Hey. So, I've

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Hey. So, I've

Hey. So, I've been thinking about my AEs.

What about us?

Hey, I didn't call you guys in yet. 


Anyway. Lately I've been experiencing a lot of emotional problems, which I won't go into right now, but long story short is I'm changing My AEs a bit, just to see how it goes. Not all of them, and not a whole lot, but a little. So here's my AEs' new sheets (P.S. The stuff that stayed the same about them is in their... speak (i.e. italics, bold, etc.), and the stuff that changed is in normal text, and if their name changed I'll specify who it was before. (If one of the things that changed is their gender, it is not bc they are gender-fluid or a similar thing. It is bc I have decided to make them a different gender.)):

NAME: Ap0ll0

AGE: 15


PERSONALITY: C4n b3 4 l1ttl3 shy 4t t1m3s, but n0t 4 wh0l3 l0t. 1s m0stly 0nly shy 1f h3's 1n 4 n3w 3nv1r0m3nt. R3l4t1v3ly t4lk4t1v3. 

APPEARANCE: Sp1ky pl4t1num bl0nd h41r, st0rmy gr4y 3y3s, t4ll3r th4n Kh10n3, but sl1ghtly sh0rt3r th4n 3v3ry0n3 3ls3. W34rs bl4ck t-sh1rt, bl4ck j34ns, bl4ck l34th3r b00ts, 4nd bl4ck m0t0rcycl1ng j4ck3t.

SHIPPING: 0p3n t0 g1rls 0nl3y

SPEAKS IN: Numb3r1ng. 

OTHER: n/a


NAME: Vivian

AGE: 17

GENDER/PRONOUNS: Female, she/her

PERSONALITY: Pretty bold and outgoing, easy to make friends with, enjoys hanging out with other AEs, can be a little shy and blushy around a certain AE-- 

APPEARANCE: Very very tall, very long ginger-gold hair kept in a braid that reaches her ankles, hazel eyes, very thin and lithe, often wears snug tank tops, short jean shorts, and knee-high lace-up boots.


SPEAKS IN: Italics.

OTHER: n/a


NAME: Niko (Formerly Rhaksha)

AGE: 17


PERSONALITY: Wary, but very trustworthy, and loyal. However, he has a tendancy to withdraw drastically if angered greatly, and he has a relatively short temper. 

APPEARANCE: Slightly shorter than Nyx and Vivian, short, straight tousled black hair, black eyes, very pale skin. Often wears dark grey t-shirt and black hoodie, and dark blue jeans with gray sneakers. If you've read The Kane Chronicles Graphic Novels, think Anubis.

SHIPPING: Open to girls about his age. 

SPEAKS IN: Bolditalics

OTHER: Relatiely colorblind. 


NAME: Alex (Formerly Khione) 

AGE: 15

GENDER/PRONOUNS: Male, he/him 

PERSONALITY: Can be a little hyperactive at times, especially when he's had too much sugar/caffiene. Enthusiastic about almost anything, very friendly. 

APPEARANCE: Shortish messy blond hair, lightish skin tone, freckles, blue/green eyes, pretty short for his age, often wears and orange or other bright-colored t-shirt, a bright green hoodie that (ironically) says P!nk across the front, jeans, and neon-colored sneakers. 

SHIPPING: Open to girls his age. 


OTHER: n/a

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How come I didn't see this until now??

Do you remember me, Niko?

*Whispering as he watches Nihil and Niko* This could be fine or it could go REALLY BADLY. 

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(January 23, 2020 - 5:33 pm)

Yeah, I remember you, Nihil! I'm pretty sure me and Alex kept all our memories, since pretty much all that changed about us was out genders and our appearances.


*smiling* Although Alex's brain may have been scrambled.

He was always like that though, wasn't he?

Good point.  

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(January 25, 2020 - 2:49 pm)

I'm glad of that.

*Breathes a sigh of relief* 

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*notices Lux sighing in relief and winks*

*sees Vivian wink* *winks rapidly with both eyes*  

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TOP please! Wheeps, I didn't realize this had been posted on!

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AES ARE EVERYWHERE. Do you think it's an alien invasion?? I do!! Wow, it's great to re-meet you!! I've seen you guys around before!! I'm Sage!!

I think I have a headache.

Does it prevent you from introducing yourself?

Very clever of you to use my own smart-alek comment against me. *Sighs* Hello, everyone, I'm Estrella.

And I'm Song... nice to meet you all! 

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Nice to re-meet you all! I'm Alex! 


No, Alex!

I know you're Alex, Alex, but I'm Niko.


I think you know me and Apollo already. We didn't really change. I'm Vivian, though.


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(@Nyx I left a post on Let's Play House for you to continue.)

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(Okay thx) 

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