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Chatterbox: Down to Earth AEs, Cai AEs, Cairi and Yi!



They have weird names because Cairi was originally my captcha but then she said "i am yi" so I had two captchas, so I promoted them to AEs. Also because I didn't have any AEs. So they are....

Hi, I'm Cairi, Suroundeds good side! I like cooking, baking, art and reading! I'm excited to meet everyone!

Hello. I'm Yi. I'm Surroundeds weird side. I make stop motion movies and like to draw comics. I'm shy.

So Cairi's a girl, and Yi is a boy, more AEs may be coming but idk yet.


And we're joining that AE party I saw, right?

Yes Cairi.

Wait I didn't agree to that!!! 


Okay so that's Cairi and Yi. 

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Hi Cairi and Yi! Welcome to the CB! I’m glad you decided to join the party! And don’t worry Yi, there is at least one other shy AE at the party. (I’m assuming that you meant the party my CBer, Dolphin, started.) See you around!

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Hello Cairi and Yi! I like your names, personally.

I don't. I have a nice, sensible name. It's much better.

Shush, Cass.

Hi hi hi hi hi! I'm Natasha. The grumpy one is Cass.


I mean, you are grumpy. 

Whatever. Gang up on me, why don't you.

Sorry, Cass. We didn't mean it. *hugs*

Whatever. It's fine.

Yeah, sorry.

ANYway. Those are my AEs Cass, Natasha, and Frost.


Oh yeah! I think we will join the party too! This is going to be great. 


This post is really long, but Yager just said tp. No, I am definitely NOT giving you toilet paper. 


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Hi Natasha! You seem nice! 

Well nicer than Cass at least.

Hey! Be nice!



Guys, stop arguing!! 

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Heyo, nice to meet y'all! I'm Sage! You dudes have cool names.

*Smiles* Hi, I'm Song. It's nice to meet you both.

WOWO! A momentous occasion! Song! You said things without being shy.

Well, I... I realise now there's no point in being shy. But that doesn't mean I'll stop alltogether...

Sage. Get out of their face. *clears throat* Sorry about that. I'm Estrella. Welcome. 

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