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So, Viola? Made a thread like this a while ago. It was just talking about AEs, and who your AEs are, how they came to be, ect.; but for me, it was really helpful in developing my AEs as characters and representations of myself.

So! A thread to talk about your AEs. You can say whatever you would like. Fun facts? How they came to be? Why you named them what you did? How they've changed?

I'll start with Estrella, probably the most complex of the three. She's shaped by her outlook, and the complexity of it. While she loves imaginary and poetics, her driving force is the material aspect to everything. And she is very capable, knows it, acts on it- but won't go out flaunting it.

At first, her name was Levana- which was not a reference, I thought I was being clever and original when I came up with that. Now, her name is more meaningful- Estrella, a nod to the character from "Great Expectations" and her love of literature, means "star". Before, she could simply be summarized as "shy". All there was to her was a quiet intellect and a love for books and poems. Luckily, she managed to evolve into her sharp, organized, sarcastic, realistic self she is now. She has the burden of being the "mature" one, and she maintains her position as the "mom", despite being the youngest in appearance- though my first AE to be created. She feels the need for someone to be in charge, mostly because she needs order to function. And though she really looks to me as the true "leader", she still polices Sage. Likely because of how much she detests immaturity.

Interaction is tough for her, but she brings that upon herself. Quick to judge and assess, she follows her own logic that she has to figure out every person, so she can know how to talk with them (or to ignore them all together), relating to them, making a good impression. Well, if she's up to being so meticulous. Sometimes she just trashes the whole thing and doesn't talk to anyone unless spoken to.

She's fascinated by the minds of people- how they work, how they view everything else- how they view her. But she also has a habit of boxing people up, defining them by her expectations. She tends to underestimate the depth of people, ironically- considering how much depth she has that doesn't meet the eye.

Plenty of her other decisions are based on thoughts just as complicated as the ones above. She's driven by the reputation she desires, the answers she seeks, the beauty she knows will not exist for us in life, and the reasons for everyone's actions. She wants to know everything behind the truth- otherwise, it's only part of the real truth. She's my willpower, ambition, intelligence, poetics, sarcasm, analysis, and my judgement. She's flawed and knows it, but she knows of her strength too. She does well not to underestimate herself.

Now Sage. Her name, which means 'wise', is rather nonsensical and ironic- meaning she probably loves it. While she has been a little bit tamed from her original self, she's pretty much the only one of the three to stay almost exactly the same since her creation. Glasses-wearing, hoodie-sporting, loud-mouthed; a revamp always in the back of my mind. 

She's just based so heavily upon her wildness that I'm not sure is even a proper representation of me to have a whole lot of depth. I guess she's supposed to justify my random bursts of being weird, how I'm such a tomboy, and whatever drives me to love summer camps, mazes, and lakes. There's not a whole lot to say about her.

And Song, my sweet little bean of a child. Originally female and named Dewdrop, or Dewy, they've evolved into something awkward, sweet, and selfless. A part of me that swallows back words I'd love to say, stumbles around certain people, and has a new irrational fear of speaking during Zooms, they also embody my deep ambition; a part of me that daydreams of different lives for so many people; sees myself standing at a podium and making a change; sees me empowering and helping someone coming to see me, a psychologist; sees an adopted child standing beside me. But they're also the same part that sees these dreams as just that; ideas. Something far away.

They get their name from the fact that they also show my love for singing; it's also a symbol of the power they don't know they have. Their middle name, Mayar, is a unisex name meaning 'moon (moonglow, moonlight) ', and was also one of few that fit between Song and Amora. They're probably the most similar to me in theory, because they move through life using their compassion and outlook; they see things as they are, but also as how they could be. They see suffering and opportunity. They see people and the justice they deserve, but they also see how vast the world is. However, I differ from them in that I don't stutter, am less awkward, have a higher self-esteem, and am more organized. 

They're quick to flatter others, yet are only a little less quick to point out their own flaws. They'll do anything to make someone feel better. If they just see someone who looks sad, they kind of panic and make it feel like it's their obligation to make them feel better. It's tough for them, though; just mustering up the courage to talk to someone randomly is hard enough, but it gets worse when they don't know what to say. Unlike their sister Estrella, they don't have some complex way to map out the social tendencies of all the AEs who often attend balls and chats. In fact, they're not all that organized; that's the me who forgets to study for tests and doesn't make an outline before jumping into writing.

They love the beauty of life. They see the pain of others far too clearly, so the goodness that surrounds them almost makes them feel guilty. They're aware of what they've been given, sure, but perhaps a little too aware. Anyways, they're very appreciative, and very apologetic; a little too much of both. They're just a lovely bean, and if you get to know them, then boy are you lucky to have them as a friend.

I could also talk about Electric (Tric for short) and Midnight Soul, my AEs who I've bid farewell, but I don't want to; and, there's not a whole lot to say. Tric was a jerk who didn't last long; Midnight was (supposed to be) charismatic and brave, but he didn't work exactly the way I was hoping to.

My advice? Take time with your AEs. Develop them; let them come to you as they are, but if you feel like they aren't quite you anymore, don't be afraid to change them. (I change mine all the time.) Make sure you know them well before letting them do their thing. AEs are cool, guys. Let's do them justice on this thread. <3

(Sorry that was so long, Admin!) 

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Wow. This thread made me realize how... woefully underdeveloped my AEs are. And maybe part of that comes with time, because I haven't Winter especially for very long, but it's probably my fault. And my disappointment. But anyway, here they are as of today!

Spring is basically a sullen teenager. She makes sarcastic comments, she spends lots of time in her room, she's an introvert with a brain full of facts. I wouldn't say she's a stereotypical "logical" thinker who's clueless about emotions, but I would say she doesn't like to recognize feelings as valid or even real. I gave her the name Spring because I thought it was ironic; being a very cold person, such a name doesn't really fit her, but the discordance is a special thing, a gift.

Winter is uncertain, self-deprecating, and sweetly awkward. I guess he's a little like Song in those respects. He's definitely extroverted, so he likes attention, but he's afraid to get it. And he really, really doesn't want to seem arrogant or bragging. He's emotional, but afraid to reveal it. While Spring is the side of me I don't usually show, Winter is... the side of me I don't usually show. I guess I'm a little like both of them in different ways.

Maybe I developed my AEs more than I thought.

Autumn says <aboof>. I have no clue what that means, but it's funny! 

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Yeah, that was my thought when I saw this thread over a year ago. It was just really helpful to me in the development of my AEs. I thought it'd be a good time for a new one what with all the new AEs coming in now (not to mention how much the guideline of 3 AEs is being stretched).

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Yeah, that makes sense! Does anyone have any advice about how to go about "developing" them? I kind of don't know what I'm doing. XD

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My AEs are not developed at all. They are fairly new, so that is part of it, but also I haven't spent enough time developing their characters.

Here is what I've got:

Frost was my original AE. They are non-binary. Honestly, I'm not sure what side of me they are, so it's possible I should let them go. But I don't know they were my first and I don't want to get ri of them. They are laid-back and don't get upset easily, but they stand up for what they think is right. They hate bullies, and always kind of stand up for Natasha when Cass is being, well, not nice. They don't care what people think, or at least if they do care nobody can tell. I guess now that I wrote that out I'm thinking they are my braver side. This doesn't show very often on me, but a lt of times it's the things I wish I could do but don't. I guess that's who Frost is. Oh yeah, and they have also kind of developed into being my artsy side as well. They love music and drawing.

Natasha is my perky AE. I imagine her as being younger. She is very caring and loves plants and animals. She is very outgoing as well. She loves everyone and everything and is always very enthusiastic. However, when she gets down, shse gets really sad. Her emotions are very intense to her. She is me in a good mood. When I am happy about something or hanging out with friends (she is also my very extroverted side) I tend torwards acting like her.

My last AE is Cass. Technically, her name is Cassidy, but she doesn't like it and ALWAYS goes by Cass. She is very sensitive about it. She needs work to turn into a fully developed AE. RIght now, she is just my grumpy side. She also tends towards being mean, especially to Natasha. They are pretty much polar opposites. She loves to argue. One thing about her that is not just a surface thing is that she hates people to see her weaknesses. Even with just Frost and Natasha, who are basically her siblings, she won't let them see her sad or let them see that something has affected her. So when she speaks, she comes off as rude and annoying pretty much all the time. She is my grumpy side and my insecure side at the same time. She doesn't mind people as long as they aren't super annoying to her, but most people don't like her.

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ooh. I see my "AE Thread" on Inkwell is very similar to this, but diferent. Well, since im not on here alot, i decided to only have one AE. It wouldnt be fair to have multiple, since i would neglect them. But I am The Nanny, and i do like little kiddos. So sometime i may make and develop another AE. 

So my only AE Kinder is rather undeveloped. Originally she was just showing the bad side of me, the annoying and grumpy side i rarely show. But she's evolved. Now besides just being annoying, she's annoying, childish, and shows the side of me thats still a kid. 

your not a kid. your a stupidface.

Hush, Kinder, im trying to talk about you. 

Well, normally she wears tutus, and striped leggins that go horribly with her frizzy tutu and her rainbow shirt. The clothes she wears show her crazy side. 

Crazy side? me? 

yes, crazy side. where was i? Oh yes, Kinder. I chose that name because she acts and looks like a kindergartener. and, when i was in kindergarten, i showed my immature side. thats probably the only time i ever let the childish me show. 

childish side? you dont have a childish side. your an adult.

No im not, Kinder, im 15. Hush. Oh well, i cant think of much else and my screen timer is going off. farewell, fellow CBers, until i next get on! K

you talk so weirdly yknow its 2020 not 1967? 

yes, i know. anyways, farewell, CBers! 


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Very developed. Good for you. Anyway, my AEs are developedish, but not to Luna-Starr's level. And they kinda sproutd out of the earth fully formed. Right now I have two, but I think I missed my happy side...Anyway, there's Braoin, who is my very depressing side, and Zitella, the still-sad-but-has-hope-for-a-better-future side. I can't go into detail right now, but maybe later. They show up in my head more than in the CB.

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