Letters to Your

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Letters to Your

Letters to Your Future Self.

If you wrote something to your older self coming back, what would you say? What would you want to tell yourself 5 years from now, or at the 2023 reunion? 

I thought it would be fun to make a kind of time capsule thread for a few years from now? Post stuff you want to send to yourself in the future, or even to a future generation of CBers. Letters, advice, artwork, favorites, or habits that might change when you wouldn't otherwise notice. You can post a story you wrote, a day in your current life, and especially your facts and opinions about quarantine (and related), since that will almost definitely change! Handwritten stuff could be cool too.

Obviously everyone can see everything, so don't make it too personal.

To future Jwyn: You are awesome. Your art is probably way better than mine. I hope you are still happy with who you are. Also, cake.

Elli says vvegg. Something to do with veggies, I presume. 

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This is such a cool idea. I will post later seeing as it's past midnight.

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I've written physical letters to myself recently, actually! I can't wait to open them in like 5 years.

Maybe at some point I'll post something here, too. 

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To future Strawberri:

Your 12-year old self loved books, family, God, and her dreams. I hope you haven't lost sight of that. Keep working toward your goals and keep God an important part of your life. See you in the future, Old Strawberri.


Ok, this feels a little weird, writing to myself. But I can't wait to read it, which also feels weird. 

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Ooh, cool! Hmm...

Dear Future Hana: I hope you're happy & not freaked out about graduating from high school, even though I know you will be! Right now I like drawing people, bedroom pop, cute Japanese aesthetics, activism, and lupines. Do you still like any of that stuff? Here's some advice from a small child (me): Don't worry about stuff, usually it's really stupid and just makes you freaked out over nothing. Don't overthink everything. Also keep doing the Chatterbox! Love, Present Hana

Is it OK that I used my real name

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This is such a good idea! This is actually something I do irl, I write myself letters that I plan on opening I think in 2030, but I'll probably do one here too! Wow, I'll be graduating in 2023... yikes. I probably won't still be here, but I'll be back for the reunion ;)

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