not a saint. I'm kind of judgy, I guess? And a little sassy. And kind of manipulative. Yeah, I should probably stop talking now.

Who you are coming with/partner (if applicable): n/a

Other: Well, I'm open to shipping, I guess. Oh! And I glow. Like, I literally glow. There is light coming off me at all times. Not, like, really blinding light. Just a little sparkle.



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Name: Song

CBer's name: Luna


Gender: nonbinary, they/them

Age: about 16ish

Appearance (including what you're wearing to the ball): dark skin, eyes that change from emerald green to sea blue, chest-length curly emerald green hair, tall and skinny. For the ball they're wearing an off-the-shoulders, short-sleeved, midnight blue romper with colorful flower patterns across the collar. They're also wearing a rainbow flower crown they made themselves. Oh, and no shoes.

Personality: Song represents who I am in my soul. They’re introverted, humble, thoughtful, empathetic, and concerned about how many people are suffering. They feel guilty about having so much in their own life and try very hard to be as thankful as they can and give to others. They strive to be brave and helpful, and don't give themselves credit when they are. They’re pretty awkward, but they’re fine once they get comfortable with that person. They worry about being a burden, probably far too much. They love nature, and like to sing, fold origami, and doodle. They look for the beauty in little things, and they’re totally an old soul. Song is a sweet bean, but they often dwell on the past, mostly on their mistakes or what they wish they would have done. Has firm beliefs, but can’t normally bring themselves to defend them to someone who disagrees with them. Myers-Briggs type: INFP.

Who you are coming with/partner (if applicable): Sybill's Download

Other: can change into a parrot, though rarely does.

Name: Sage

CBer's name: Luna


Gender: female, she/her

Age: ageless, but approximately 12 in appearance

Appearance (including what you're wearing to the ball): Fair skin; five foot six inches; kinda skinny; long, slightly dirty blonde hair, usually in a high ponytail (that's been braided for the ball) hazel eyes; black glasses. She's wearing black boots, black leggings, a shortish, pleated red foe-leather skirt, and a short-sleeved, dark green shirt that's halfway tucked into her skirt.

Personality: Sage is the part of me that loves adventure, laughing with friends, and making up weird jokes. She adores nonsense and craves fun at all times. She hates being cooped up and would much rather be swinging from vines in a jungle, climbing rocks, and having fun at amusement parks. She's loud and kind of obnoxious. She loves weird inside jokes and junk food. Never really serious. Somewhat insane. A definite tomboy, hates girly stuff. Myers-Briggs: ENFP.

Who you are coming with/partner (if applicable): Is shipped with Pzun, who has been MIA for a long time now.

Other: Nnnnnope.

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ooh! this looks like fun. 

Name: Patrick

CBer's name: cerinthe

AE or Captcha? AE

Gender: Male

Age: 13-15

Appearance: darn i don't remember. Okay, how about pale-ish skin, blond hair, and blue eyes. And acne. He's gonna wear (entirely against his will) a dark blue tux. Oh, and a beanie, since he likes those.

Personality: Loves to make fun of people's names. Attracted to violence and darkness. Overall, pretty nasty, and gives in easily to things. Is most comfortable (and the nicest) at home/around ppl he knows. 

Group: my other AEs

Other: idk


Name: Daisy

CBer's name: cerinthe

AE or Captcha? AE

Age: 12-14ish

Gender: Female 

Appearance: Black hair & blue eyes, slightly pudgy. Mild lavender and gold gown.

Personality: Very welcoming and friendly, a teensy bit shy. Very polite and considerate, but has a streak of feistiness. Loves to dance. 

Group:  my other AEs

Other: nothing


Name: Emerald Frost 

CBer's name: cerinthe

AE or Captcha? AE

Age: Ageless

Gender: Female

Appearance: short (i guess) blonde hair, very pale skin, dark green eyes, tall and slender. Is wearing a silver and dark green tuni (kinda like the top of Sleeping Beauty's dress in design), green leggings and black boots with silver edging.

Personality: Very private and keeps herself pretty calm at all times, though on the inside she is an emotional storm. The only emotions she really shows in public are dreamy and annoyed, so she seems kind of standoffish. Slightly nerdy and is the "mom" of the group. Also: good at sarcasm. 

Group: my other AEs

Other: has ice powers

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I'll bring both my AE and my captcha, if that's okay! Also, I apologize if i forget about this, I'm kinda bad at these......but I bet it'll be fun! P.S. Harper is my new AE!

Hey guys!

Phox:*pulls out earbeads* "hhmmm?"

Adelaide: yes?

Harper: yeah???

You're going to a ball!

Phox:*freaks out*

Adelaide: oh, cool!

Haqrper: Yass!!! *Jumps up and down and screeches* 

Name: Phox 

CBer's name: Spellbound

Æ or CAPTCHA?: Captcha

Gender: Female

Age: hmm....I uh-I don't know if i gave her an age but maybe 9?

Appearance (including what you're wearing to the ball): really long red hair, fox ears, foxtail and white wings. Pale skin, shiny gold eyes and freckles across cheeks and nose. Pink lipstick, light eyeshadow, and blush. For clothes, a white top with gold sparkles speckled about, and gold sleeve straps. shorts(white and gold) with a layered skirt that goes out on the side, showing the shorts. gold shoes with a small heel and gold earings, bracelets, and necklace.

Personality: Happy, calm, and kind. Likes to help and talk to people. Likes listening and reading books online. Smart and likeable. Likes to sing.

Who you are coming with/partner (if applicable): do you mean like a date, or just a friend? If it's friend, yes, Adelaide and Harper.

Other: nah


I'll post Adelaide and Harper's sheets later, amd maybe pitures of the outfits, but right now i have to go.

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I forgot to mention, Phox is open to shipping with either genders around her age.

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