Mortality? Hard t

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Mortality? Hard t

Mortality? Hard to explain....

So anyway I've been feeling kind of dream-like these past few days, maybe because I've been sick, and like, watching everyone go about their day because it seems like SO WEIRD once you think about all these different people and their lives.. like, did God or Allah or Buddah make all these people? And if so, why? Are we just like their little dolls, and whatever we do leads to something bigger and bigger and BIGGER so it's just like this one of those "If you pick to do so-and-so, go to page 50. If not, go to page 64" books? But you can't go back?  Anyway I have to go but I'll elaborate later. 

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*rant warning* 

I know right? I just read a passage from Wonder by R.J. Palacio. The perspective was Justin's (honestly, he's my favorite character). It was talking about how the universe wasn't kind to Auggie Pullman. But how can the universe be kind? Is the universe just a giant lottery where you buy a ticket and hope it's good? Or is their more depth? Do we even matter? How do we make our mark? What if we try to do something good and it turns out bad? If this happens, then the universe can't be a lottery because lottery tickets are either one or the other. So then what is the universe? And does it look out for us? I think it does. I think the universe looks out for all its creations. 

I just ended that like it was an essay. . . 

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Hey! Justinis my favorite character too! (Sorry for getting off topic) I agree with you. It is so hard to think about all of the possibilities and stuff...

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Why did God/the Creator make people? Well, I'm not sure if this is a rhetorical question, but I'm going to answer it like it isn't.

The answer is simple and complicated at the same time.

I think God created man for a purpose, so that he and man could be one. We're made in God's image in the same way that a glove is made to fit a hand. Everyone experiences feeling empty and unsatisfied at some point in their lives, and this is because we have a God shaped hole in our heart that wants to be filled.

There is a bit more to it, concerning man's fall and the process God went through (and is going through) to overcome the barrier, but I'll just leave it at that. Feel free to ask me about it, though. I may not be the most knowledgable person out there concerning this, but I will try my best to explain according to my experience with God. 

@Admins, I hope that it's ok that I have posted this. I am not trying to force my beliefs and experiences on anyone and I just wanted to share.

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