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I just got

I just got a new puppy about a mounth ago, a pandemic puppy. Her name is Freya, after the Norse Goddess of love, and springtime. My favorite part about her is that she rides in a chariot pulled by cats. Despite her namesake however, Freya the puppy has yet to get a chariot. What I love is when my puppy chases one of her plastic Easter eggs, only because the eggs hop. When she pounces on them, her front paws compress the egg down just before she releases them. The egg will hop somewhere else and Freya will start all over again. She will do this for twenty minuets sometimes. Then she will have to go outside for her buslness and fall alseep sometimes. 

submitted by Ana, age 13, Navajo Nation
(May 10, 2020 - 12:29 pm)

You are so lucky!! I've been begging my parents to get a dog, now more than ever. Also, are you new to the Chatterbox? If so, welcome. If not, disregard that last part.

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(May 10, 2020 - 4:40 pm)
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(May 10, 2020 - 7:16 pm)

I am SO jealous. I really really want a dog. I dont think my parents will ever let me get one though. :(

I think there is a possibility that I might get guinea pigs though! I love guinea pigs. They would be perfect. I really hope my mom lets me. Since you have to get two so they don't get lonely, one would be mine and one would be my sister's!  

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(May 11, 2020 - 9:29 am)