AE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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AE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I noticed that the AE ball Leafy started kinda, well, died. And I was sad. So I’m starting an AE pool party with everything you can think of. Candy, ice cream, junk food and healthy food, games, yeah, whatever you want. I’m too lazy to create a form, so just put stuff like Age, Appearance, Gender, Shipping, and whatever else you think is important. CAPTCHAS and CAPTCHAES are welcome as well. Have fun! I’ll post my characters in a little bit.  

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Cool! I'll bring my Æs, Night, Sam, and Reese! 

Name: Night Vision, but please call me Night.

Age: Æs are ageless, but I look about 14.  

Gender: Female 

Appearance: I have short black hair with an undercut and blue streaks, and dark blue eyes with constellations in them. I usually wear a black hoodie and blue workout leggings, but for the pool party I'll wear a one-piece black swimsuit with silver moons and stars on it. 

Personality: Well, I'm kinda introverted, and I've been known to be a bit anxious. I'm pretty nerdy, and I love video games and drawing. I don't have a lot of friends, because I'm not great at making friends, but I want to try and make friends at this party.  

Shipping: Open for shipping, I guess...

Other: I'm telepathic and I can "speak" in people's heads, usually in their dreams. It's kinda weird.

Name: Reese

Age: I look about as old as Night. 

Gender: Female

Appearance: I have short, spiky black hair and yellow eyes that look like cat eyes. I usually wear a black crop top with a teal and silver spray paint-style moon on it, ripped black jeans, and black sneakers. I also wear a silver hoop earring that controls my shapeshifting power-- oh yeah, I can shapeshift into a cat. In my cat form, I'm a longhaired black cat with yellow eyes, and I still wear the earring. Uh, anyway, since it's a pool party I'll wear a dark blue two-piece swimsuit with black stripes.

Personality: I'm exuberant, energetic, and totally awesome! I've been known to be a bit impulsive, but I don't see why that's a bad thing! I love graffiti art and skateboarding, and I'm an extrovert so this party is going to be EPIC! 

Shipping: NO. I had a bad experience last time I was shipped with someone...

Other: I mentioned I can shapeshift into a cat, right? 

Well, I suppose I'll have to come as well, as it is my duty to keep my sisters out of trouble. *sigh* 

Name: Samantha, though I go by Sam.

Age: I look 16 or so. 

Gender: Female.

Appearance: I have short blue hair and blue eyes, and very pale skin. I control wind, so I can float and I often have a slight breeze moving around me. I usually wear sweaters and leggings or jeans. I will not be going in the water, so I will not bring a swimsuit. 


*rolls eyes* Fine. I'll bring a dark blue swimsuit with ruffles on the front. It is unlikely that I will go in the pool, though. 

Personality: I've been told I'm a bit bossy, but I am the boss, after all. I'm smart, and I tend to keep a cool head, but I'm very protective of my sisters so if anyone even thinks about being mean to them I'll lose my temper completely. I like to stay in the background, but I wouldn't say I'm introverted. 

Shipping: *sigh* Fine, I am open.  

Other: I can control wind. 




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Name: Kitty

Age: 1 1/2 months

Gender: Female

Appearance: I am a white Persian kitten, and I wear a pink kitten sized dress with a bow on my tail. I have BIG deep blue eyes and a kitten sized tiara. I also wear kitten sized ballet slippers.

Personality: I can be fierce. I can be sweet. It depends.

Shipping: Other male kittens my age please.

Other: Will there be Gummy Bears? 

#Hmm. Cool.#

Name: #Gemstone.#

Age: #About 1 1/3 months, but I sound like an adult.#

Gender: #Female#

Appearance: #I'm a white Jewel dragon, which means that I have Lapiz Lazuli colored gems on my wings, tail, top of my head, and the top of my paws. I have light blue wings that are 5 inches across and 10 inches wide, so I'm a pretty good flier. I have light gold eyes and I have a blue tail.#

Personality: #I can be sensible, friendly, and serious. I also act like an adult, except if there are cream pufs. I LOVE cream puffs.#

Shipping: #I would like to be friends with other dragons or any of the other AE's.#

Other: #Will there be cream puffs?#

~Well, I've never been to a party before!~

Name: ~Squeaky. Just, don't call me Squeak-Master.~

Age: ~About 1 month.~

Gender: ~Male.~

Appearance: ~I looke like a regular hedgehog, except I have royal blue eyes.~

Personality: ~I am calm, sensitive, and friendly. I also like cookies.~

Shipping: ~If Tumble comes, I would like to be friends with him please.~

Other: ~I like to eat everything, so if you see me munching on a table cloth, just know that I didn't have lunch. Sorry.~



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Oh, wait! Kitty, do you have a bathing suit?

Yep! Do you like it? It's a pretty pink and it has ruffles on the waist.

~I have no bathing suits. They always seem to get holes in them. But, I'll wear swim trunks, baby hedgehog sized.~

#I can never find one dragon sized. Em, do you have a bathing suiit for me?#

Um, yep! Here! It's Lapuz Lazuli and gold colored.


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We interrupt this broadcast with an important announcement. I am getting two cats! A kitten and her mom! The kitten’s name is Luna, after the girl who drank the moon. I’ll attach a picture. Eek I’m so excited! And Em, don’t freak out too much ;);)

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(May 6, 2020 - 12:24 pm)

Oh my goodness! They are SO CUTE!!! You are so lucky. What's the mom's name?

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Right now her name is Ari, but we’re not sure that we are going to keep it that way. Luna’s original name was Molly, which is cute, but we like Luna better. (Personally I like Ari, but the rest of my fam isn’t so sure) I had book club today (over video) and I kept thinking about how nice it would be to have a kitten or a cat sitting in my lap. We already have a cat, but she’s not one for snuggling, and our dog is too long to fit in someone’s lap. I will post updates! 

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I like the name Ari too. It's really cute.

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It sounds like we might be keeping Ari as the mom’s name. We will be getting them in approximately two weeks. Eeeeek! I’m excited!!! 

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(May 7, 2020 - 10:27 am)

You should name the mom Xan, you know, after the girl who drank the moon. Or keep Ari, that's cute too. Also, I'll post my AE sheets later!

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We we’re going to, but my dad doesn’t like it. However, her meow sounds like she swallowed a frog, so maybe we should name her Frog. (JK, there’s no way we’re going to do that.)

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*Eyes widen until they almost pop out of my face* YOU'RE GETTING CUTE KITTENS?!?!?!?! AAWWWWWW!! So. Cute!!!!!!

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Side note: I'm reading The Girl Who Drank The Moon. It's really cool that you named your cat after Luna. 

Also I'm trying to convince my mom to get me guinea pigs. I really really really hope it works. I have no pets, but I have wante one ever since I can remember. I think guinea pigs would be perfect. Ok calming down now. 


Yager says tomyn. Do you want me to name a guinea pig Tom??? 

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