AEs and Captchas.So,

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AEs and Captchas.So,

AEs and Captchas.

So, I've been thinking about my AEs and my Captcha, Phox. I Want to change my AE, Harper, from being gender fluid, to being female. But, then Ethan would be the only boy. But I also want a new captcha, soooo......

Basically, instead of doing what I did with Phox, where I came up with a character, and them=n a name that I picked, I'm going to let the actual captcha choose, andthen create a character around it.

Before I do that, though, do you think I should change Phox's naname to something with five letters? If so, what? I want top keep it so it sounds like the animal fox, but I'm open to suggestions!

And without further ado, here goes nothing.


hmm....not quite, but maybe if there's nothing better.






no thanks


umm, not the best



(years later) 





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(March 20, 2020 - 8:25 am)

I didn't really have a Captcha until one day she said Cairi, so that's her name. I feel like if you keep trying to make it say something on purpose, it won't work.



Oh no! Cairi picked a new name! Um, everyone, meet Zoxie? No, Zexie. Hmmm...I think I like Cairi better.


Hey, Cairi, watch your language! 

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(March 20, 2020 - 9:16 am)

Lol, I acidenlty typed the right captcha, so it submitted, so I'm going to finish it here:









coats? You know, maybe.


getting closer, I guess




um, no






hmm, what about yetip? I don't know... 




Yes! Finally! I'm going to name you Tumble! I know technically that's not what it said, but....

Ok, Tumble. Hmm.....

I'm thinking an tiny, adorable porcupine with a huge smile and the biggest, cutest eyes. He usually perches on my shoulder, or my AE's shoulder, or Phox's shoulder. He is really happy, optimistic, and sweet. He's kind to everyone and has a cut squeaky voice. He can be a little shy.

So, Tumble, say hi!

<Um...hii!> <nicet> <omeet> <yoouu!> 







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so many spelling mistakes, I'm so sorry!

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Eh, it's okay to have a mostly-female crew. Estrella, Sage and I are girls; my CAPTCHA Boo is a boy; and Song is neither. But that's cool if it's what you want to do!

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I don't have one yet, I might neeed to try it!

<ovfmp> I see that someone's excited about the Fan Mail Pit!

<aphfr> an aphid? what? 

<tmoct> well, getting closer

<agfwo> that makes no sense 

some of them aren't even worth mentioning

<ayiuh> Aaliyah, perhaps? Or Aliya?

<xfgcu> no. just no.

<phdem> Fandom? Phantom? Ooh, I like Phantom.

<uekik> You kick? 

<ogbno> Ogden Morrow. 8)    

<fentz> Ok, that actually sound like a real name....

<rahna> Yeah! 

After years of trial and error, here are my choices: Phantom and Rahna. Aliya and fentz might come along later, but who knows? I like this thread!! 

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